The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 39

 Chapter 39: Qin Yuan Chun — Only I Am The Most Supreme!


Qin Yuan Chun — Only I am The Most Supreme!

The title itself was filled with a domineering air!


The surrounding audience took in a gasp of cold air. Even Ye Feihong felt his heart rate increase as he held his breath, anticipating the words that Hong Xiaobao would recite.


Hong Xiaobao calmed himself, took up his brush and swiftly finished the words. Zuo Shixian waited for the stanza to finish and started reciting —


“Majestic mountains and rivers, vibrant and gorgeous, radiating an air of boundless peace.” After the first sentence, the True Qi around Zuo Shixian’s body exploded and the whole of the Xuan Yang Pavilion turned into a majestic drawing of mountains and rivers.


“Like a raging horse running to the horizon, it started conquering the islands, humiliating Chijing City and trampling on the pride of the empire.” When the second sentence was recited, the True Qi of Zuo Shixian shook again as the change of dynasties on a distant island could be seen. The fires of war at the Yunyang Commandery of the Chiyun Empire that was situated near the coast of the sea could be seen. It depicted the its invasion by the Four Great Demonic Caverns. Swiftly, the image around them changed again and showed the interior of the Chiyun Palace. It showed the scene of Ye Feihong coming to the palace to force the emperor to abdicate.


Hong Xiaobao was super excited and quickly wrote down the third and fourth lines on the paper.


“With the previous grievance unsatisfied, another cause for hatred was born. The raging desire to swing the blade was strong. The roar of three armies scared the jester, with none daring to utter any comment.” Millions of soldiers instantly appeared filled with killing intent towards the invading enemies from the demonic sects. The roars of the soldiers instantly caused the skies to change!


However, halfway through the stanza, Zuo Shixian felt the True Qi getting slightly unpredictable and heightened his caution before taking in a deep breath and calming his heart.


The whole of the pavilion was deathly quiet.


At that moment, the two atop the tree, Qingqing and Jian Pu, also held their breaths, eagerly waiting for the next half of the stanza.


Hong Xiaobao raised his brush, furrowed his brows, and wrote on!


“Thousands of sails of the invading ships could be seen from afar, striking fear into the protectors of the islands.” Zuo Shixian recited in a loud voice after the pause. The image now showed the three armies slaughtering away at the demons, with blood flowing everywhere it could fill up a whole river.


“In the eyes of Yuanjing the founding emperor was a view filled with dark clouds and snow. Tianyun of the Eternal Harmony has also faded like smoke in front of one’s eyes.” The founding emperor of the Chiyun Empire referred to Hong Yuanjing, the favored son of the heavens. Tianyun of the Eternal Harmony referred to the second Chiyun Emperor Hong Tianyun, who managed to create a lasting era of peace and bliss. These were the stories of the ancient emperors.


With the two stanzas completed, the people at the scene let out a cold breath.


What Hong Xiaobao’s words were trying to say was the glorious times of old at the empire had already passed and did not influence the present of the empire much.


How will he complete the poem?


“It seems that the most interesting part is about to come,” sighed Qingqing. “It seems that Hong Xiaobao is quite an ambitious one.”


“I agree. I really look forward to seeing what he has to say in the next stanzas,” nodded Jian Pu in agreement.


Hong Xiaobao took the time it required for an incense stick to burn up before finally putting his brush down. The last two stanzas were completed.


“Striving your hardest and be respected by the domain with visits from all directions covered in smiles! The blood of the nation has molded the rule of Chiyun into a form that will prosper just as much as the heavens!”


The poem was completed.


Zuo Shixian’s True Qi suddenly ran out of control and exploded outwards. In the Xuan Yang Pavilion, a beautiful summer rain and gorgeous fairies could be seen. The injuries on Zuo Shixian’s body had healed completely and he even seemed stronger now.


Hong Wenqing took in a breath of cold air and repeated the last two lines once. “Brilliant! It was brilliant! Striving your hardest and be respected by the domain with visits from all directions covered in smiles! The blood of the nation has molded the rule of Chiyun into a form that will prosper just as much as the heavens! If my dear son had the ambition, nobody would dare to come seek trouble with the Chiyun Empire!”


These two stanzas were filled with intense domineering arrogance and confidence. Coupled with Hong Xiaobao’s incredible wit, nobody would dare to say otherwise.


“Brother Xiaobao…” Yun Caixiao let out a sweet smile and whispered, “I know my Brother Xiaobao is definitely the best! In my heart, only you can take the place of being my hero! It seems that I’ve made the right choice!”


Qingqing who was hiding in the tree was stunned speechless. After a pause, she let out a high praise. “How domineering! Striving your hardest and be respected by the domain with visits from all directions covered in smiles! The blood of the nation has molded the rule of Chiyun into a form that will prosper just as much as the heavens! I bet the head of the Saint Academy would come rushing here if he heard these two stanzas!”


After Qingqing made that statement, the clouds in the sky suddenly started fluctuating. An invisible burst of energy flew straight upwards into the sky from the Xuan Yang Pavilion and dispersed the clouds above. At the same time, a low pitched howl could be heard from somewhere within Chijing City. The sound grew louder as its source approached the pavilion. In an instant, it appeared before their eyes.


“The Head Teacher of the Saint Academy, Fang Xinghan? He came here personally?” Jian Pu was greatly surprised and said while furrowing her brow, “Mistress, I’m afraid we won’t be able to hide from Fang Xinghan.”


“That’s true,” responded Qingqing as she nodded. “Though, I doubt he’ll do anything given his personality. Let’s wait and see.” Now that things had developed to this point, the little girl was unwilling to leave the scene.


Without delay, a middle-aged man with three locks of beard wearing a white robe stepped off the roof and rushed over quickly.


There was a unique aura of pride around him, but he still made others feel as calm as the spring breeze from looking at him.


That man arrived outside the Xuan Yang Pavilion, looked at the tree where the two was hiding, and furrowed his brow, as if he had discovered something. Looking away, he walked towards the entrance of the pavilion.


Upon entering the building, Zuo Shixian greeted hastily and respectfully, “Head Teacher, you’re here.”


“Yes. I was already on my way when I heard that you were injured. Just as I arrived, I witnessed the signal of cultured words and rushed over. It seems that another good piece of writing has been birthed into the world.” The Head Teacher of the Saint Academy gave everyone a look and walked towards the paper on which the poem was written without even greeting Hong Wenqing.


Carefully holding the piece of paper, Fang Xinghan looked at the poem from top to bottom multiple times and his eyes brigthened with every read. “What a good poem! Who wrote this?”


“Hehe, it’s me,” replied Hong Xiaobao with a playful smile, unbothered by the status of the Head Teacher. “I guess it’s not bad?”


“Of course it isn’t! It’s great!” Fang Xinghan checked Hong Xiaobao out and stroked his beard in satisfaction. He asked, “Your princely majesty, are you already in a school?”


“Nope,” said Hong Xiaobao, shaking his head.


“Then how about joining ours?” Fang Xinghan was really happy upon hearing that Hong Xiaobao still wasn’t a disciple of any school yet. “If you are willing, I will personally become your master and instruct you. Is that alright?”


His personal disciple! The personal disciple of the Head Teacher of the Saint Academy! What did that represent?


The whole of the Jiang Hu would be shaken! If Hong Xiaobao agrees, not only would Ye Feihong forget about the matters of the engagement, he would even want to have a better relationship with Hong Xiaobao! Even the Head Teacher of the Thunder Sound Pavilion would show up personally to do that! While Ye Jinning had the backing of his father, an elder of the Thunder Sound Pavilion, Hong Xiaobao actually had the Head Teacher of the Saint Academy backing him! It was on a totally different level!


There was practically no one who would reject a great opportunity such as this! However, much to everyone’s surprise, Hong Xiaobao shook his head without hesitation and said, “Nope!”

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