The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 16

Chapter 16 : “Partridges in the Sky”


“Ninth Prince founded the Great Healthcare, he really is not a person of average character. Troubling Ninth Prince would really not be justified!”


“If making a poem would be so easy, then why don’t you go and try it yourself?”


People started fiercely discussing, and although they looked at Hong Xiaobao with some expectations, all of them knew that writing a poem would not be so easy. If he could make good poem then this Warm Fragrant Building’s fame would skyrocket!


“Actually I can write a poem right now” Hong Xiaobao lied down on his settee as he closed his eyes with satisfaction. He asked his chosen girl to come to serve him. These girls were not normal prostitutes, as they were specialized in Chinese massage techniques, because in the end they could not really survive relying only on their faces.


“Yes this is good, yes, yes that’s right …. ahhh” Hong Xiaobao sighed lightly, and suddenly asked “Uncle, are you maybe injured?”


After he said that, all people were a little surprised. After all that middle-aged man had such a lively expression on his face, he totally didn’t give off the feeling of an injured person, why did Ninth Prince ask him such a question?


Actually Hong Xiaobao couldn’t possibly see that, in truth it was all Meng Xianji who told him that this man was injured, and quite gravely at that


“Ha ha, some minor injuries that are nothing that Ninth Prince should worry about.”  the Middle aged scholar smiled, but you could see a spark in his eyes meaning that he wouldn’t leave without hearing Hong Xiaobao’s poem.


Unexpectedly at this moment came a wild laughter from the entrance.


“Ha Ha Ha Ha! Zuo Shixian! I have looked for you far and wide, I did not expect that you would hide in here! This really is a happy encounter for me, Ha!”


This voice was quite insolent. All of the people looked towards the bearer of this rude voice. What they saw was actually a beastly-looking, robust, two meter tall man. He had black clothing on and looked to be around 50 years old with short hair and a few wrinkles around his eyes.


“Zuo Shixian! Do you mean that Zuo Shixian?! Protector of one of the Six Great Orthodoxies, Saint Academy?! He unexpectedly is Protector Zuo! No wonder that he would ask Hong Xiaobao for a poem.”


“This is a serious matter though! Becoming a Protector means that he is at least a 7-star martial artist! Who is this big fellow? Do they have a grudge? He unexpectedly dares to provoke Saint Academy’s Protector??”


“Out of the Six Great Orthodoxies, Great Element School excels at refinement, Lotus Flower Base is an entirely female school as it governs all of the world’s brothels. Swordsmith Villa is producing weapons for the whole world, while the Divine Beast Sect tames various Demonic Beasts. Thunder Sound Pavilion majors in swordsmanship, and finally Saint Academy is most known for their poetry’s strength. What background does this black-clothed man have? Doesn’t he even hold Saint Academy in his eyes?!”


“Jiang Hu* is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. But these 7-star martial artists, if they fight here, won’t they destroy everything?”


Following all of the people, Zuo Shixian looked at that black clothed guy, and with a forced smile said “I did not think that you could find me here. This Zuo’s destiny is already complete. However this Zuo has one last concern, I do not know if this excellency would be willing to wait a moment for this Zuo’s wish’s completion.”


Hearing Zuo Shixian’s words everybody on scene was bewildered as their senses went numb.


Normally since he was one of Saint Academy he wouldn’t fret anyone. Even if some loose martial artist had strength higher than him, Zuo Shixian shouldn’t feel any pressure. But he actually sold his school’s face in front of such a crowd! Moreover what concern did he have right now? Why didn’t he hurry to escape, why was he so bent on waiting?


“What background does he have?” Seeing that some people came to bring troubles, Qingqing asked curiously “He dared to provoke Saint Academy, obviously he must have a little background.” the Middle aged woman said


“He looks like a wanderer of Jiang Hu, but his Qi is a little like that of the Four Great Demon’s Lair, Devil Feng Du” Woman said with a light smile, then she sneered disdainfully “Demons and monsters are nothing to speak of!”


“Let him play his tricks.” Qingqing said with a smile, she was not worried for the upcoming fight, but she suddenly knit her brows and said “This place is actually quite amusing, don’t let it be broken down to the pieces.”


A showdown between two 7-star martial artists would be disastrous for this small brothel.


“With this old servant here, they surely won’t flatten this place.” the Woman’s eyes were very tranquil, because for her a fight between 7-star martial artists was like a child’s tantrum.


However she would only ensure that the building would survive, as for other losses she didn’t have any intention to manage that.


At this moment, Zuo Shixian stood up from his chair, while Hong Xiaobao was still lying on his bed. As for the black clothed robust man, he was still standing in the entrance. All of the people have concentrated on him as they were waiting for the fight to break out!


“Yo, kind sire.” At this time ** went forward to meet this man. As soon as ** saw him, she knew that he was up to no good, so although her words were polite they indicated that she was not willing to compromise “Our small place of little profit could not possibly withstand the continuous hitting of Uncle. All of your gratitudes and grudges could be resolved outside.”


Aunt Lan was a simple **, but facing this black clothed man she would obviously not give up even an inch. Her background must’ve also been immeasurably deep.


“Exiting? That would be no good.” This black clothed man laughed as he looked fiercely at Aunt Lan “So what if you’re of Lotus Flower Base? I dare to kill Saint Academy’s Protector, do you think that I would give you face? Not only will I kill him, I will also tear this place to shreds!”


Hearing that this man would not give Lotus Flower Base any face, Aunt Lan coldly snorted as she immediately drew back “It seems like your excellency is very self-confident in his skill. I wonder what your excellency’s name is, so when the time is right, our Lotus Flower Base can come to repay our debts.”


Facing a 7-star martial artist, the brothel’s guards would be like ragdolls, therefore Aunt Lan could only ask for the opposite party’s name and back away.


“Repay our debts? Fine by me.” the Black clothed man did not pay any attention to Aunt Lan as he said “I, Your Father, will never change his name, nor his surname. I’m Juxiong surnamed Guan. If you ask Your Father, Me, to accompany you in your revenge, I’ll do just that!”


After he gave his name away, the whole crowd went into uproar


“Guan Juxiong! It is unexpectedly him!”


“No wonder the Protector didn’t dare to fight him!”


Alas, there also were quite a few of people that asked “Who is this Guan Juxiong? He dared to offend both Saint Academy and Lotus Flower Base. Moreover he looks completely relaxed.”


Immediately some people explained “This Guan Juxiong was abandoned in the wilderness as a child. He grew up by drinking Demon Bear’s milk. Afterwards he came out of wilderness and found his long lost parents. But they were unexpectedly killed by him! At that time he said that since they didn’t raise him, they weren’t his family members. For him riches and honors are just as useless as a pile of dung. This fellow’s only wish is to seek revenge for the slightest grievance. That Demon Bear is his only family member!”


“So it was like this! This fellow is very troubling to deal with. How did Protector Zuo offend him?”


“Oh, who knows how he offended that guy.”


At this time two young men were standing by the entrance. They looked at each other with a smile. One said to another in a low voice “Hah, I did not think that we would bump into this big cruel bear, ha ha. This Hong Xiaobao sure is unlucky!” Another one said “This is actually fortuitous. How could it be possible to offend our Senior Brother Ye and not suffer from it?”


“Good, Guan Juxiong, this old lady has taken notice.” Aunt Lan immediately retreated.


Grudges between 7-star martial artists are not something her trivial ** strength could resolve.


“Hey, Zuo Shixian.” This time Guan Juxiong looked at Zuo Shixian while cracking his fingers. “We have fought several hundred rounds before, but you know that you won’t be able to delay your time here right?”


“Yes, of course I know.” Zuo Shixian shaked his head. Then he looked at Hong Xiaobao and said in a serious tone “Ninth Prince Your Highness, as you see it would be very difficult for the lowly me to run away from this great misfortune. My only hope is before I leave, I wish to listen to a poem that His Highness composes. I wonder if Ninth Prince His Highness can complete this wish?”


Suddenly everybody’s vision was concentrated on Hong Xiaobao.


Can Ninth Prince complete this request?


“Good, I’ll compose a poem for you!” Hong Xiaobao smiled. He didn’t stand up, but continued to lie on his chair. He cleared his throat as he started reciting a poem


In the’ greenish mist and soft sunset rests my home,

Which from the dust of worldly affairs is free.

Th’ nectar sipped, ‘midst the bamboo groves I roam;

Th’ Buddhist Scripture close’d, I watch the mounts with glee.

I love reciting poems; ’bout mishaps who’d care?

Amuse myself here and there as well as I may.

Creator has a varied heart, I’m aware,

To which it’s nothing to let heroes decay.

This was a song from earth, written by Zhang Xiaoxiang and it was called “Partridges in the Sky”.

Surrounding people have instantly become silent, and stared at Hong Xiaobao.

Everybody knew that Hong Xiaobao had great ability, and although he couldn’t properly cultivate, his ideas were actually fascinating! However no one thought that he could write such a poem in time that it would take a cup of tea to brew!

“What expression is this?” Hong Xiaobao didn’t care about this too much as he cracked a joke. Afterall he hasn’t played with poems since he was seven years old.

Hong Xiaobao said to the girl behind him “Isn’t my bath ready? Let’s go to the Great Healthcare!”

The girl’s complexion was a bit red as she hurriedly said “Your Highness please wait a bit, wait a bit!”


*World of martial artists

** Truthfully, Author didn’t call this poem right. In raws the title was actually poems first line.Actually Zhang Xiaoxiang has written identical poem but it was called *dramatic drums* “Partridges in the Sky” . And i’ve actually found a song with the same title, just don’t know if it’s relevant


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