The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Strength of Lifting A Chinese Tripod!



“Do you really want to lift this up?” Looking at Hong Xiaobao in front of the gigantic Chinese Tripod, Hong Wenqing stood in amazement.


Hong Xiaobao had been intelligent since young and had always had lots of weird tricks up his sleeve. However this was a massive 600-jin-heavy Chinese tripod. 8 soldiers were needed to carry this thing here in the first place. Could he really lift it up all by himself?


“Hmph! What foolish trick are you planning to pull off now?” Ye Feihong completely doubted the ability of Hong Xiaobao in lifting this thing up. By the looks of it, it weighed at least 500 to 600 jin. One had to be a 3-star martial artist at least to do that. Only a handful of talented 2-star martial artists could barely lift it up. However no matter how you looked at him, he certainly did not look that strong.


“Xiaobao…” Yun Caixiao held her lips together tightly and could not keep her eyes off Hong Xiaobao.


It goes without saying that although they were skeptical, everybody there was not able to calm down and stared at Hong Xiaobao. Even the disdainful Ye Jinning became interested.


Hong Xiaobao placed his hands across the enormous Chinese Tripod.


“HAH!” Hong Xiaobao yelled. As his body filled with Blood Qi, his blood flow rate increased, flushing him full with energized vigor. Hong Xiaobao’s shoulders discharged steam, making the scene immensely breathtaking. Following a deep breath, he exhaled slowly and lifted the humongous Chinese Tripod over his head.


Everybody was astonished, resulting in them to wiping their eyes multiple times.


Was that a joke?! To everyone’s surprise, this Ninth Prince with the title of a useless cripple managed to lift this giant Chinese Tripod!

“This… This… How is it possible?!” Ye Feihong was staring at Hong Xiaobao with his eyes broadly opened, refusing to believe what he just witnessed.


“Brilliant!” After a moment of silence, Hong Wenqing gave him a round of applause and spoke loudly, “This is our Hong Family’s worthy Xiaobao with the strength of lifting a Chinese tripod!”


“Heheh,” Hong Xiaobao steadily placed it down and chucked, “Dad, did I do well?”

“Very well! Simply the best!” In all the years Hong Wenqing was the emperor, this day was his happiest. He was even in tears and could not stop laughing. “Starting from today, I will peel of the skin of anyone who calls my son Xiaobao trash!”


Hong Xiaobao walked towards Yun Caixiao and said, “Little Sister Caixiao, your Big Brother Xiaobao finally managed to cultivate. Am I formidable?”


“Yes,” Yun Caixiao’s face revealed nothing but pure happiness, “I knew my Big Brother was the best!”


Looking at Hong Xiaobao being praised by everyone particularly Yun Caixiao, Ye Jinning yelled loudly, “Impossible! Hong Xiaobao, you were still a useless cripple two days ago. It is impossible that you’re able lift such a heavy thing! You are cheating! You are definitely cheating!”


He was only casually saying. However, a shadow appeared before him out of the blue, it was Hong Wenqing! Hong Wenqing raised one oh his palms and hit on Ye Jinning’s chest.

“Wait a second!” Looking at his dear son almost getting hit, Ye Feihong rushed forward and blocked the attack with his arm, shouting angrily, “Hong Wenqing, what do you mean?!”


He certainly did not think that Hong Wenqing dared to attack Ye Jinning in front of him.


“What do I mean?” Hong Wenqing withdrew his hand and said calmly, “I have just said not long ago that starting from today, whoever insults my son Xiaobao as a trash, I will peel of that person’s skin! Everybody here heard what your son said. Elder Ye, you truly have provided your son with splendid upbringing.”


If anyone insulted Hong Xiaobao in the past, Hong Wenqing would not react in such a way. However it was different this time. Someone like Xiaobao would be considered a gifted genius!


“Hmph! We should not interfere the argument between young people.” Ye Feihong scolded Hong Wenqing despite knowing his son was at fault. “The fact that Hong Xiaobao could lift the Chinese tripod does not prove anything. What else can he do? He didn’t even have the tiniest bit of True Qi two days ago, however he has such an impressive strength today. There is a lot to doubt for. It is rumored that Hong Xiaobao had lots of funny tricks up his sleeve, god knows if he was performing such a thing just now?


“I agree, I don’t believe that he became so strong in just two days!” Ye Jinning proceeded forward towards Hong Xiaobao, “Hong Xiaobao, I will let you understand thoroughly today. Even if you have a little bit strength, you are still not a person who can win me in a battle!”


Hong Xiaobao chuckled in contempt, “No matter how strong your background is, please speak to me properly. Once you mess with me, it’s no longer called a small matter, it’s considered big news! Once you piss me off, I have hundreds of way to get rid of you from Jiang Hu! What ideas do you have? Please use them all and I shall have some fun, fun time with you!”

(Jiang Hu= Cultivation world.)


Zuo Shixian who was standing beside them tried his best to endure his laughter after listening to their conversation.


This Ninth Prince undoubtedly had some guts! Even Ye Jinning’s background was considered not strong enough to him.


The Third Prince Hong Haoyun burst into laughter, “Brother Bao, you have always been so savage!” Hong Xiaobao taught Hong Haoyun the word ‘savage’ when they were young…


“Hahahahaha!” After listening to Hong Xiaobao’s words, Ye Feihong laughed extremely loud, just like the sound of thunder. “Such arrogance! I however, want to see how you can get rid of my son Jinning from Jiang Hu! Jinning, you should let him understand that you need skills instead of just funny tricks to survive in the Jiang Hu. In the Jiang Hu, only the strong have the right to speak!”


“I understand, father! Hong Xiaobao, I challenge you to a duel!” Ye Jinning said in all seriousness.


“This is the attitude I was looking for.” Hong Xiaobao said. “Since you challenged me at my place, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I reject the offer. Let’s duel, starting now!”


Nobody knew who would attack first. Ye Jinning tried to attacked Hong Xiaobao thrice previously but failed catastrophically every single time. However Hong Xiaobao used dirty tricks against him in retaliation. Right now, however, everyone would be watching the battle, especially Ye Feihong, and there would be no room for petty tricks.


Everyone waited anxiously for the duel to begin despite being a battle between two-star martial artists only. Ye Feihong, Zuo Shixian and Hong Wenqing would be watching regardless.
“Hmph,” Ye Feihong stared at Hong Xiaobao and thought to himself. Given the intense amount of training and sparring experience Jinning had, it would take close to no effort for him to take Hong Xiaobao down!

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