The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 25

Chapter 25 : “Invincible !”


Hong Xiaobao stayed about two days with Yun Caixiao in this Warm Fragrant Building. And although it was known as a brothel, in these days it was mainly a place of fun and interactions between people.

After spending some time in this place, Yun Caixiao was very relaxed. She was really well served, without the least bit of lewdness, or being harrased. And like any other woman, Yun Caixiao couldn’t reject all these beautifying services.

On the third day’s morning Hong Xiaobao got out of his bed, and heard Meng Xianji.

“You Stinking brat, you sure did play a lot these last two days.” Meng Xianji said “But this is also good, because the following days will be dangerous for you. Now, with you mind soothed, your breakthrough will be a lot easier. However, this place isn’t good for practising. If someone disturbed you during your breakthrough, then that would really have catastrophic consequences.

Now that Hong Xiaobao started treading the path of martial arts, he understood Meng Xianji words, and nodded immediately. “Then I shall go back, before starting to practise.” Hong Xiaobao asked curiously “Right, what are the benefits from practicing this martial art?”

Meng Xianji’s method of practice was unique to this world. Afterall it did not resemble any other techniques that Hong Xiaobao knew of. Meng Xianji didn’t reveal too many details on his cultivation art either, so he was really curious about what awaited him.

“When you achieve Blood Qi’s First Boundary, then you can control your whole body’s blood. In effect you would achieve Hundred Poison Immunity ! 1” Meng Xianji said proudly “ After all, every poison of this world is transported through blood. If, for example, you were bitten by a poisonous snake, the poison would flow through your body, up to your heart, and you would surely die. But, if you practiced to Blood Qi’s First Boundary, then this would not end so tragically, as you could control your blood to stop the bleeding. You could even force the poisoned blood out of your body! If the toxin cannot enter your body, then it of course won’t have any kind of effect on you!”

When Meng Xianji explained the theory behind the cultivation art, Hong Xiaobao smiled with understanding.

There is a saying that a brave warrior wouldn’t hesitate to sever his arm.2 However when in Blood Qi’s First Boundary you wouldn’t have such an issue at all! As long as you compelled the poison out of your body, then you would be absolutely fine!

“Wow, so strong!” Hong Xiaobao was really excited, as he whistled with a smile. “Practise! We shall go back to practise!”

Since he decided on returning to the imperial palace, Hong Xiaobao told Yun Caixiao, and his guards to prepare themselves.

In the imperial palace’s Xuan Xiao Pavilion.

“Over the last two days, you’ve grasped the initial success on refining the Blood Qi. To refine your blood, you must use it to break through all of your Secret Holes.” Hong Xiaobao was sitting cross-legged, as Meng Xianji explained to him. “Concentrate your consciousness on your heart, feel the flow of your blood in your veins.”

Hong Xiaobao’s spirit concentrated fully on his heart, as he carefully observed the blood in his arteries

Following his blood flow with his consciousness, Hong Xiaobao discovered that right on his Bird Tail acupoint 3“>one] the blood flow was a little clogged, so he concentrated on it, trying to feel it, bit by bit.

“Hah, you sure are fast!” Meng Xianji obviously felt Hong Xiaobao’s bodily condition, as he said with a smile “Right, the first thing you need to do is to control your Blood Qi, and puncture the Bird Tail point!”

Bird Tail point was one of the main acupuncture in the Ren Channel 4. After hitting it, you would experience excruciating pain in your abdominal area. It could even lead to blood stagnation, which most likely would lead to death, as it was one of the 36 death points5 in humans body

“Good!” Hong Xiaobao braced himself, as he used his consciousness to control his Blood Qi from around 9 Secret Holes, and 9 Primary Points to guide it upon Bird Tail point. He controlled a part of his Blood Qi to stay, and the rest was drawn by the Bird Tail point !

Hong Xiaobao clenched his teeth in pain as he punctured the Bird Tail point !

“Pop!” A sound of popped balloon resounded, as Hong Xiaobao shook fiercely, and began sweating profusely.

After a moment of pain and shivering, Hong Xiaobao exclaimed in surprise

“Success!” He wiped sweat from his cold forehead, as he became wild with joy!

Bird Tail was one of the 36 death points. As it lied on the Ren Channel, the slightest mistake could lead to a heart attack! But he had no other way, as it this was his only mean to practice martial arts.

Fortunately he had a teacher that guided him through the whole process, so his breakthrough proceeded without any troubles!

“Ha, didn’t expect you to succeed, young lad!” Meng Xianji was very happy, as he praised him “I was afraid that you wouldn’t have the balls to do that. Now it’s all easy from here.”

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is it, this is it!”

Feeling the Blood Qi pace back and forth near the Bird Tail point, Hong Xiaobao laughed ecstatically.

Because Hong Xiaobao had already broken through the Bird Tail point, then he would naturally strike the iron while it was hot, and continue to guide his Blood Qi alongside his meridians.

At this time Hong Xiaobao controlled his Blood Qi to go through his lower Ren acupoints: Origin Pass, Sea of Qi, Great Palace, Violet Palace, until his Blood Qi arrived at Heaven’s Projection, then Lateral Spring as it finally stopped at Cheng Jiang acupuncture point.

When he broke through all of the Ren Channel acupuncture points, he proceeded with breaking his Governing Channel acupoints. First the Long and Rigid, then the Low Back Transporter, up to the Wind Palace. Then came the Back Vertex and One Hundred Meetings. After that came the Upper Star, the Spirit Courtyard, Plain Space and finally the Gum Union6

When he connected Ren Channel and Governing Channel, the remaining Three Hand Yin and Yang Meridians, Three Leg Yin and Yang Meridians, Thrusting Vessel, Belt Vessel, Yin and Yang Heel Vessels, finally Yin and Yang Link Vessels7 were a piece of cake for him!

After a whole life-time of practice, these Jiang Hu masters could probably open up 90 % of their meridians. Meanwhile, Hong Xiaobao connected all of his meridians, in 3 long hours ! 8

It must be known that connecting meridians, without using the True Qi was a concept that was never heard before!

Normally people would connect their meridians using their True Qi. But it was nothing much, because True Qi was only a kind of energy. But breaking through using the blood, a physical thing, was an actual “Breakthrough”! They were two different things, and couldn’t be compared to each other

At this time Hong Xiaobao started connecting other meridians. After his ears, he passed through the corners of his eye, to nose, and following various meridians downwards to his chest, and around his waist, then down to his legs, and his feet. Finally, after 2 additional long hours, 361 Primary Points, 114 Extraordinary Points, 311 Secret Holes, 12 Primary Meridians, and 8 Extraordinary Meridians were connected thoroughly !

Blood Qi was circulating throughout his whole body, and he could easily control all of it !

It must be known that, even if one trained their inner strength to a very high level, they would still have a weak spots. Whether it’s their internal organs, or something else, there would surely be some kind of a weakness that could be exploited in a fight!

But now with this Limitless Fortune Divine Art, Hong Xiaobao’s blood transported more energy to his various body parts! It even cleansed his internal organs. Which was better, and which was worse could be seen easily !

Moreover he could now easily dispose of any kind of poison within his body!

“Huu!” Hong Xiaobao exhaled a long breath

Hong Xiaobao looked at his originally pale hands that were tinged with red now, and laughed excitedly “Ha Ha Ha! I succeeded! You Old Fogies gave me a road to tread on, a road that has never even been heard of before!”

“Now, with the aid of Blood Qi, my body is simply invincible !”

“And, although I don’t have any true qi, my raw strength should have grown to the extreme’s

When he said that Hong Xiaobao  looked around his room, not too far away in the corner he saw a massive incense burner. He walked to it, embraced it with his hands, as his Blood Qi welled up. He then exhaled with a long “Hum!” sound, and he lifted it in the air! The gigantic incense burner of 300 jin, was unexpectedly lifted by a cripple without the slightest bit of True Qi, as if it was feather pillow!

Using only his raw strength he could lift more than 300 jin with ease!

Hong Xiaobao put down the censer as he laughed in delight.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha! I’ve succeeded, I’ve finally succeeded! Now I can finally be promoted, and get a salary raise! Ha Ha, I can get married to the woman I love, and step onto the peak of life! Ha Ha Ha!”

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