The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 28

Chapter 28 : “Promising Idea”


High Huang Grade medicine pill could only be considered garbage ?!

When Hong Xiaobao heard that he felt that his world-views were overturned ! These famous schools treated this kind of pill as a treasure, but in the eyes of his Grandfathers it was only considered the basics of the basics !

“Ohhh, it sure is fierce !” Hong Xiaobao said “Do we go back to prepare for the refining ?

“En, let’s go back “ Tian Can said with a nod “You go back, i’ll rest first … *yawn*”

Since he finished his buisiness here, he prepared to return to the Xuan Xiao Pavilion

There were much more precious herbs in this Spirit Medicine Hall, but Hong Xiaobao didn’t worry about it for now. After all he couldn’t use the majority of them now, but he could always come back here later, so he had nothing to worry about.

“Third Brother, i’m ready” Hong Xiaobao called his Third Brother, as he gave him a instructions about Spirit Medicine “Take these, that and those too, ok ?”

“En” Hong Xiaobao took all the Spirit Medicine’s that Hong Xiaobao ordered. They weighted at least several dozens of jin, but it was nothing for him “Younger Brother Bao, is it all ? Maybe you should take some more ?” His thoughts were simple. Since Hong Xiaobao was his most beloved younger brother, then even if they emptied this place, it would be nothing

“Ha Ha , these are enough, Third Brother” Hong Xiaobao said laughingly “ Let’s go back to the Xuan Xiao Pavilion Third Brother, and i’ll make something delicious things for you”

When they returned to the Xuan Xiao Pavilion, Emperor Hong Wenqing, Empress Qiao Xianxian, and Yun Caixiao were still there, as they were waiting for Hong Xiaobao’s pleasant suprise.

Emperor Wenqing and his wife understood after all these years that Hong Xiaobao was not a person that could be measured with normal means. In addition they really loved Hong Xiaobao so even if they were responsible for many things in the country, they would still be waiting for him.

“Father Emperor, I came back !” Hong Xiaobao shouted when he crossed the gate “Mother, Father, wait a bit more for me, i’ll go to the kitchen to prepare some food for us !”

“This little wretch…“ Hong Wenqing ridiculed, then he came to the kitchen and stood at the back “I heard that this … something-gathering pit you made lately is capable of inflammation … is this true ?”

Hong Wenqing was actually very interested in this methane-gathering pit He knew that coal could ignite, and so did wood. But could some gas also be ignitable ?

“Heh, of course it’s true” Hong Xiaobao said with a grin, as he unscrewed some valves. You could smell a specific smell spread throughout the air. He then lit a small stick and brought it upon the stove plate. Then a golden flame popped up, and started to burn steadily

“Ohhhh, it really is ignitable” Hong Xiaobao said with a suprise. Then he laughed and said to Hong Xiaobao “You really are worthily of being called my son ! This idea is definetly promising ! Ha Ha Ha, if this could be installed in every household, then it could help to save some of the expenditures ! You could save a lot of simple people’s money with this invention !”

“Hah, it’s not it’s only usage !” Hong Xiaobao explained to his father “This thing is ignitable, but this methane-gathering pit could also be used as a manure ! It could also replaces a latrine, and it save a lot of space !”

Hong Wenqing knew what benefits this methane gathering pit could bring, so he was very thankful to Hong Xiaobao

“Oh, Hong Xiaobao, people of our country sure are lucky to have you !” Hong Wenqing sighed. He looked at Hong Xiaobao proudly for a while, and then left the kitchen.

After going back Hong Wenqing decided to call his ministers to popularize this invention throughout the country. This thing had only benefits, and it could bring no harm whatsoever !

He was extremely proud of his son. He was very intelligent, and thought outside of the box. He did not nurture him in vain !

It was just a pity that he could not practice…

Hong Wenqing sighed with emotion “Destiny is absolute ! At least he will not suffer any injustice inside imperial palace…. It’s just a pity, because if he won’t be able to practice martial arts, then i’m afraid that i would see him turn white-haired… ehhh”

Hong Wenqing was a martial artist, so he was longevity was certain, but Hong Xiaobao was unable to bring any True Qi forth, so it was likely that Hong Wenqing would see Hong Xiaobao pass away. He was very uncomfotable with this thought.

Meanwhile in the kitchen

Hong Xiaobao was doing per Meng Xianji’s instructions “Put up a water to boil… Good, now put some Profound Yuan Grass inside… Now put some peeled Puple Jade Fruit skin inside. Good… now, do it now !”

“Now put the Purple Jade Fruit inside, fast, FAST ! Yes, yes, that’s right. Now throw out the Profound Yuan Grass, as it is very unnatractive… good, good !”

“Add some salt and black pepper ! Don’t forget the hot pepper too ! Put some raw eggs for the taste ! Right, and some more seasoning in ! Fast, what are you thinking about ?! Yes, good, now leave it !”

“*Crash*” When Hong Xiaobao closed the pot and left it to cook for 15 minutes. When Meng Xianji said that the dish was ready he lifted the pot’s lid and a sweet frangrance spreaded through the room. It was so strong that Hong Wenqing came from another room “What is this flavor ? It is so strong ! Hong Xiaobao… is it from the dish you made ? Tell me Hong Xiaobao, are you some kind of a master chef in disguise ?!”

Empress Qiao Xianxian and Yun Caixiao also came into the kitchen and said with a charming smile “So sweet … Xiaobao, i really wonder what kind of a dish you made” She said proudly.

Although her precious son couldn’t practice martial arts, he was an absolute genius in every other aspects, so she was content with that.

“Hah, Father Emperor, Mother Queen, please do taste this new dish i made !” Hong Xiaobao said with a laugh as he put five bowls of soup on the table. Everybody sat beside the table. Hong Wenqing sniffed the soup carefuly, and then he said loudly “ Such fragrance ! My Xiaobao, i won’t be polite, and taste this soup first then !” Hong Wenqing brought the spoon to his mouth, and gave it a try. He then exlaimed in delight, and suprise “Ohhh, this soup is certainly good … but Hong Xiaobao, did i taste the Purple Jade Fruit in it ? Hmmm, it’s not quite right … there must be something more to this …”

“Father Emperor, your right !” Hong Xiaobao said with a grin “The name of this soup is Profound Yuan and Purple Jade Soup. I’ve put some Profound Yuan Grass and Purple Jade Fruit inside. There’s also some seasoning, and raw eggs in it”

“Whaaat ?!” Listening to Hong Xiaoba’s words, Hong Wenqing, Qiao Xianxian, Yun Caixiao and Hong Haoyun were completely shocked !

“Hong Wenqing said with amazement “Xiaobao, your meaning is, that you did not take these Spirit Medicine as a snack, but you used them as an igredients for this soup ?!”

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