The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 27


Chapter 27: “Unique flavor is mesmerizing”


The imperial palace’s Spiritual Medicine Hall was not that big, as it was uncomparable to the Six Great Orthodoxies’ Medicine Pavilions. In fact each type of Spirit Medicine in here had the quantity of only several jin. Having more would be useless though, because the best effect one would get by eating a Spirit Medicine, would be after the first time. Every other time would have less and less of an effect, until it would bring no effects at all!

Hong Xiaobao entered the Spirit Medicine Hall with his Third Brother, Hong Haoyun. But because Haoyun was a simple-hearted fellow, he just sat down in the corner to meditate, and let Hong Xiaobao choose the medicine.

“Hah, kid…although the quantity of these Spirit Medicine’s isn’t that big, but the variety is considerable!“ Because there was no one around, Meng Xianji revealed himself from the bracelet, as he looked at the surrounding Spirit Medicine. “Profound Yuan Grass, Bone Cleansing Flower,Four Circle Fungus, Purple Jade Fruit… all are quite decent !”

“It is only natural!” Hong Xiaobao already ate a lot of them as his snack, so he already knew that they were precious goods indeed. In addition he already had a martial arts foundation so he could increase his skill! But he knew that eating these medicines randomly could be disastrous for him. Therefore, he asked Meng Xianji “Old Man, which of these are edible for the present me?”

“You’ve just broken through, so you cannot eat too efficacious herbs…hmmm, for the present you the best thing would be that Profound Yuan Grass, and that Purple Jade Fruit,” Meng Xianji said leisurely. “Profound Yuan Grass increases up to two months of cultivation time, and Purple Jade Fruit can increase up to four months of cultivation time. All in all, that equals to a half of year cultivation time, so it is quite suitable for you now. If you overdosed with Spirit Medicines, then it could lead to an energy rebellion.”

Each Spirit Medicine effect was different, and you couldn’t just eat them randomly.

You could give some change to a child for a snack, but if you gave him 50 000 to spend, then it would be very dangerous as it could bring an unexpected calamity.

“Good!” Hong Xiaobao took a nearby bag for these medicines, then he asked, “Do I just eat it like that? No cooking, or anything?” Normally, any other person would just directly eat these Spirit Herbs, but the Ninth Prince’s standards were a little high, so he asked Meng Xianji about it.

“Tasteless!” He hadn’t actually thought that Meng Xianji would decisively shake his head. “You have a Greedy Wolf’s Body! Wouldn’t eating it without cooking spoil all the fun?! Come, I’ll teach you how to savour your food! Didn’t you make a kitchen earlier? Bring me there! I’ll teach you how to makeProfound Yuan and Purple Jade Soup! Its’ unique flavor is mesmerizing!”

At that moment Hong Xiaobao was dumbstruck; (⊙.⊙)

Haha, good! Good! Even if he was a glutton, he should appreciate the taste of things he ate! How could these thing taste well, when in raw state?! Cooking them would be the only proper way! HaHaHa!

“You Old Man, is it possible that you can cook?” Hong Xiaobao said surprised.

“This Old Fool is a master chef at the Godly Craftsman level!” At this time, a voice conveyed from inside the bracelet. It was Xiao Sanshao. “Listen to him carefully, and after you have gained some strength, he’ll teach you all the delicious cuisines that exists! They’ll also be helpful to you in another way!”

“It’s rare for you to praise me, hah !” Meng Xianji said. “Right, when the opportunity comes I’ll teach you better things, but right now we are a little short on the ingredients. For example it’s a little pity that you don’t have any Demonic Beast meat here…”

Generally speaking, the meat of Demonic Beasts would help the physical growth. But its’ spoilage was really quick, so it could be held for a maximum of two to five days.

“Tian Can! Tian Can! Wake up!” Meng Xianji called. “Come out faster, you are needed here!” He was the Godly Craftsman level chef, while Tian Can was called the Medicine Immortal! His proficiency in alchemy was immeasurably deep!

“Yes, Yes,” Tian Can said with a sleepy voice. “You Old Foggy, why are you suddenly so compassionate?”

“Nonsense, this boy has the Greedy Wolf’s Body, and this Fathers cooking is one of the best in the world! We are destined for each other!” Meng Xianji said sincerely. It wasn’t that difficult to understand either, as he was a Divine Chef, so he appreciated seeing people eat his cooking. Therefore Hong Xiaobao, this Divine Glutton, naturally received his favor.

“Good!” Tian Can said languidly. “Kid, you did not ask me this before, so what kind of an Spirit Pill do you want to make?”

“Eh?! “ Hong Xiaobao exclaimed. “You didn’t tell me what type of herbs I should’ve brought, so I brought everything that I could…” After he had said this, he thought for a while, and said “Tell me Old Man, what would suit my wife-to-be?  She is a 2 star martial artist, so she does have some skill…Right I cannot leave out my Third Brother. There’s also my Father Emperor, and my Mother Empress, and my several elder sisters.” He was counting all the people on his fingers.

En, he could eat these Spirit Medicines as vegetables, in an uncooked form. But his Father, Mother, Elder Sisters, and his Third Brother didn’t have his gluttonous physique, so their Medicines needed to be refined.

“No wonder that Meng Xianji dotes on you.” Tian Can’s words were a little warmer this time. “You are not indifferent to other people, and I appreciate this attitude very much. Ok, bring me two jin’s of Bone Cleansing Flower, four jin’s of Four Circle Fungus, three jin’s of Dragons Strength Fruit, and six jin’s of Pure Spirit Root.“

“Good, there’s no problem.” Hong Xiaobao started to collect all the medicines. While he was collecting them, he asked, “What is this Medicine Pill? What are its effects?”

Tian Can said slowly, “These materials are used for a third level medicine pill called, Dragon Spirit Powder. When your fiancee achieves the 3 star boundary, then it will be very helpful to her. As for the others, you won’t be able to bear the pressure of refining the pill for now, so you should take your time.”

Hong Xiaobao was flabbergasted ( * ο *).

“Dragon Spirit Powder!!!” Hong Xiaobao said with amazement. “It is said that only the alchemist from those famous schools can refine this High Huang Grade pill! And only Core Disciples have the qualification to take this pill, as it can promote up to three years of cultivation! Old Man, you aren’t tricking me right? Do I have the qualifications to make this pill?”

“High Huang Grade? What kind of garbage is that?” Tian Can said with a disdainful smile. “These annoying classifications are unknown to me .Tell me, how do you compartmentalize the pills of your world ?”

Eh? Is it really that annoying?!

Hong Xiaobao hurried to explain. “Medicine pills are divided into Heaven rank, Earth Rank, Profound rank and Huang rank. Each rank is further divided into high, middle and low ranks. High rank is the best, while low rank is the worst…”

“So, basically from first to twelfth level?” At this time fatty Xi Hong revealed himself, and said with a smile. “This classification system is useless… in fact it is as basic as 1 2 3. This type of thing is already meaningless to us, as we are of higher realm than that. So basically, this High Huang Grade pil is roughly equivalent to Third Level medicine pill, right? Tian Can could easily make thousands of them.”

Tian Can said with a nod, “Em, Third Level medicine pill could only be considered basics of the basics!”

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