The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 47

Chapter 47: The Lines of A Knight

While Qingqing and Jian Pu were chatting, Ye Feihong confronted this million-arrow-like move. He was obviously struggling since the Arrow Qi was almost invisible. He could feel it but could barely see it. At one point of time, he could only dance with his longsword to create an airtight space, blocking every incoming Arrow Qi. However if it was compared to Jian Pu’s single swing, Ye Feihong’s was evidently more energy consuming.


At this moment, Fang Xinghan was already casting the third move!


“I am the nine heaven’s royal writing brush,” a giant brush that had a diameter of around fifty feet charged towards Ye Feihong!


That brush was travelling at a very slow speed. However, Ye Feihong who was located in the middle of the pavilion felt that it was impossible to dodge. He had no other choice but to reluctantly face it. The longsword in his hand once again elongated to thirty feet long. He slashed downwards at the direction of the humongous brush.


“Kaboom!” the sound of thunder resounded. “Urgh!” Ye Feihong retreated for thirty steps, leaving two streams of deep gullies and finally managed to stand steadily. His face turned extremely pale and spat a mouthful of blood out.


At this moment, Fang Xinghan raised his head and recited the last line of the poem. “The sky determines victory and failure.”


After three moves, Ye Feihong was defeated. Fang Xinghan obviously showed him mercy. Otherwise, Ye Feihong would not have been able to remain standing.


Ye Feihong grasped his fists with hatred as the blood in his heart formed a billow, greatly injuring him. After taking the three moves, the flow of True Qi in his body became chaotic. He may have to enter seclusion training for six months to recover.


However clearly Fang Xinghan did not make his move just to punish Ye Feihong. His true aim was to…


“Xiaobao ah,” Fang Xinghan looked at Hong Xiaobao and said kindly, “How were my moves? Were they impressive? If you enter my Saint Academy, I will pass on what I learnt in my entire life to you! How is it?”


So he made his moves just to recruit Hong Xiaobao! Ye Feihong could not hold back anymore and spat out another mouth of blood.


Just as everybody thought Hong Xiaobao would certainly agree, Hong Xiaobao threw a sentence which killed Ye Feihong in a split second, “NO! Your poems are weak as fuck. I can read out a better one anytime. Ye Feihong almost got knocked out by the shock. Fang Xinghan and Zuo Shixian almost vomited blood…


After listening to what Hong Xiaobao said, everyone including Ye Feihong looked like this: O_O”


The Head Teacher of Saint Academy Fang Xinghan’s poems are weak as fuck? Even Qingqing and Jian Pu were astonished. This Hong Xiaobao was so rebellious! Even Fang Xinghan wasn’t able to enter his sights!


Looking at everybody’s facial expression, Hong Xiaobao knew that nobody would believe what he said. He wanted to show everybody what he could achieve. At that time, Hong Xiaobao shouted, “Bring me a brush and paper!”


In a short while, the guards had prepared what he needed. Hong Xiaobao picked up the writing brush and dipped it into blank ink. The brush danced on the paper. Very quickly, Hong Xiaobao wrote one third of the poem. It was Li Bai’s ‘Ode to Gallantry!’


“Ode to Gallantry!”


“The silver saddle illuminated the white horse, its wild galloping was like a shooting star. To kill one man within ten steps, and not leave a trace within a thousand miles. To leave with a flick of one’s robes after the deed is done, to deeply hide one’s body and name.”


What a simple line. However, Fang Xinghan’s eyes made him had a murderous look, especially the line “The silver saddle illuminated the white horse, its wild galloping was like a shooting star. To kill one man within ten steps, and not leave a trace within a thousand miles…” He only silently read it. However, the True Qi inside his body surged. He was urged to leave the place and kill every scum in the Jiang Hu and leave an impression of “To leave with a flick of one’s robes after the deed is done, to deeply hide one’s body and name.”


“Great poem!” Fang Xinghan picked up the paper and looked at it for around 10 times. The more he read it, the more he fell in love with it. He could not put the paper down. “Brilliant! Xiaobao ah, can I keep this poem? You can ask for everything you want! As long as it is within my power, I will help!”


He liked Hong Xiaobao even more now. This brat was like a gold mine. He previously gave Zuo Shixian a great poem and this one was even more impressive! Fang Xinghan felt like he wanted to cut off Xiaobao’s brain to read every excellent poem he had in mine.


“Ah? Me? I actually don’t need anything much.” Hong Xiaobao thought over and over again, “How about this. Since Thunder Sound Pavilion left, can you let Uncle Zuo stay? To avoid some thieves to come and mess with me while I’m developing my Grand Alliance.”


While he said this, Hong Xiaobao looked at Ye Feihong like this: (﹁_﹁)


God damn it! Didn’t he make it too obvious?!


Ye Feihong spat out a mouthful of blood once again.


“It is my honour to help! It is my honour to help!” Zuo Shixian repeated twice and nodded a million times. This was not even a request. It was only a simple favor! If he followed Hong Xiaobao, just imagine how many more great poems he would get!”


To be honest, Fang Xinghan was a bit jealous of Zuo Shixian. He asked Hong Xiaobao to be his personal disciple in such a humble manner but Hong Xiaobao did not give him any face and asked Zuo Shixian to stay!


“Erm, Xiaobao ah. How about this,” Fang Xinghan chuckled and asked softly, “I have nothing much to do these days. How about I stay here for a while, can I?”


Hong Wenqing’s eyes shined so bright at this moment — so what if the Thunder Sound Pavilion left? Look at my Xiaobao! He could make the Head Teacher of Saint Academy stay so easily! If Fang Xinghan was here, who dared to mess with us?!


“Erm… Let me think about it,” Hong Xiaobao put on an act, deep down in his heart, he was actually super happy. “En, okay then. Then I’ll have to burden Uncle Fang to take care of us! Hehe.”


“No problem! No problem!” Fang Xinghan had never been this happy before and answered desperately, “Then I’ll live here from now on. Since Thunder Sound Pavilion retreated their troops, I’ll have the disciples of Saint Academy to come over to defend this place for a while! Oh, Xiaobao ah,” Fang Xinghan called him so intimately. “Are you really not interested to learn my martial arts? If you want, tell me anytime! I will pass on everything I know to you, leaving nothing behind!”


He was begging Hong Xiaobao to learn his martial arts. However, Hong Xiaobao expectedly denied once again, “Nope, your martial arts is not fun. I’ll do my own research!”


After listening to his words, not only Hong Wenqing was stunned, even Ye Feihong was greatly shocked! The astounding move Hong Xiaobao used just now. Did he possibly create it himself?!

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