The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 19

Chapter 19 : “Will you go to the Great Healthcare ?”

Ninth Prince Hong Xiaobao was simply unbeatable!

After a whole minute of silence, Warm Fragrant Building exploded with chatter!

No one could ever predict that, the arrogant Guan Juxiong was almost forced to commit suicide by Hong Xiaobao! Although he finally overcame Hong Xiaobao’s influence, it was already too late as he was attacked by Zuo Shixian. His mental state was left in disorder, and he would definitely spend at least several months, maybe even years to get rid of Hong Xiaobao’s mental attack’s consequences.

“This Ninth Prince is simply invincible! He almost compelled Guan Juxiong to commit suicide using only his words! Incredible Ha Ha!”

“Ninth Prince’s reputation as free and unfettered is truly deserved, Ha Ha Ha, it is really too inconceivable!”

“Who can compare with Ninth Prince’s great ability? Except for cultivating, he’s absolutely above his peers!”

Even little Qingqing who was sitting at the side, was a little shocked.

This scene was really a little extreme, so she couldn’t find the right words at this moment.

“Did that Guan Juxiong just almost commit suicide?” Middle aged woman said dumbfounded “But it is understandable as that Guan Juxiong drank bear milk as a child, so his mind capabilities are limited. Nevertheless that Ninth Prince is really crafty!”

“Ha Ha, he really is too interesting!” Qingqing said with a smile. Her look at Hong Xiaobao changed as it had a tinge of emotion to it. Then with a smile that could bring the fall of nations she said “He is clever, deceitful, and cunning. He thinks fast, and acts just as he wants. If he entered the Jiang Hu then he could bring us lots of fun!”

They were speaking in a low voice, so nobody heard them. But if you listened to Qingqing, then you wouldn’t possibly think that she was a twelve year old girl, as her voice was very mature.

“En, I almost forgot” Qingqing suddenly said ”I saw those two despicable disciples exiting. Their attempt at killing using a borrowed knife was really not good, Jianpu1, you know what to do”

“En, please be careful, Young Lady” the Woman, whose name was Jianpu, nodded, as she suddenly disappeared with a slight breeze.

At this time the people in the hall have started to applaud Ninth Prince. Hong Xiaobao shook his head in satisfaction “Knowledge2 is the true strength!” Then he lied down on his bed and waved his hand at the brothel’s personnel, saying with a smile “Everybody can be at ease, because today, everything is on me! It will help you get over your shock. I especially recommend the Great Healthcare here. If you try it for the first time, you definitely won’t refuse a second time!”

When people heard Hong Xiaobao, they laughed happily “Good, Ha Ha Ha! Ninth Prince sure is generous.” “No, no we cannot be too greedy. Seeing a battle between two 7-star martial artists, and Ninth Prince His Highness driving Guan Juxiong out, is already enough for us. We kindly thank Ninth Prince’s intentions.” “We, the people of Jiang Hu, attach great importance to saving face, we can’t possibly accept Ninth Prince’s money!”

Everyone on the scene was very happy. As for Hong Xiaobao’s status in their hearts, it would be needless to say how highly they regarded him, right?

Seeing the manner of the people surrounding him, Yun Caixiao looked at Hong Xiaobao with a smile “Big Brother Xiaobao, weren’t you afraid just a moment ago?”

“Afraid?” Hong Xiaobao said honestly “Fear was useless in that situation, if others come to find troubles for me, then I can only give them their trouble back!” Listening to an average person saying that he would give troubles to a 7-star martial artist was very strange.

“Naturally,” Hong Xiaobao smiled ”I was quite fortunate to stumble upon that Big Stupid Bear. Otherwise if he wasn’t so stupid, I would definitely have lost that brawl.”

What he said couldn’t be more true, as Guan Juxiong was stupid from birth, so he was easily cheated by Hong Xiaobao. Any other person wouldn’t be swindled so easily.

“Pfffff,” Yun Caixiao tried to endure, but she finally gave in and laughed fiercely

She knew that her Big Brother Xiaobao had a cunning mind,and it seem like for him every matter could be resolved easily she didn’t know what that ‘universe’ that he spoke of a moment ago was, but it sounded like it was very ferocious! What kind of mysterious book did he read, that his brain became so special?

“Ninth Prince,” at this time Zuo Shixian said solemnly “Many thanks for His Highness’ rescue! I am afraid that if not for Ninth Prince’s great ability, this Zuo wouldn’t live to see the next dawn! I was wondering, with such great poetry skills, would Ninth Prince be willing to enter my Saint Academy? With such talent, Your Highness’ future prospects could be limitless!

When he said that people on the scene were left in the state of shock.

Who was Zuo Shixian? He was Saint Academy’s Protector, a 7-star martial artist!! Hong Xiaobao had amazing talent for poems, true. But being invited by Protector Zuo himself was a bit of an overkill wasn’t it? Additionally he saved his life, so if he accepted his offer he would definitely receive first class treatment.

It must be known that this Saint Academy was not an ordinary school, where any person that could use true qi would be accepted for a scholarship. One must also have an outstanding talent for poems. If one could not think of a good poem, and recite it well, then Saint Academy’s special cultivation art would be wasted on him. Therefore Saint Academy recruited only a handful of talented writers , and very few of them became famous. However once they honed their skill, their might would be enormous.

Just now, Zuo Shixian personally invited Ninth Prince, so Hong Xiaobao would probably accept it.

“Saint Academy, eh?” Hong Xiaobao lied on his chair, while rubbing his chin. Afterwards he decisively shook his head “No, I won’t enter.”


He unexpectedly rejected the offer! That was the personal invitation of Saint Academy’s Protector Zuo Shixian! Such an opportunity one could only hope for, not look for!

“I urge Ninth Prince to consider my proposition again.” When Zuo Shixian heard Hong Xiaobao’s rejection, he was somewhat disappointed in it. After all Ninth Prince could casually make such a good poem, if he entered his Saint Academy then both his, and Saint Academy’s future would shine brightly!

“Hmmm…I’ll think about it some time later then” Hong Xiaobao waved his hands “First we’ll go to the Great Healthcare, afterwards we can speak of this matter again.”

“That’s also good.” Zuo Shixian knew that he couldn’t force this matter, perhaps Hong Xiaobao rejected because he wasn’t ready yet. So without much worry, Zuo Shixian said with a smile “This Zuo will stay here for a few days to heal his wounds. But if Your Highness would have any matter to speak of with this Zuo, then please do come.”

“En, will do” Hong Xiaobao said with a nod. At this time several bulky men brought a wooden bathtub full of hot water inside, it’s purpose being unknown. Then Hong Xiaobao said “Oh, right, Uncle Zuo, I’m the founder of the Great Healthcare, and I was just wondering if you would be willing to try it out?”

Surrounding people were flabbergasted!

This is a 7-star martial artist! Saint Academy’s Protector! Why do you speak with him like with some kind of uncle from the neighbourhood?!

“Ha Ha, why not?” Zuo Shixian wasn’t actually angry at Hong Xiaobao’s words. He was actually very curious of this ‘Great Healthcare’ thing, so he would naturally use a donkey to climb a hill3. He then said with a smile “Then this Zuo would be glad to see this Great Healthcare!”

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