The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 12


Listening to Tian Can words, Hong Xiaobao could only sympathize with Ye Jinning. He didn’t take him seriously anyway. But the issue was that now he was connected with his Nine Grandfathers. Therefore his chance of to get away was becoming thinner and thinner

Oh Ye Jinning you’d better hope for the best !

Hong Xiaobao has entered the Medicine Herb Shop with Yun Caixiao. As soon as apothecary has seen Hong Xiaobao he came to greet him polietly “Ninth Prince your highness doesn’t visit us frequently, please quickly sit down ! ” As he was saying that he yelled at his apprentice “Where are your eyes ? Can’t you see that NinthPrince has visited us, why didn’t you give him a chair yet ?!”

“I’ll do it now ! ” Young apprentice has quickly moved two chairs. One for Hong Xiaobao and one for Yun Caixiao. He didn’t bring one for Ye Jinning.

“Ha ha, good!” Hong Xiaobao smiled, and said ” Yo, go grab some medicine for me”. Hong Xiaobao didn’t know what kind of raw materials Tian Can needed, so he simply said “Bring me each type of medicine, 5 pounds each” While saying that he left 10 thousand taels of silver banknote on the counter.

Yeah, Tian Can will need these materials. They would be used as a base for Yun Caixiao’s medicine.

When the pharmacist heard Hong Xiaobao he began  streaming with sweat as he asked cautiously “Ninth Prince your highness, is it possible that you want to open a medicine shop ?” In his medicine shop, alltogether there was 5 pounds of each medicine, meaning that Hong Xiaobao was basically buying the whole shop !

“Opening a medicine shop ?” Hong Xiobao quickly understood “Do not think too much out of it, i just want to play around with some medicine”

“Does this cripple Hong Xiaobao want to practice alchemy ? Does he really think that alchemy is as easy as rolling of a log ? If it were that easy then would those pills sell for tens of thousands of silver ? ” Though Ye Jinning

Yun Caixiao was also very curious, as she asked in a low voice “Xiaobao, can you refine pills?”

Uh, no I … ” Hong Xiaobao has rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Tian Can said to precure some materials, but he didn’t specify what for. Oh to hell with it, he’ll buy first, ask later!

“You don’t want to buy materials for a refining ?” Yun Caixiao knitted her brows, but did not say anything. Hong Xiaobao this cunning man, god knows what wicked scheme he has thinked up this time.

“Since Ninth Prince his highness needs the materials fo medicine, then this lowly servant shall prepare delivering for Ninth Prince ” Approaching Ninth Prince was this man’s lifetime chance and he couldn’t let it slip by.That’s why handing over materials to Ninth Prince’s guards was a no good,

“Okay, i’ll leave it up to you to decide”Hong Xiaobao left money back on the counter “When the times comes, and yuo’ll find this amount  insufficient, then find me for more” He said as he stood up “Guys, we are going out!”

Leaving Medicine Herb Shop, Hong Xiaobao looked around for a while, and then went to Beast Material Shop nearby.

Speaking of Best Material Shop, one must say that demonic beasts of this world were really bizzare. In this world in remote mountains and ancient forests one could oftentimes meet a powerful demonic beast. Demonic Beast power level were divided into 10 ranks, just as human cultivators. They were really powerfull, but their quantity was low, so if someone could hunt those savage beasts, then that would be equal to a windfall. The Demon Crystal, it’s fur, skeleton were all precious goods, and higher the rank of a beast, the higher the price

When Hong Xiaobao entered Beast Material Shop, he was hurriedly welcomed by the boss “Respectfully welcome Ninth Prince your highness ! This lowly servant does not know why respected Ninth Prince has come to us today.”

Hong Xiaobao liked playing with different things, so he  was one of the old customers in this shop. As soon as shop owner has seen him in doors, he knew that today he would gain greatly !

“I just wanted to have a casual look around” Hong Xiaobao said while grinning. As he looked around for a while,  silver white animal skin of about two squared feets has catched his eye. He immediatly asked “Boss, how much money for this animal skin ?”

“This!” Shop owner quickly explained to Hong Xiaobao “Ninth Prince surely has a great insight ! It’s really commendable! This is a fur of Second Tier Silver Tassel Bull ! I can guarantee that it won’t spoil for hundreds of years,  it is resistable to both fire and water. It would be a top grade material for a sword sheath ! Normally it’s cost would be around 1800 taels of silver, but seeing that Ninth Prince is our old customer, then for you’ll sell it for 1500 taels”

“Good, pack it up for me” Hong Xiaobao nodded with satisfaction. This best quality good, would be a perfect material for new  pair of white high heels. If i ask Little Sister Caixiao to wear a white gown, she would literally become a fairy !

At this moment Yun Caixiao actually knitted her brows and said “How come you want 1500 taels for this? Second Tier demonic beast is not that difficult to kill” She has practiced in Thunder Sound Pavilion before, and has descended to the deep mountains, so she didn’t understood society’s matters very much.

“Is this Prince’s wife ?” Shop owner has quickly greeted her with a laugh, and explained to her “This Second Tier demonic beast isn’t fierce in itself, but you also should know. If a Third Tier demonic beast runs from a mountain, it could easily destroy whole village. Therefore various countries have concentrated in huge cities with large city walls, used to defend against demonic beasts.”

“For example our Chijing City, beside accomodating 1 million people, has build walls that are streching up to ten thousand li* ! These Walls of Wonders are as big as several hundred smaller cities, and are used to protect several million acres of crops. This Silver Tassel Bull is impossibl to find inside our Walls of Wonders. The only way to obtain it is to go outside walls to hunt it down, that’s why the price is so high**

As soon as boss said that, Yun Caixiao understood it.

Demonic Beast were no weaker than martial artists of this world. Thankfully their wisdom was not as high as humans. In other words, coexistance between humans and Demonic Beasts was almost non-existent. Unless one fostered it from small, so it could peacefully live with humans, Demonic Beasts were usually associatable with human kind.

Therefore humans could only trap themselves in cities with huge walls, and cover large fertile territories. Otherwise they could only wait to be slaughtered as a cattle.

If it’s like his, then Silver Tassel Bull’s skin price would be understandable

“Originally it’s this!” Yun Caixiao nodded gently, and no longer spoke.

Nearby Ye Jinning sneered with disdain and said “We really live in two different worlds ha ha ha ! This measly Second Tier Demonic Beast is as good as a pile of shit in the eyes of Thunder Sound Pavilion disciples. Unexpectedly it is counted as a treasure in this countryside ha ha” He said flatteringly to Yun Caixiao “Sister Caixiao, wait until we get back, i’ll ask my father to give you as many treasures as you wish. This kind of third-rate goods won’t even count as a treasure in your eyes anymore !”

He spoke up to this moment, and looked extremly provocative at Hong Xiaobao

Seeing his overbearing attitude, bunch of guards immediately lowered their heads, and the shop owner hurriedly tried to back out “Ninth Prince, please be considerate for this lowly servant!”

Are you kidding! One was Ninth Prince, this Chiyun Empire most loved person. Another one was Thunder Sound Pavilion desciple, his status was evidently not low. This was a showdown between two local tyrants, if one walked not in time, that would literally be asking for death!



*I’m sure you already know how much that is but just in case . 1 li is ca. 0,5 Km, so just divide number of Li’s by two and you get your distance in kilometers. As for Imperial Systems user that would mean dividing Li’s by  3,218688. But because nobody has enough time for that, that would equal around 3106 miles. Seriously America, and India apparently, wth Y U NO USE Metric System (no offence intended)

**These walls of wonder are something like wall Maria, Rose and Sheena from AoT. At least i understood them as such. But this world is not as dangerous as AoT’s world. At least in this novel there is at least a chance of surviving.


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