The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 45

 Chapter 45: I Have Tons of Stuff Like These


Taking all the Freeze Flower, Hong Xiaobao tossed it all in the cauldron. The snow-white Freeze Flowers turned the whole pot of water white the moment it went inside it and a milky fragrance started to emanate from the cauldron. It was at this time when Hong Xiaobao looked at the wooden cup, made sure 60 drops of water flowed out and tossed the Mohe Ginseng inside without hesitation.

A peculiar sight occurred immediately: the milky white liquid in the cauldron instantly turned golden-yellow the moment the Mohe Ginseng was put inside the cauldron. At the same time, a strong herbal smell started coming out from the cauldron. 108 water drops later, the Bluefall Grass was thrown inside, turning the yellowish-gold color of the liquid a little bit lighter with a slight hint of green. It was at this moment when the greenish yellow liquid in the cauldron started reacting fervently the reaction intensified over time. After 127 droplets of water’s worth of time, Hong Xiaobao put the rest of the Bodhi Dew into the cauldron.

A hissing sound rang out as the green and yellow parts of the liquid melded together, fusing into one uniform glistening light gold liquid. Tian Can laughed out loud, “Haha, good child! This method of yours is really brilliant! It’s successful!”

Looking at the golden medicinal liquid in the cauldron, Hong Xiaobao rubbed his nose and said, “That’s it? This is pretty simple after all! Haha!”

“Well, it’s because your smarts have simplified the whole process greatly,” said Xiao Sanshao. “Did you know that without your methods, other people might try refining this for more than a month and still not succeed! Child, you really are pretty good. When I teach you jewel augmentation in the future, it shouldn’t be that far off either.” Both of Hong Xiaobao’s eyes instantly brightened. Hehe, it seems that my future’s pretty bright after all! Muahahahaha!

As the liquid in the cauldron slowly evaporated. the water level decreased gradually as Tian Can said, “Alright, when this all dries up, it’ll become the Qi-concentrating elixir! This is a great success indeed. It’s enough for five bottles. Now, if you refine some Dragonsoul Powder, you’ll gain even more face!”


On the big tree, Qingqing looked towards the Xuan Xiao Pavilion and said with a smile, “I wonder if he really can get his hands on some Qi-concentrating elixir… Even though it’s only a High Yellow Ranked Medicine, there’s a good demand for it due to its effective medicinal properties. Even the larger sects don’t have that much in their repositories… Even if the price was high in the market, there wasn’t enough stock of it either. It won’t be easy to purchase those at all.”

“That’s right. He’s already gone for quite some time…” Jian Pu said as she nodded. Suddenly, she let out a sound laughter. “It seems that he’s got something. He’s already coming back. Eh? He really is holding a bottle in his hand. Does it really have the medicine in it?”


Within Xuan Yang Pavilion, two hours had passed since Hong Xiaobao’s departure and the people there was already getting a little hungry as lunch time was approaching.

“This Hong Xiaobao couldn’t have run off, could he?” Ye Feihong said. “It’s taking him so long to just take out some medicine… Hehe, if Qi-concentrating elixir were really that easily obtained, then the price wouldn’t be that high in the first place.”

“That’s true,” said Ye Jinning in support of his father. He has recovered quite a bit during this time. “We do have some Qi-concentrating elixir in the repositories of the Thunder Sound Pavilion. Sister Caixiao, as long as you return there with us, we’ll forget about whatever you have done earlier and let you remain my junior apprentice sister, is that alright?” Even now, he still hasn’t given up on her yet.

Actually, this was to be expected. Not many would give up a chance to obtain such a precious item that was the Black Yin Body. As long as one could obtain it, while it wasn’t guaranteed that one could rise to be an 8-star martial artist, 7-stars was perfectly achievable. Additionally, with Yun Caixiao’s beauty and allure as a woman with all her perfect qualities, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one would live the rest of his life in bliss. It was a shame that she was about to become someone else’s wife…

“I believe Brother Xiaobao would not lie to me.” It seemed that Caixiao was adamant on her decision to become Xiaobao’s wife. Full of confidence in Xiaobao, she said, “Brother Xiaobao has never lied to anyone before. I fully believe that he truly has the medicine as he has said.”

“Hmph, what if he can’t take any out in the end?!” Ye Jinning was full of anger and didn’t understand what was so good about marrying Hong Xiaobao. Magnificent me is one of the gifted and favored son of the heavens, why didn’t you choose me?!

It was at this moment when Hong Xiaobao’s voice rang out at the doorway. “I’m back! Hehe, sorry for making you wait!”

Hong Xiaobao’s return instantly attracted the gazes of everyone. As this was related to her future daughter-in-law, Hong Wenqing asked anxiously, “My dear son, did you really have medicine like that? Quick, show it to the seniors for them to make sure it is the real thing.”

Hong Wenqing was afraid that his son’s lack of experience had led to him being scammed into purchasing a phony product. While he didn’t mind the money spent, he was worried that ingesting the fake medicine could harm Yun Caixiao even more.

“Let me do the checking,” said the head teacher of the Saint Academy, Fang Xinghan calmly without a shred of arrogance. “I hope you wouldn’t mind letting me inspect it?”

If Hong Xiaobao didn’t trust the head teacher of the Saint Academy, then who else could he trust?

Without another word, Xiaobao passed the medicine to Fang Xinghan and said, “Of course I would trust you. Here’s the medicine. Oh, and there are a few bottles of Dragonsoul Powder as well. I didn’t know if it would help Sister Caixiao as well, so I brought it over to make sure.”

The moment he said those words, the Ye father and son’s faces instantly changed. Looking at Hong Xiaobao’s behavior, it seemed that he truly had many of such medicines? He even has Dragonsoul Powder?! That kind of thing was only available to the true geniuses that the Thunder Sound Pavilion was trying to cultivate!

The Dragonsoul Powder was an item that could instantly raise the body’s True Qi by a large amount and save up to 3 years’ worth of cultivation time! But it could only be used by 3-star martial artists whose meridians could store a substantial amount of True Qi.

Even though many people would think that 3 years’ worth of cultivation wasn’t much, that was the wrong impression. In this world, there were many different kinds of medicine which each had different effects. But there was one common factor when considering which type of medicine to consume: the practitioner’s star level.

For example, it was not possible for a cultivator who had just started being able to manipulate True Qi to take medicines and instantly become an expert. That was absolutely impossible and should one attempt to do so, the meridians of one’s body would be overloaded and one’s body would explode as a result.

1-star martial artists could only consume Low Yellow Ranked Medicines to gradually expand the capacity of the meridians. 2-star martial artists can consume Mid Yellow Ranked Medicines. 3-star martial artists on the other hand can consume High Yellow Ranked Medicines such as the Dragonsoul Powder. After letting the medicine’s effects stabilize for one or two years while the meridians’ capacity increased, a 3-star martial artist can consume a Flamesoar Pellet that would boost one’s cultivation by five years to greatly boost the practitioner’s strength. After stabilizing for another number of years, there was hope for the martial artist to break through to the 4-star rank.

In conclusion, medicines could not be simply consumed in this world or there will be serious consequences ranging from light meridian damage to the cultivation going berserk. It definitely wasn’t a laughing matter.

“Dragonsoul Powder?” Fang Xinghan was befuddled for a moment. He really didn’t expect Hong Xiaobao to have something like that as well. Quickly inspecting the bottle that contained the Qi-concentrating elixir, he asked, “Xiaobao, why is this Qi-concentrating elixir still slightly warm?”

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