The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 42

The Nine Godheads – Chapter 42: Not Lacking in Any Money
If somebody else said that they wanted to form a new sect within three years, many would think that that person was crazy. However, it was different for Hong Xiaobao.

“Jian Pu, do you think that Hong Xiaobao is a person that would make stuff like this up?” asked Qingqing with her eyes filled with anticipation, smiling.

“Well, it certainly doesn’t look like it,” said Jian Pu after giving it some thought. “Well, he does seem like a person who doesn’t say what he can’t accomplish. Before that, he did say that he would test a move out to defeat Ye Jinning and he did exactly that. As for this time…”

“The Grand Alliance…” Qingqing smirked and said, “Jian Pu, do you think that he will lack manpower after he forms The Grand Alliance?”

“Mistress… I don’t suppose your intentions are to…” Jian Pu was startled. “Are you really going to help him out?” she exclaimed.

“Well, I doubt you can call what I intend to do ‘helping out’, but since we have nothing better to do within this period of time, I’d like to stick my nose in and see what he’s up to.” Qingqing tried to suppress her laughter until she couldn’t hold it in anymore, “Let’s see how he’s going to go about it. However, I cannot reveal my true identity. Hmmm, I’ll call myself Qingqing while you will be called Liu Momo and act as a 5-star martial artist.”

“That… Alright,” replied Jian Pu, slightly annoyed. She thought about it for a bit and let out a light laugh. “To be honest, I’m also pretty curious about how he intends to form his sect. Mistress, you are right about how he’s a rather special person. Otherwise, Yun Caixiao wouldn’t go through such lengths for him.”

“Yep, that’s correct,” Qingqing said as she sighed. “She really is a good girl… Help her out whenever you can.”

“Of course.”


At the same time, Hong Xiaobao was running frantically back to the Xuan Xiao Pavilion, raising much questions from the guards that patrolled there. “Why has the ninth prince suddenly left just now and came back so quickly?” “Who knows? I’m sure his majesty has his reasons. We don’t need to know them, just focus on our work.” “That’s right. We just have to do what he tells us to.”

As the guards chatted on, Hong Xiaobao shouted loudly, “Hey you lot, quick, it’s an emergency!”

The guards said in unison, “Your majesty, please give us your orders!”

Hong Xiaobao said, “Get 3 jins of every kind of medicine you can from the repository and the other ones we bought at the market two days ago out as well. Quick, time is of the essence!”

3 jins of every kind of spiritual medicine? What was he going to do with them?

All the guards were deeply curious, but they didn’t dare to ask and split up into two groups, one to the repository and the other to fetch the medicines the prince had bought two days ago.

They were indeed really quick as they returned in merely twenty minutes, filling the whole Xuan Xiao Pavilion with medicines all over.

“Good, you guys can go back. Without my approval, no one is allowed to come in!” ordered Hong Xiaobao.

“Your subordinates understand!” The guards instantly left the pavilion and closed the doors up.

When every one of them had departed, five consciousnesses appeared on Hong Xiaobao’s bracelet.

Meng Xianji said, “Good kid, how domineering! You’re just the kind of person I like! To form your own sect and swallow the Thunder Sound Pavilion whole in the future… This is really more fun than training and fighting against Ye Feihong for revenge!”

Meng Xianji had always been a ‘devourer’. He ate everything up, including humans, martial cultivation, geniuses, treasures and even the various monstrous beasts in the realm. Having heard Hong Xiaobao’s intentions, he really was elated and looked forward to the day when the Thunder Sound Pavilion would be devoured!

However, Xiao Sanshao on the other hand had a different opinion about the matter. “Do you think it would be that easy to swallow up the Thunder Sound Pavilion? You might encounter digestive problems! They are quite the powerful sect, after all. They should have at least a few thousand years of history. It wouldn’t be that easy to swallow them into your stomach.”

“That’s right,” responded Xi Hong in a solemn voice. “Given that they are not the kind of enemy you can normally afford to take on, I believe that you, Xiaobao, must have some kind of plan up your sleeves since you’ve made your declaration to form your sect?”

It was natural that Hong Xiaobao already had a clue on what he wanted to do. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be that audacious about it.

“That’s a given,” said Hong Xiaobao, nodding. “Even though I lacked many things in this life, what I don’t lack is money! With enough money, I’ll naturally be able to form a large sect. So what if I don’t have power? Can’t I just hire experts with money?”

In those words resounded the truth.

Before he came over to this world, he had already understood a principle: Of all the things one could desire, sickness is the thing one wouldn’t want. Of all the things one can live without, money definitely wasn’t one of them. Now that he had arrived at a magical fantasy world, the many ideas and concepts that he had learned from his previous life could be put to good use. He was lucky to have retained his memories of his previous world. Given his experiences and insights, earning money would definitely be no issue to him.

“That is to say, you would have done the same thing just now even if you didn’t have support from us old fellas?” said Hou Tian Can.

“Well, in a way, yes,” said Hong Xiaobao, giggling. “Of course, with you guys here, at least my cultivation will be guaranteed. However, when it comes to making money, I would definitely have no problem pulling it off myself.”

“Hahaha, that’s great,” said Hou Tian Can. “I like kids like you with guts and wits. Alright, let’s whip up something amazing and totally blow their minds!”

The other old guys nodded their heads in agreement, “That’s right! Let’s show them what we’re made of! I’ve really started to hate the sight of that Ye Feihong!”

Those guys really didn’t have a good impression of Ye Feihong. It was fortunate for Ye Feihong that they were merely spirits. Should they have physical bodies, they probably would have took action against him long ago.

“En…” At that moment, Chen Nan, who had been staying quiet for the whole time, finally uttered a sound. “I am a Divine Craftsman of Formations. Summon me when you need my aid.” After saying that, the scene quieted down again.

A Divine Craftsman of Formations wasn’t of much use for their current situation, however. The first needed to solve the problem in front of them.

“Then, Old Brother Tian Can,” said Hong Xiaobao with a face full of smiles, “I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem making Qi-concentrating elixir, right? You’ve revealed it once to me before!” If Tian Can had not mentioned it before, how would Hong Xiaobao dare to make those claims? Otherwise, wouldn’t he have lost all his face and be humiliated?

“Of course I can. Why would I lie to you about low-ranked medicine like that?” replied Tian Can. “How much do you need?”

Hong Xiaobao was surprised. Qi-concentrating elixir was hard to obtain in the markets even if a high price was offered, yet Hou Tian Can just asked him casually how much he wanted……

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