The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 26

Chapter 26 : “Placing the love of thousands into one”


“Oy you stinky brat, tell me, is this the Old Man’s cultivation art good?” Now that Hong Xiaobao succeeded, Meng Xianji was extremely proud of him. After all, his cultivation art was something that others couldn’t even think of, let alone practise it ! And although it only had two boundaries, it was still an extremely rare martial art !

“Good, it is quite good indeed!” Hong Xiaobao said cheerfully.

When he said that, a loud “Growl~” could be heard from Hong Xiaobao’s stomach. He fell down on the floor, and started trembling in hunger.

“How am I suddenly so hungry ?” Beads of sweat poured down Hong Xiaobao’s forehead “This is something connected to my Greedy Wolf’s Body, right ? Swallowing the Heavens Phase ?”

“Naturally” Meng Xianji smiled “You’ve already reached 18 years old and now that you feel this intense hunger, it means that you’ve formally entered Swallowing the Heavens Phase ! From now on you can eat whatever you want ! Especially these spirit medicines…they are extremely useful to your cultivation !”

The most major characteristic of Swallowing the Heavens Phase was eating !

“Good! Then I won’t be polite!” Hong Xiaobao said with a nod, as he went out of his chamber and shouted “Guards! Guards! Come quickly, or this Prince’s life is not guaranteed to be kept !”

His shout has attracted the attention of all guards, that came running to him, as fast as they could. The guards leader came running first, so he asked “Your Highness, are you alright ? Is there an assassin ?!”

“No, there is not, but it’s a much more serious matter…I am hungry“ Hong Xiaobao said. He then asked “Last time, I asked for an artisan to make a thing for me. Was it delivered ?”

“Yes, it was” The guards leader wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said “Over the last few days, we were in the Great Healthcare,  so we had no chance to install it. I’ll immediately order for my brothers to install it now !”

A few days earlier, Hong Xiaobao had ordered a craftsman to build everything needed for a methane-gathering pit to work. From pots, pans,  and tableware sets, to pipes that connected the methane pit to a stove burner, finally various types of valves that regulated heat. Everything could be found there!

And although this world did not have the woven wire meshes, and other high-end things, but ordering them from a skilled blacksmith was not a problem at all!

Hong Xiaobao took one vacant room in the Xuan Xiao Pavilion, and ordered for the burner with the stove plate, tableware, seasonings, tables and chairs to be put in it. Afterwards, he went to the Spiritual Medicine Hall in the imperial palace, to look for some spirit medicine for him to eat.

As he was walking out of the Xuan Xiao Pavilion, he met Emperor Hong Wenqing on a walk with his wife, Empress Qiao Xianxian. There was also a two meters high fellow walking behind them with Yun Caixiao at the side. They were all heading towards Xuan Xiao Pavilion.

“Xiaobao, what are you doing?” When Hong Wenqing saw Hong Xiaobao he smiled, and said “I heard that two days back you had quite the encounter… A seven-star martial artist was frightened by you, right?”

Evidently, the matter of him scaring Guan Juxiong was already known to Hong Wenqing, so Hong Xiaobao wasn’t going to hide anything “Hah, I was just lucky that, that Big Stupid Bear was quite narrow-minded. Right, Father Emperor, what brings you and Mother Empress here?” As he said that, he bowed to the Empress “Child greets his Mother Empress” Then he also greeted the big fellow and Yun Caixiao “Hey, Third Brother! Hey, Little Sister Caixiao”

Empress was wearing a white Daxiushan. 1which was dripping to the floor. She had dark black hair, and the face of a flower, with golden jewelry dangling from her hair, which was combed in a simple bun. Her beautiful eyes were full of color, and her faint smile made her seem ethereal.

“Ha Ha, quite good” Empress gently smiled at Hong Xiaobao as she said “By calculating the time, you should’ve turned 18 years old already. Your Father Emperor and I, wanted to have a look at you. And if it is convenient, we could eat a dinner together”

So originally they wanted to celebrate his birthday!

“Come, Father! Come Mother!” Hong Xiaobao grinned under his nose as he brought Emperor Hong Wenqing, and Empress Qiao Xianxian toward the Xuan Xiao Pavilion. When they crossed the gates, he shouted “Guys, come quickly and welcome my Father Emperor and my Mother Empress!”

He didn’t need to shout, as these guards already saw The Emperor and Empress coming, so they were already prostrating themselves before the entrance. The leader of the guards said, without looking up “We have seen your Majesty! We have seen the Empress!”

“Stand up” Hong Wenqing was very gentle towards them “These days must’ve been hard for you. When we go back, go look for the Minister of Internal Affairs and ask for some payment”

“We thank your Majesty!!” These guards shouted in unison, as they were secretly rejoicing. Serving the Ninth Prince was the best thing that could happen to them in this life !

Hong Xiaobao then led his Father Emperor, his Mother Empress, his third brother and his little sister Caixiao into the room that he prepared earlier.

“Xiaobao, what are these things ?” When they came into the hall, Hong Wenqing saw all the tableware, stove burner and seasonings, and he was secretly shocked ! He patted Hong Xiaobao on his back, and asked “What’s wrong, since you can’t practice martial arts, you decided to become a chef?”

Qiao Xianxian also came, and hugged her son. She said lovingly “Bao Er, even if you can’t practice martial arts, you will not be bullied in here, So you don’t have to worry.”

Hong Xiaobao looked at his mother in affection as he said “Thank you mother, but you don’t have to concern yourself with this.” Hong Xiaobao said, full of smiles. He then pulled that big fellow away, and said secretly “Third brother, come with me ! Today I will give my Father Emperor a pleasant surprise!”

“Good !” Said Third Prince. His name was Hong Haoyun, and his martial arts talent was quite splendid, but he was simple-hearted. Therefore he didn’t speak that much, neither to his parents nor his other siblings. The only person he opened up before was Hong Xiaobao. In the first place he should have been practising his martial arts now. But when he heard that it was his younger brother, Hong Xiaobao eighteenth birthday, he stopped his training to come and celebrate it with him.

Then Hong Xiaobao and Hong Haoyun exited the Xuan Xiao Pavilion, and went directly to the Spiritual Hall. When they arrived, the two guardsmen that were patrolling there bowed to both of them in respect.

“We greet Ninth Prince, His Highness ! We greet Third Prince, His Highness ! What could possibly be reason for two princes’ arrival? Could it be that the Ninth Prince is intending to take some Spirit Medicine to eat?”

Hong Xiaobao has come here before, but at that time guards did not let him enter. Therefore, the eight years old Hong Xiaobao caused a big ruckus about it, and when His Father heard of it, he just said “If Xiaobao wants to enter, then you should let him enter. If he wants to eat spirit medicine, then let him eat it. If somebody dares to violate this rule, then I want his head !”

Hence, from that time onwards Hong Xiaobao was free to enter anywhere in the imperial palace.

“I want to take a few Spirit Fruits, to eat as a snack“ This wasn’t any kind of restricted area for him, so Hong Xiaobao confidently pushed the gate inside. He asked “Are there any new goods?”

“There are!” The guardsmen hurried to give Hong Xiaobao a report. “Recently we received a tribute from a southern county. We’ve not only received some Heavens’ Spirit Fruit, but also some of the Moon’s Grass, which is a very good Spirit Medicine! After eating it, it can promote up to 2 months of cultivation time ! The taste is also delicious !”  When this guard said that it could promote 2 months of cultivation time, he did not think it through. When he remembered that Hong Xiaobao could not bring forth the True Qi he changed his statement quickly, in order to avoid embarrassing the Ninth Prince.

“Good, let me have a look” Hong Xiaobao did not mind his slip of tongue, as he went inside with Hong Haoyun. “Third brother, you are so strong, help me gather some dozens of Jin Spirit Herbs for my Father Emperor’s suprise !” Of course, Hong Xiaobao could bring the herbs all by himself, but he didn’t want reveal his strength yet.  As he wanted to surprise both his Father Emperor and his Mother Empress.

“Good” Hong Haoyun did not talk much, as he said straight-forwardly.

After they entered, one of the guards sighed “Oh Ninth Prince is really placing the the love of thousands in one. 2 As he measures the Spirit Medicines in Jin!”

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