The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Mysterious Young Girl

Ye Jinning daring to provoke Hong Xiaobao was fully understandable.

As it was said earlier, world’s strongest countries have built high walls to resist Demon Beasts attack, but obviously that would not be enough . Therefore Six Great Orthodoxies, which included Thunder Sound Pavilion, have sent their school’s elite warrior to protect these city’s

It would be a no exaggeration to say that in this world, the leader of Six Great Orthodoxies was like a transcendental being in the eyes of people of this world. All of emperors, kings, martial school elders had to give him face.

And Ye Jinning was a child of Thunder Sound Pavilion Second Elder Ye Feihong, his status was equal to Hong Xiaobao’s. That’s why he had the guts to attack Hong Xiaobao in the imperial palace, because to one of the Six Great Orthodoxies, some measly prince wasn’t really a person that would make them dread with fear.

Over the last two days Ye Jinning has suffered alot as he suppressed a lot of his anger.

Originally if you compare Ye Jinning with Hong Xiaobao, then that would be like comparing heaven to earth. If they were to fight, then Ye Jinning could easily defeat 100 of Hong Xiaobao’s. But the development of the events left Ye Jinning completly flabbergasted, as he was unexpectedly suppressed by him, and worst of it all was that it happened in front of Yun Caixiao! How cold he tolerate that.

Now that they left imperial palace, why would he be afraid of Hong Xiaobao ?

His meaning was very clear, so what if your a prince ! Compared with our Thunder Sound Pavilion your just like a frog in a well![1] “It appears that you are very rich”, Listening to Ye Jinnings words, Hong Xiaobao said with a laugh. “Honestly giving somebody a gift, without putting your heart in it, is meaningless. Can you give Little Sister Caixiao another pair of high heels ? In the future i’ll deliver a wedding dress for my Little Sister Caixiao, do you have any idea how that would look? Can you give her the solar powered heater, that can maintain water hot for 24 hours ? Perfumes, bra, underpants, sanitary napkin do you know these ?”.

Nearby guard have quickly followed up and said flatteringly “Our Ninth Prince is so intelligent, it is really commendable !”

Hong Xiaobao said with a satisfied smile “Well said ! When we go back, everyone should take 10 silver taels for themselves”

“Long live Your Highness Ninth Prince !” All guards shouted together.

What Hong Xiaobao said has shut Ye Jinning’s mouth. When he heard all of those new terms, his face turned green. He couldn’t even say what these things were used for, and as for appearance, it was totally out of question.

Therefore he was very depressed. He tried to flatter Yun Caixiao with his wealth, but Hong Xiaobao’s words have turned him into some Nouveau Riche, while Hong Xiaobao was portrayed as a the rich, powerful aristocrat. Which was better, and which was worse would be clear at the first glance.

“Hong Xiaobaooo ! I shall not forgive you !” Ye Jinning roared angrily. Last time he suffered humiliating defeat from the hands of Hong Xiaobao. He knew that Soft Hedgehog Armor has thorn, therefore he used his wind palm technique.

“Let’s see how you defat me now, Xiaobao !” Thought Ye Jinning.

The moment, Ye Jinnings wind palm technique arrived near Xiaboa, immediatly with a dull “Peng” sound, Hong Xiaobao withdrew three steps back. At the same time, a pale pink cloud has emerged out of Hong Xiaobao’s armor. It was so unexpected that Ye Jinning involuntarily drew a full breath.

“Growl!” Ye Jinning began sweating, as he heard Hong Xiaobao say ” World is so beautiful, but you are so mean. This is really not good. I thought about your words, and you were right. Using poison is really not a gentleman’s way, therefore i filled Soft Hedgehog Armor with Clinging Turtle Powder.

Yun Caixiao involuntarily smiled, thinking “My Big Brother Xiaobao is really not to be measured by normal means. Ye Jinning has suffered loss yet again!”

Clinging Turtle Powder’s effect was really quick, Ye Jinning’s forehead was streaming with sweat, and his clothes where soaked wet. Finally he couldn’t endure anymore, and escaped through the doors. After a moment, everybody heard a pale “Oh” coming from outside. Ye Jinning has almost knocked a little girl down. She barely escaped by taking three steps back. Otherwise if a twelve years old girl was hit by two-star martial artist, then even if she wasn’t going to die, she would definitely be crippled for life

“Younger Sister, are you alright ?” Hong Xiaobao hurried to catch her. He held little girl steadily, and patted her on her head asking “Are you injured ?”. When Hong Xiaobao saw little girls face, he gasped with surprise.

Although she looked like a twelve year old, but she already looked like semi finished beauty. If you would wait for her to grow up, then she would definitely be a woman that would cause nations to fall.

“I am not injured” Little girl shook her head, and drew two steps back. At this moment, what seemed like a 40 year old woman hurriedly caught up. When she saw this scene she wrinkled her brows. She walked up to little girl and asked “Qingqing are you alright?.

Little girl called Qingqing said while pointing at Hong Xiaobao,” Just now, a man who was running in a big hurry, had almost hit me. And this person helped me ” Her voice was unusually cold when speaking, but seeing how Hong Xiaobao was caring for her, she didn’t show him any unfriendliness.

“I thank Your Highness” The woman expressed her gratitude. She wasn’t overly respectful, nor was she rude. Her gaze was indifferent. Obviously this woman and girl called Qingqing didn’t involve themselves in these mundane things.

This world was vast, and there were numerous hidden experts there. Hong Xiaobao didn’t seem to take her attitude to heart. He nodded and said with a smile “It’s good that this girl wasn’t injured. I shall get going then”.

As he said that, he immediately commanded his guards “Guys, we are going to the Great Healthcare! Our order should be ready”

Seeing that Hong Xiaobao leave the Beast Material Shop, the woman narrowed her eyes slightly, and while holding Qingqing’s hand said with a smile “This Ninth Prince is quite good, he doesn’t have that usual royal bearing. Young lady do you want to stay here for now ?”

“En” Qingqing has nodded “Let’s stay here for some time”.

“Yes, young lady” Woman also asked ” Who was this person that almost hit you ? I’ll twist his head in the night!”.

“Don’t, his crime shouldn’t be punished to death”. Qingqing’s eyes were unusually cold as she sneered “That Thunder Sound Pavilion cripple isn’t worth our time. Right that prince said something about Great Healthcare. We wonder what kind of place that is”.

“Yes, if young lady wants to go, then we shall go” Woman nodded, while holding Qingqing’s hand and they both instantly vanished into thin air.

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