The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 48

Chapter 48: My Medicines Will Keep On Coming


“For real?!” Hong Wenqing was extremely excited. In history, one who could invent one’s own martial art style would be remembered forever, even if that particular martial art was not the amongst the most powerful ones. Furthermore, they would also be respected by everyone.


Atop the tree, Qingqing stared blankly at Hong Xiaobao for a while and said, “The martial art he was using earlier was invented by himself?”


Jian Pu nodded and said, “Mistress, do you still remember when we were at the Great Healthcare, I said that his heartbeat was abnormal? I guess he started doing it at that time.”


“En, so that was the case…” Qingqing got interested and said, “Let’s see what happens next.”


“En, it can be considered so.” Hong Xiaobao shamelessly claimed all the credit for Meng Xianji’s work. “There are only two levels at the moment. However, the later levels might be even more impressive. Moreover, I can’t cultivate True Qi so I’m not able to learn Uncle Fang’s martial art even if I want to.” After listening to the way Hong Xiaobao claimed all the credit, Meng Xianji in the bracelet shouted, “This asshole, he does have a great future! How shameless!”


Birds of the same feather do flock together after all…


Fang Xinghan’s mood greatly improved after listening to what Hong Xiaobao said — it was not that he did not like Fang Xinghan. It’s just that he could not cultivate True Qi. My pride is back! It’s not that my martial art is inferior!


“Xiaobao, what is its biggest uniqueness?” At this moment, everybody presented got curious.


After all, the birth of a new martial art naturally brought up many questions.


For instance, the sword saint who had founded the Saint Academy, Xiao Chen, invented a miraculous martial art that was based on knowledge, which immediately made the Saint Academy one of the Six Great Orthodoxies.


Fang Xinghan anxiously asked again, “Xiaobao, your martial art, other than great strength, does it have any other features?”


“Of course there are,” Hong Xiaobao said proudly, “The martial art that I created, Blood Qi, would allow one to gain immunity towards toxins from the very first stage apart from granting one great strength!”


Great strength and immunity towards toxins?!


Everybody could see that it granted great strength from Hong Xiaobao’s ability to lift a 600-jin-heavy Chinese tripod despite being only at the first stage of Blood Qi. This effect was already frightening enough the more one thought about it. As for immunity towards toxins, it made people even more envious!


Know that in this world, there were wild Demonic Beasts everywhere outside the fortified cities. Their basic elements included Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, a total of five types and the most powerful of which was Water-type Demonic Beasts — as long as a Demonic Beast is Water type, there was an eighty percent for them to have toxins!


While the toxins wouldn’t necessarily cause death instantly upon entering the bloodstream, there was no doubt that one would definitely die in the time taken to burn two incense sticks!


In this world, why did the price of Demonic Beasts materials only ever increased without dropping? For the most part, it was because hunting a Water-type Demonic Beast was life-threatening, causing immense danger to martial artists who went beyond the gates.


But Hong Xiaobao’s Blood Qi could grant immunity towards toxins?!


“Xiaobao, quick! Show us!” Hong Wenqing said anxiously, “Just how can you be immune towards toxins?” Yun Caixiao’s face was filled with joy. I knew that Big Brother Xiaobao would not disappoint. The reason he had not been able to train any martial arts was because he was researching a new one!


The rumour saying that Hong Xiaobao was highly intelligent was certainly true!


Everybody was looking forward to what he could do. Hong Xiaobao chuckled, took out a knife and looked at the surrounding. “Let’s not talk about toxin at the moment. See what I do next and you will understand.”


As he spoke, Hong Xiaobao opened a small wound at his fingertip and blood started drip out immediately. At this moment, Hong Xiaobao controlled the Blood Qi in his entire body and fiercely exerted a force. A blood arrow was shot out following a ‘pst’ sound. The arrow traveled for around two metres before the wound healed completely in a split second. Blood was no longer dripping out of his fingertip.


“This… This is…” Witnessing what he did, everyone immediately understood. Fang Xinghan was shocked and said, “Your martial art allows your blood to flow in reversed direction and even shoot out? In other words, once you are infected with the toxin, you’re able to release the poisonous blood out of your body?”


“En, you’re right.” Hong XIaobao happily nodded and said, “That’s why I said immunity towards toxins.”


Everyone was greatly impressed and breathed in cold air.


Every toxin in this world killed people by flowing in the bloodstream and causing damage to the heart.


Many people cut off the infected body part immediately after being infected. Why? To avoid death. That was why there was a saying that went like this — a brave warrior abandons his wrist without hesitation.


However this wasn’t true in the case of Hong Xiaobao. Once he was bitten, he only needed to shoot a small portion of his blood out and simply clean the wound afterwards. What the hell was this concept? The issue that affected almost everybody was none of Hong Xiaobao’s concern.


“Hahaha, brilliant! Brilliant!” Fang Xinghan laughed loudly, “Seems like some sect has lost such a genius, great!”


After listening to what Fang Xinghan said, Ye Feihong’s face turned green.


Such a peerless genius. Not only did the Thunder Sound Pavilion not recruit Hong Xiaobao, but has also made an enemy of him. The Six Great Orthodoxies, excluding Lotus Sect which was a female-only sect, had been competing with each other for a few thousand years. On the outside, every sect seemed to be rather friendly. However deep down, nobody wished to be weaker than the others.


The Thunder Sound Pavilion had just lost Yun Caixiao, the martial genius with the Black Yin Body and had completely offended Hong Xiaobao. In this world, the hatred towards the murderer of one’s father and the robber of one’s wife would never be resolved. Although this wife was not robbed away, this matter would not be simply forgiven just from apologies.


“Great! Great! Great!” Ye Feihong knew what terrible position he was in and could not stay any longer. He laughed coldly thrice and said, “Congratulations to the gifted Ninth Prince! Jinning, let’s leave! Preceptor Yun, you come with us as well. The Head Teacher will decide what to do next!”


Looking at them leave, Hong Xiaobao shouted fiercely, “Wait a minute!”


“Does the Ninth Prince still have anything to say?” Ye Feihong turned around and said with a cold tone.


“Ah, it’s not a big deal. I just want to express my appreciation,” Hong Xiaobao chuckled and wrapped the medicines he brought with a cloth, which he soon delivered over. “Look at yourselves. You all have well taken care of my fiancée for such a long time. Although something unpleasant things have happened, I still have to thank you all. Moreover, I also want to thank all of you for coming over just to deliver my fiancée to me. Please keep these medicines and forgive me for not properly preparing a gift for you. Oh, and, please send my regards to the Head Teacher Mr. Jiao. These medicines would definitely be of much use to you…”


While people usually give away ‘wedding candies’ for wedding ceremonies,[1] Hong Xiaobao gave them medicines instead, implying that the Thunder Sound Pavilion would get hurt nonstop.

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