The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Wife Follows The Husband’s Call


It wasn’t the first time Hong Xiaobao had seen a person as shameless as that. But, Ye Feihong was the first old senior who had ever acted in this unreasonable manner in front of him!


Even the two hiding within the tree outside the pavilion, Qingwing and Jian Pu, let out a dissatisfied humph. Qingqing said angrily, “This Ye Feihong… He really thinks that he’s that much of a big shot with only the Thunder Sound Pavilion backing him?!”


Jian Pu added, “The people of the Six Great Orthodoxies have always been prideful and arrogant. It isn’t weird to see Ye Feihong act like that at all.”


At this moment within the Xuan Yang Pavilion, the whole atmosphere was heavy and quiet as everyone started to raise their alertness. Everyone else had their eyes on Hong Wenqing and was awaiting his reply.


“Elder Ye,” said Hong Wenqing, with his smiling expression changing to a cold one. “In the fights of the younger generation, there will be a winner and a loser. The winner can celebrate without worries while the loser shouldn’t mind it that much either. Given that Xiaobao had just started training not long ago, it is understandable that he isn’t too well versed in controlling the strength of his strikes for now. Also, I believe Ye Jinning was also using all of his strength during that fight just now, so to argue about this would be pointless. As for the refusal to cancel the engagement, you should direct that question to miss Yun Caixiao. I am still of the same opinion, as long as she is willing to cancel it, I wouldn’t force her to keep the engagement promise either. But if she isn’t willing, then I am definitely willing to have her be the daughter-in-law and will protect her even at the cost of my own life.”


Hong Wenqing’s argument really had no flaw and there isn’t really much that could be said about it.


“Okay… Alright alright.” Ye Feihong narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “The head teacher’s orders are absolute. If you are not willing to cancel the engagement yourself, let me hear what you have to say, Caixiao!” He gave Yun Shengxuan a savage look and broke into a smile, obviously hinting at his intentions.


This time, all the eyes looked towards Yun Caixiao.


It was understood what would happen if she were to step out of the engagement. And it was also implied what would happen to her should she choose not to.


With her caught in a dilemma, it was like time itself had stopped and the Xuan Yang Pavilion was so quiet that even the sound of a needle hitting the ground could be heard clear and crisp.


However, should Caixiao really propose to break off the engagement, the Hong family would no longer be able to show their faces in front of those of the Jiang Hu again out of humiliation.


Yun Caixiao looked straight at Ye Jinning and looked back at Hong Xiaobao. Her face instantly brightened and she softly said, “Since Brother Xiaobao has managed to start cultivating, then the hesitation in my heart is all but gone. I am a traditional girl, since Brother Xiaobao hasn’t done anything to wrong me, my decision is simple.”


Having said so much, the crowd showed expressions of understanding and secretly gave Yun Caixiao a thumbs up in their hearts.


Yun Caixiao’s decision was obvious at this point. Previously, she didn’t confirm it because she was worried that Hong Xiaobao didn’t have any hope in cultivating and would pass away far earlier as the lifespan of non-cultivators were really short. Should that really be the case, then engagement really would have to be called off. To use an analogy of the world of Earth, it was like getting engaged to a person who had cancer at the later stages. One party would be able to live to their eighties while the other only had three to five years left. Even though the relationship between people was important, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to break off the engagement because of the sickness.


Now that Hong Xiaobao had proved himself, there was no longer a problem with his lifespan. That was akin to having his “cancer” cured, so there was no more room for hesitation.


Naturally, Yun Caixiao merely smiled and said, “Since Brother Xiaobao is already my fiancee, then I will follow him always like a wife that follows her husband’s call. I’ll follow Brother Xiaobao anywhere he goes.”


The wife who follows her husband!


Despite such odds, Yun Caixiao had still chosen Hong Xiaobao in the end, the one who had grown up by her side for most of her childhood.


“Yun Caixiao!” Suddenly, Ye Feihong let out an angry roar. “As the disciple of the Thunder Sound Pavilion, you dare to go against my orders?! Alright! You know the best! I will definitely report this to the Head Teacher! As for what happens after that, it will be decided by him! This time, you better follow me back to the school!”


Just as he was about to pull her along, Yun Shengxuan who was standing beside started moving and blocked Ye Feihong’s path and said, “Elder Ye, we don’t have to fight over the matters of my daughter. I will naturally bring her along to meet the Head Teacher and give him a proper explanation.”


“You? You won’t get off scotch free either!” Ye Feihong looked right into Yun Shengxuan’s eyes and said coldly, “You have managed to raise such a frivolous daughter… Even if you weren’t willing to go back, the Head Teacher will definitely come for you! Hehe, you father daughter pair have really done it. A person who has the Black Yin Body and is also a cultivation genius… One of the five great miracle bodies… Will end up being somebody else’s possession!”


“Elder Ye,” Zuo Shixian interjected. “While Caixiao may be a disciple of the Thunder Sound Pavilion, Hong Xiaobao isn’t. Now that he has already started cultivating, as long as he joins the Thunder Sound Pavilion, then wouldn’t this matter be resolved? Why do you have to make things complicated for everyone?”


His argument was truly sound and reasonable.


Hong Xiaobao wasn’t a disciple of theirs, but that was because he couldn’t cultivate in the past. As long as he joined the Thunder Sound Pavilion, he would no doubt become a top figure in the sect, especially with Yun Caixiao by his side.


Even though Zuo Shixian also wanted to recruit Hong Xiaobao into the Saint Academy, it was obvious that it would be inappropriate to mention it in this setting. Therefore, he ignored his personal wishes and picked the other option since Hong Xiaobao had saved him once before.


“Dogshit!” Ye Feihong was already starting to get desperate. His plans for his son’s success were about to be ruined. As long as his son got married to Yun Caixiao, who has the Black Yin Body, then there would be no question that he would become a 7 or even 8-star martial artist! How can he hand this kind of benefit to someone just like that? Ye Feihong tried to reason and even order her. If those didn’t work, he would simply just grab it! By that time, it would have become an established fact and nobody would challenge the arrangements again.


He didn’t hesitate and let out two palms, one towards Zuo Shixian while the other headed for Yun Shengxuan! Having unleashed the moves, violent gusts blew in the Xuan Yang Pavilion and the force of the palms caused a burst of air to head in both their directions!


Given that Zuo Shixian was still injured, he could only barely block the attack and retreated a number of steps, only to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.


Yun Shengxuan’s hands instantly moved quickly and took a myriad of different forms. The True Qi around his body instantly exploded as a fierce tiger head illusion materialized from his palms and flew straight into Ye Feihong’s palm attack.


Booom! The skies shook and the earth vibrated. The whole Xuan Yang Pavilion and the several furniture in the place got swayed around by the violent gusts blowing within. The four main pillars of the building also started to crack.


An 8-star martial artist’s attack would no doubt shake the heavens. While it wasn’t like the moves of the legends that could even cut mountains open and slash waves apart, the power was nothing to look down on nevertheless! Yun Shengxuan and Zuo Shixian were 7-star martial artists. While the latter was injured and the former couldn’t retaliate given that they were of the same sect, he used a simple move and both the attacker and the defender were pushed apart by the terrifying force.


Ye Feihong used this chance to approach Yun Caixiao; a move which stunned everyone.


“Do not get closer!” Yun Caixiao held out a dagger and put it to her neck. Looking at Ye Feihong, she said, “If you take another step, I will kill myself right now!”


“No!” “Don’t be rash!” “Sister Caixiao!” All of them shouted that at the same time, having been astonished at Caixiao’s action. In that instant, no one present dared to move an inch in fear of startling her.

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