The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 20

Chapter 20 : ” I am not finished with you !”

This was the first time he had heard the words “Great Healthcare” used in this kind of context so of course Zuo Shixian was interested in it.

After a sign from Hong Xiaobao, a few robust men brought a wooden basin full of hot water for Zuo Shixian. A young girl scuttled behind these men.

After they left it on the ground, Zuo Shixian could finally see what that thing was.

The shape of this wooden basin was very unusual, as it declined at about 45 degrees. It also had a cloth covering over the opening. Zuo Shixian took his shoes off, and soaked his feet in the wooden bath tub.

The water inside was slightly hot, and it smelled like it had quite a few medicinal herbs brewed in it. When Zuo Shixian soaked his feet in it, he shivered, and he almost moaned in pleasure.

At this moment, Hong Xiaobao explained “This is one of the Great Healthcare projects, I like to call it ‘Foot Remedy Bath’, there are a lot of superior herbs in this basin. I can guarantee that the recipe is effective. If, in addition to soaking your feet, you get massaged through all of the big acupuncture points on your legs, then this medicine’s Qi will enter your body and course through your meridians. Its effects are super quick, and I do recommend Protector Zuo to try it out!

“Good, good!” Feeling the little girl’s hands massaging him, Zuo Shixian closed his eyes in delight and said with a smile “En, the effect is really superb ! My whole body is relaxed, ah! …These last few days I have hurried to meet with Ninth Prince, so my legs were really aching! But thanks to this, my ache is no more!”

At this time Qingqing was thinking of fabric covers purpose. She then understood that this barrel was used by both men, and women. And it would be unacceptable for a man to see women’s legs. Therefore, if female covered her legs with this cover, she wouldn’t have to be embarrassed when using the Great Healthcare.

After a moment, three young man came through the entrance. It was Ye Jinning with his henchman. Apparently Ye Jinning finally came out of the latrine. This time he was really close to death, as he almost dehydrated himself. Even when he descended mountains to fight Demonic Beasts, he wasn’t in such a danger of losing his life.

After all, even if he received a wound, it would be quickly treated by the Exquisite Blood Jade. On the other hand, diarrhea was an illness, not a wound, so it was untreatable by Exquisite Blood Jade’s power.

“You damned Hong Xiaobao! This Father, I, is not finished with you!” Ye Jinning wished that he could skin Hong Xiaobao alive.

Although his status was roughly the same as Hong Xiaobao’s, and his strength was also higher than his, every time he fought with him, he always received the short end of the stick.

As a result Ye Jinning didn’t dare to trouble Hong Xiaobao directly, clearly the opposite party was prepared, so it would be meaningless for him to go and receive a beating yet again.

Therefore Ye Jinning’s train of thoughts was very simple. He asked his father to come and lay the cards down on the table for Hong Wenqing.Then Hong Xiaobao would have no other alternative than to show him the respect that he deserved.

“How’s that Hong Xiaobao? That Guan Juxiong is a 7-star martial artist, so there shouldn’t have been any problems, right?” Ye Jinning saw his fellow disciples run away, so his intuition told him that this matter didn’t end as predicted.

“Senior Brother Ye, that Guan Juxiong … he ….“  the two disciples looked at each other hesitantly. Finally one on the left swallowed his saliva, and said with a difficulty “Guan Juxiong was driven away by Hong Xiaobao’s words. He was also attacked by Saint Academy’s Protector, Zuo Shixian.”

“What did you say?!” When Ye Jinning heard that, his face turned extremely ugly.

Guan Juxiong was driven away by Hong Xiaobao? What kind of an absurd notion was that?

“It was so indeed, Hong Xiaobao said some messy words, and Guan Juxiong was affected by them. He finally came back to his senses, but he was sneak attacked by Zuo Shixian.” Another fellow said “He didn’t die, but he staggered back with an injury.”

“His grandmother! What did that damned Hong Xiaobao do?” Ye Jinning said while clenching his jaws. He used the elder’s token to make Guan Juxiong, a 7-star martial artist help him. He thought that this matter would already be concluded with Hong Xiaobao dying, but unexpectedly Hong Xiaobao has survived this ordeal. Moreover Guan Juxiong was almost killed.

“No matter what, you cannot speak of this matter to anyone! Understood?” Ye Jinning said as he knit his eyebrows, then he said “These past few days I did not return to the imperial palace, but this Hong Xiaobao still has some hidden cards … right, did you send the message?” Ye Jinning said “You must hurry, and do not scruple over this!” Over the last two days he saw the relationship between Hong Xiaobao and Yun Caixiao, and although they weren’t ready for marriage yet, if you gave them time then the rice would already be cooked 1

“We already sent a message.” The disciple on the right said “ We know that this matter is of utmost importance, so we dispatched a pigeon. However Senior Brother Ye, it is estimated that respected Elder will arrive here in 3 to 5 days.”

“3 to 5 days is enough, we are not in such a hurry.” Ye Jinning smiled with difficulties, then he said “Just you wait, Hong Xiaobao. We’ll see what tricks you’ll have before my father!”

Thunder Sound Pavilion Elder, Ye Feihong was an 8-star martial artist. This meant that his was power enormous, his might immense, and that the people of Jiang Hu trembled before him!

“We’ll say goodbye first, Senior Brother Ye.” The disciple on the left said with a deep bow. The other one added “If there is anything to speak of, please tell us, Senior Brother Ye.”

“You can go now.” Ye Jinning said

As soon as his fellow disciples left, Ye Jinning muttered “A 7-star martial artist couldn’t cope with you, you sure have some shitty luck Hong Xiaobao! That Guan Juxiong is very simpleminded so he was easily swayed by you… Now, let’s see you do the same to my father!”


“Young lady.” at this moment, Jianpu returned to Qingqing “It’s seems like they are love rivals.”

“Hmmm …. it seems like some people have taken a liking to that Ninth Prince’s girl.” Qingqing was very intelligent, so she understood everything right off “Being able to persuade Guan Juxiong, this person’s influence is not small”

“Yes, he is a Thunder Sound Pavilion disciple surnamed Ye. He took out an elder’s token, so he is probably Ye Feihong’s son.” Jianpu said with a nod “Ninth Prince’s enemy is not that easy to take care of. Let’s see how it plays out”

“It’s the person that bumped into me right? Jianpu, remember him, okay?” Qingqing covered her mouth with her little hand as she suddenly asked the Woman “Jianpu, what do you think, should we go and try this ‘Great Healthcare’ ?”

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