The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 29

Chapter 29: “Ye Feihong” 

Using Spirit Medicine to refine an immortal pill was the usual course of things. Even eating these Spirit Medicines alone could be considered normal practice, but Hong Xiaobao treated them like simple vegetables, and just made a dish out of them!
“This  is  a  secret  recipe  that  I  developed  lately.  Father  Emperor,  how  does  it  taste?” Hong Xiaobao was grinning foolishly, as a little child that found a peculiar stone, and wanted to show it to his mother.
“En,  it  is  really  tasty. A first-class dish!” Hong Wenqing said after tasting it carefully, with a satisfied nod.
“Hah,  tasty? Then I’ll bring some more!” Hong Xiaobao was beaming with joy, as he ran hurriedly into the kitchen. “Wait for me, I’ll make two more meals for you all!” He said as he ran through the gate.
“This child … HaHa   .”  Hong  Wenqing  shook  his  head  with  a  smile.  “But, his bearing is very likable.”
“Yes   !”  Empress  Qiao  Xianxian  held  Yun  Caixiao’s  hand, as her face showed signs of pity. She then said with a sigh, “Oh, Caixiao. As you can see, our Xiaobao is outstanding in every matter other than martial arts.       know that you’re a martial arts prodigy, therefore we won’t demand you to stay with Xiaobao… We will also not blame you.”
    Although Qiao Xianxian thought that Hong Xiaobao was meant for Yun Caixiao, she knew that she could not demand such a thing from her. She was most aware of her child’s condition, therefore she expressed her feelings first, to avoid any embarrassment.
“Empress,  Your  Majesty  shouldn’t  worry  herself.” When Hong Xiaobao was mentioned, Yun Caixiao smiled lightly. “   already discussed this matter with Xiaobao.       am willing to wait three years for him. So long as in these three years he can bring up even the tiniest bit of true qi, then       would be willing to wait another 6 years for him. With Big Brother Xiaobao’s talent then once he makes his first step, the following ones should be very easy!”
    When Yun Caixiao said that, Hong Wenqing and Qiao Xianxian looked at her with a gratified gaze.
“Oh,  Caixiao, you were so wronged by us …,” Hong Wenqing said, while shaking his head. “The most precious time of a girl’s life was sacrificed for my Xiaobao … Ahh, since you’ve already made your decision, then       shall honor it. And       shall guarantee that you will not suffer any kind of bullying!”
“  En   ,”    Yun  Caixiao  lowered  her  head  with  a  slight  blush.
The atmosphere in the whole room was a little depressing, so Qiao Xianxian said “*Sigh*, our Xiaobao celebrates his birthday, and he even went to make some food for us! But here we are sitting here, all sad and depressed. Let’s drink this         Profound      Yuan      and      Purple      Jade      Soup         in honor of Xiaobao…. But I must say, Caixiao, you are such a good child, so clever and attractive! It’s truly Hong Xiaobao’s fortune that he could’ve met you.” As she said that, she picked up a bowl full of soup, and gave it to her.

nbsp;This move of hers was quite affectionate.
“Thank  you,  Empress  … “ Yun Caixiao was astounded by Empress Qian Xianxian’s words, and her complexion was red. She then said with a small voice, “Tasty … “
“Ha  Ha,  it’s  good  that  you  like  it.” Hong Wenqing stroked his beard with a smile. Suddenly, an imperial guard came into the room and reported, “Your Majesty, Thunder Sound Pavilion elder, Ye Feihong, has arrived and seeks an audience with Your Majesty.”
“Ye Feihong   ?!”  Hong  Wenqing  asked  surprised.  He  was  startled  by  this  unexpected  visit, so his brows wrinkled greatly. “His intention being … ?”
“It may be so   .”  Qiao  Xianxian  naturally  understood  Hong  Wenqing  meaning.  She  patted  Yun  Caixiao’s  hand  and  said, “Caixiao, you should not be afraid, let’s go and look up to what mischief this Ye Feihong is up to!”
“En !”    Yun  Caixiao  said  with  a  nod.
“Mother  Empress,  I’ll  also  go.” The Third Prince, Hong Haoyun, stood up. “   feel they are up to no good… they may even have some ideas regarding Younger Brother Bao!”
“Nonsense   !”  Hong  Wenqing  said  with  a  deep  veneration.  “What good will there be of you going? Go back and practice your martial arts! Do not come back, unless ordered to do otherwise!”
“No,  I  must  go!” Hong Haoyun said firmly, “Whoever wants to hurt my Younger Brother Bao, I’ll break his legs!”
“This  is  the  Thunder  Sound  Pavilion  elder,  Ye  Feihong! A 8 star martial artist. Do you have any skill to go and show off?!” Hong Wenqing said anxiously. “Go back, and practice your martial arts!”
“Even  if  I  am  unable  to  defeat  him  now,  give  me  10 … maybe 20 years and  will be sure to top him!” Hong Haoyun said. “In any case, if he wants to hurt Brother Bao,  will not forgive him!”
    Seeing Hong Haoyun manner, Qiao Xianxian sighed lightly. The Third Prince was not Qiao Xianxian’s son. His biological mother had died at birth, nevertheless she loved him as her own kin, especially since he was quite close with Hong Xiaobao.
    Ye Feihong would not visit them without any cause. It was obvious that he came here for Yun Caixiao, and although Hong Xaoyun was simple-hearted, he was not stupid, and he knew that there would be some disturbance in the imperial palace.
“Your  Majesty,  please  let  Haoyun  go  with  us.” Qian Xianxian sighed lightly.
“This    …. Ok, let him go.” Hong Wenqing was finally convinced by the Empress words “Let’s have a look at the purpose of elder Ye Feihong’s visit …”
    Naturally, Hong Wenqing had heard about Hong Xiaobao’s and Ye Jinning’s affair, but he did not want to interfere with the matters of juniors … He certainly did not expect that Ye Feihong would take this matter so seriously, so he wanted to avoid any conflicts, if possible.
    When these four people; Hong Wenqing, Hong Haoyun, Qiao Xianxian, and Yun Caixiao arrived at the Xuan Yang palace, they saw another four people waiting for them.
    One of them was a young man, which was obviously Ye Jinning. Near him stood Yun Shengxuan, and beside him stood a man that looked to be 40 years old. His posture dignified, his brows wrinkled, and his face showed an angry expression.
There was one more person that looked like an middle-   aged  scholar.  He  was  calm  and  composed.  His  bearing  was  a  little  like  that  of  an  Confucian  erudite. There was a “Saint”[1]  character embroidered on his left sleeve. When Hong Wenqing saw it, his eyes narrowed a little,  Saint  Academy? What were they doing  here?
    Although Hong Wenqing had his doubts, he could not voice them out, so he simply said, “Thunder Sound Pavilion Elder, Ye Feihong’s honorable self visited Us, please excuse Us for not coming out to meet Elder.” He then looked at the nearby scholar, and said, “   wonder who this honorable master might be?”
“This one’s name is Zuo Shixian of Saint Academy. I  greet Brother Hong!”  Zuo  Shixian  cupped  his  hands  in  a  polite  greeting.
“So  it  was  Brother  Zuo  all  along!  I  have  heard  of  Brother  Zuo’s  great  reputation  before! It is indeed fortunate to meet Brother Zuo here!” Hong Wenqing was a little surprised by Shixian’s politeness, so he hurriedly returned the greetings.
    Although he was an emperor, and his status was aloof, it was only in the eyes of the common people.
    He still needed to show some respect for the masters of Jiang Hu, like Ye Feihong or Zuo Shixian.
“Humph.  You  can  exchange  your  greetings  later.  I  have  something  to  speak  with  Mr.Hong,” Ya Feihong said with a dignified tone. And although he said these words to Hong Wenqing, he actually looked at Yun Caixiao.
“Really? Hong  Wenqing’s  heartbeat  became  irregular  when  he  heard  that, but he tried to remain calm. “Then please say!”

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