The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 24

Chapter 24 :”Thunder Sound Mountaim, Thunder Sound Pavilion.”

Meanwhile 800 miles away from Chijing City.

There was a extremly broad mountain range, that covered uncountable hills, and inmeasureable valleys. Countless waterfalls seemed as silk, as they converged into rivers and lakes. This mountaing range was covered in a mysterious fog, and it seemed like a fairyland from legends.

In the deepest part of this mountain range, among misty clouds and barren lands, there lied a huge city that stood above the clouds! The sky above the city was dense black in color, and from time to time, some lightning came down around the city, protecting it from the invasion of Demonic Beasts.

It was Thunder Sound Pavilion headquarters! The Thunder Sound Mountain!

“HUA ! HAA !” There was a huge practicing stage, were about one hundred thousand desciples trained their martial arts. Their shouts shook the sky, and their stomps made the earth tremble ! You could see that about a thousand disciples were obviously stronger than the rest, teaching others their martial skill.

But all these people were actually Thunder Sound Pavilion lowest leveled disciples. As one of the worlds Six Great Orthodoxies, Thunder Sound Pavilion’s strength was unfathomable.

There was one tower, that stood above all, as it height reached 20 meters.

“Homing Pigeon has arrived !” Said one of the disciple’s, when he saw a pigeon fly into the tower.

Immediately one of the disciples ran to recieve the message. He took the letter pouch that was tied to it’s leg, and released the pigeon to fly back to the mountains. When he saw who was the addressee, he trembled in fear.

He walked for bit, until he stopped before a massive, 30 meter tall building. He walked inside nervously, and stopped infront one of the secret rooms. He knocked on the door, talking in a repectfull tone “Elder Ye, Young Master has sent some news”

“Oh, news from Ning Er1 ?” Thunder Sound Pavilion’s Second Elder, Ye Feihong was meditating in the center of the secret room. When he heard disciple’s voice, he suddenly appeared infront of the doors and took the letter. When he read the letter, his brows wrinkled greatly. 

“He was unexpectedly defeated? Ning Er, a 2 star martial artist, almost a 3 star, unexpectedly couldn’t stand his ground before a cripple?“ Ye Feihong’s face was full of suprise, anger and pure disbelief. “Looks like this Hong Xiaobao has some skill … Moreover, they are childhood friends with that Yun Caixiao…. Looks like this Old Man was negligent this time…”

He thought for a moment, before he disappeared, running to the Thunder Sound Mountains deepest parts, where the Head Teacher’s office was located.

Head Teacher’s tower was the highest in the whole Thunder Sound Mountain, as it stood at 50 meters in height. The door to the tower was half a foot thick, 15 meters high, and 10 meter wide. If you wanted to open this door, then you would need to have a strength of a 7 star martial artist, at the very least.

“This disciple reports to Head Teacher, Elder Ye Feihong asks for an audience” When Ye Feihong arrived, he sent for a disciple to inform Head Teacher of his arrival. Meanwhile Head Teacher was sitting cross-legged in his meditation, as he said.

“Ohhh, did Ye Feihong come? Tell him to come” The head Teacher opened his eyes slowly. He was wearing white clothes, with black, shiny hair falling over his shoulders. His eyebrows were shaped like two swords, his nose straight, and his eyes looked as if they had a lightning captured in them. His imposing manner was so high, that it made uncomfortable for other people to breathe around him.

Yin Hanjiang, Thunder Sound Pavilion’s Head Teacher was a 9 star martial artist! A true master of this world, that has lived over 180 impressive years!

“Ye Feihong greets the Supreme Head Teacher!” As soon as Ye Feihong entered the main hall, he bowed deeply to Yin Hanjaing.

“En, don’t be overly courteous, sit down” Zin Hanjiang said with a nod. He waited for Ze Feihong to sit down, then proceeded to ask: “Why do you seek audience with me ?” His voice was deep and dignified.

“As Head Teacher may know , my son accompanied Yun Caixiao to discuss a marriage with her. If he could persuade her, then in future our Thunder Sound Pavilion would have at least two 8 star martial artist. It’s a pity though, because Yun Caixiao was childhood friends with Hong Xiaobao, prince of the Chuyin Empire. They grew up together so their relationship is quite intimate. Moreover that Hong Xiaobao fought with my Ning Er and made him suffer a loss. Therefore I came today to seek Head Teacher, to ask to address this matter properly”

Although he was an 8 star martial artist, his words were very polite. Obviously Head Teacher Yin Hanjiang was like a undefiable god in his mind.

“So this happend” Yin Hanjiang knit his eyebrows “En, Yun Caixiao’s Black Yin Body allows to double the speed of another persons cultivation. If Ning Er could marry her, then with their talent they could definetly become a 8 star martial artist in a century! If they encounter some opportunities, then becoming 9 star martial artist, and receiving my legacy, would not be impossible. This matter definitely cannot be treated lightly, but I heard that this Hong Xiaobao is Hong Wenqing most beloved son, so it is quite troublesome…”

“But Head Teacher, we cannot be hesitant in this matter!” Ye Feihong urgently said “ Matter between children can change in a span of few days! If we delay too much, it may already be too late !”

“I too understand this point” Yin Hanjiang shook his head and said “Ok, take this token and go resolve this matter, you must bring Yun Caixiao back…” As he said that, he pulled a token out from his sleeve, and threw it at Ye Feihong.

Supreme Head Teacher’s Token !! Ye Feihong did not think that he would receive such a thing.

“Many thanks Head Teacher, with this token, this matter will be resolved in a few days !” When Ye Feihong received this Supreme Head Teachers Token, his hands were shaking with excitement. This token was the size of a palm with dark gold thunder gravings on it. With this token, he could command all of the medium-small martial schools in the Jiang Hu.

“En, go now” Yin Hanjiang said “I believe you have the ability to resolve this matter. I won’t guide you, I just want to see the results, as for the means, it would be up to you”

“Yes!” Ye Feihong said respectfuly to Yin Hanjiang, and left the main hall.

When the main hall gates were closed, you could hear a loud laugh.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ! The Supreme Head Teacher’s Token ! The Supreme Head Teachers Token !” Ye Feihong laughed excitedly “ With this thing, would that Hong Wenqing disobey my orders ? Hong Xiaobao, you bastard dare to injure my Ning Er, this old man will ensure that you will not survive long enough to see the next dawn!”

He then said loudly to one of the disciple’s  “Come, saddle the horses ! Select the 300 best disciples to descend the mountains with me! Since he refuses a toast, then he will be forced to drink a forfeit !2 Daring to provoke my Thunder Sound Pavilion, this old man shall not forgive you !”

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