The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 22

Chapter 22 : “The Beginning of the New Era”

When Hong Xiaobao heard Meng Xianji’s words, he instantly became excited!

There was a multitude of Heavenly Treasures in his imperial palace. When he came back, he could just simply eat them daily!

Hong Xiaobao was very happy, but suddenly Meng Xianji said slowly “ This Greedy Wolf Body’s only flaw is, that no matter what, you cannot practice your own True Qi.”

A bucket of cold water was poured over Hong Xiaobao, as his heart sank with disappointment.

If one could develop their inner strength, then they could definitely stand atop of this world!

12 Primary Meridians, 8 Extraordinary Meridians, 361 Main Acupoints and 48 Secondary Points. They complemented each other, and were ever changing.

True Qi was flowing rapidly through a person’s body, so these meridians were different for different people, meaning that their martial arts would also be different. One could have a strength of a thousand bulls, or be efficient in using the Sword Qi. One could also use elemental arts. The meaning was. Each person had an aptitude for various things.

But now according to Meng Xianji he could not practice True Qi at all !

Without the True Qi he couldn’t do anything!

Even if he ate those Heavenly Treasures, it would still be meaningless without the True Qi! You could compare this situation to farming, where soil was your body, and True Qi was the plant seed. If you watered the seed, then a plant would grow. But without the seed, no matter how much you watered the soil, nothing would grow out !

“Then what should we do ?” Hong Xiaobao said as he trembled. He must succeed in practising martial arts! After all Yun Caixiao said that she would wait three years for him. She sacrificed so much for him, so how could he disappoint her ?

“You Stinky brat worry about useless things” Meng Xianji said disdainfully “What inner strength, what True Qi, that is all bullshit ! If someone could create a way to practice using True Qi, then why couldn’t you create your own way practicing without it ? You still remember my Limitless Fortune Divine Art right ? You milksop, this is a path of no returning, are you sure you want to continue?”

Meng Xianji said seriously “Commoners drift with the current, capable ones establish their own era ! Why can’t you start your own, new era ? The Great Martial Path Era ! I already told you that you’re not practicing the martial path in a traditional sense”

“Commoners drift with the current, capable ones establish their own era…” Hearing this Hong Xiaobao’s heroic spirit was stimulated as he laughed heartily “ Good, then i shall create this new Era of Great Martial Path !”

Meng Xianji’s purpose in saying such words was to arouse Hong Xiaobao’s determination. After the past few days of observation, he already discovered that Hong Xiaobao was very intelligent, as he approached things unusually. If he didn’t stimulate his determination, then he wouldn’t go far in practicing his Limitless Fortune Divine Art.

To practice this cultivation art, you would need to be extremely intelligent. However you also had to be determined, to cultivate this art to its end.

Hong Xiaobao was very happy.

Earlier he didn’t want to practice that much, the reason being that he was somewhat dejected.

Let’s say he started practicing martial arts when he was 10 years old. Up to this day, he could not bring up even the tiniest bit of True Qi. Who wouldn’t give up on his place ? Over the last few days, he did regain some of his resolution, because he did not want to make his Little Sister Caixiao disappointed.
However, not failing Yun Caixiao, and saving his own life were two different things. After meeting with Guan Juxiong he was fully resolved to strengthen himself.

Thanks to his Granfathers , he found a new light in the tunnel 1. He could finally see the road ahead of him…. well maybe not the end of the road, but he already knew what to do from this point on.

“Should we go back to practice ?” Hong Xiaobao saw this new cultivation path lay before him, so he was very impatient to try it out.

“You are a too anxious dipshit” Meng Xianji said with a groan” This Old Man is still one of the Five Heavenly Gods.if the thing that i teach would be so simple then my reputation would plummet, and i would become a joke for these old fools”

At this time Xiao Sanshao’s laughing voice conveyed “You Old Ordinary Man, the words you said a moment ago were not quite bad, i won’t laugh at you this time, Ha Ha Ha!”

“Motherf*cker!” Meng Xianji said.

It is not the best place to fight you Old Fools!

“I’ll take care of you later, you bastard!” Meng Xianji said with clenched teeth, then he said “Oy, you still remember the Secret Holes that you found earlier right ?”

“En, i still do!” These secret holes were key to the new world for him, so he naturally couldn’t forget them. Hong Xiaobao said with a nod “Actually, my memory is quite good”

“Good” Meng Xianji said with satisfaction “Although to pave a new martial path, True Qi is not necessary, but still i will refer to it. Human body has more than 400 Primary Acupoints, some of them are useful, while other are not. Some i don’t tell you how to use, so you’ll have to find it out for yourself. But first things first”

Following that Meng Xianji confidently explained his Limitless Fortune Divine Art.

“Energy! Vitality! What is the base of these two ? 2 ? Why do people breathe ? It’s obviously to absorb energy from the air! But what transports this energy throughout your whole body ? Inner Strength ? Bullshit ! Will you suffocate without your Inner Strength ? It is Blood ! It is the blood inside you that transports this energy !”

“There is blood in your heart! There is blood in your organs! There is blood in your limbs ! Even if you cut open your fingertip it will also bleed!”

“Blood is the fundamental base of everything in a person’s body! What could be better at transporting energy than the blood that circulates through out your body ?”

These words were very easy to understand, so Hong Xiaobao said with a nod “En, you really do have some experience Old Man. 78 % of the person’s body consist of blood. If you want to temper your body, blood would be the most important thing!”

“Ha Ha, this Old Man really did not misread you kid!” Hearing that Hong Xiaobao understood everything right off the bat, Meng Xianji was extremely happy. He then proceeded to explain some acupuncture points to Hong Xiaobao” Middle Palace situated one inch left of your first rib 3, Spirit Ruin one inch left from the center of your chest 4, Violet Palace middle of your chest 5, Middle of the Chest, one inch under Violet Palace6, Bird Tail, two inches above solar plexus, 7, Heaven Projection, half an inch lower than your suprasternal notch 8

After some time Meng Xianji finally stopped. He told Hong Xiaobao nine Primary Acupoints and nine Secret Holes, which just happened to surround his heart. He later told Hong Xiaobao to rub these acupuncture points cautiously. But because their position was very uncomfortable to massage he said “It’s actually quite fortunate, don’t you have a servant girl here ? Tell her to massage you according to these points. Lie down and try to guide your Blood Qi through these acupoints!

When Meng Xianji said these words, Hong Xiaobao was thunderstruck!

Just to be sure, it means to find hope in time of despair 
In both “Energy” and “Vitality” there is “Blood” character 
It is the KD-24 
It’s the Ren-19 

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