The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Gifted Big Brother Xiaobao!


Hong Xiaobao’s words were sinister and vicious. Everybody laughed while looking at Ye Feihong who was pondering over what Xiaobao had said.


“Hmph! Stop pretending!” He would only be humiliated if he continued staying. Ye Feihong ferociously stared at Hong Xiaobao for a while and without saying anything more, he left together with Ye Jinning.


“Dad,” seeing her father leaving, Yun Caixiao rushed forward and said, “Once you go back, daughter is afraid that…”


“Don’t worry,” Yun Shengxuan laughed. He was trying his best to keep quiet just now to stay low key, just to avoid pouring oil on the flame. “You’re growing up and will one day end up marrying a man one way or another. I’m okay, I believe that the Head Teacher would not punish me. Xiaobao is a good kid, he won’t bully you.”


“Dad…” Yun Caixiao’s eyes turned red as tears spilled out from her eyes.


“Be at ease, Uncle Yun.” Hong Xiaobao smacked his chest and said, “As long as I’m still alive, I swear Little Sister Caixiao won’t be bullied. Hehe, I’m not very good at other things but regarding the matters of money, you have nothing to worry about. Whatever the Thunder Sound Pavilion can provide her with, I am able to as well, much more than that, in fact. In the future, the Grand Alliance will back her up. There won’t be any problem!”


After saying these words, Yun Caixiao’s face turned red as her heart was filled with joy.


“Keke, then I’ll be counting on you Xiaobao.” Yun Shengxuan smacked Hong Xiaobao’s shoulder a couple times and said, “Young fellow, do it properly. I act based on your heart, this Grand Alliance will certainly have a high status in the Jiang Hu, no lower than other major sects!”


Let’s not talk about the Six Great Orthodoxies. With the help of Saint Academy, in addition to Hong Xiaobao’s mind, it would not be too difficult to develop Grand Alliance swiftly.


“En, I understand,” Hong Xiaobao stood up straight and said, “Uncle Yun, don’t worry. In the future as a sect elder, I will bring Caixiao to visit your sect and talk to your Head Teacher to bring you out!”


After Yun Shengxuan went back, it was unknown if he would be punished or not. However, if he were, it would be at most a house arrest where he would be asked to ponder over his mistakes. That was why Hong Xiaobao said he would rescue him. Everybody knew that what he said was true but was not able to do anything.


“Great! If that’s the case then I’ll wait for your good news!” Yun Shengxuan said formally.


Yun Shengxuan looked in the sky and smiled before turning around and striding away without looking back.


… …


After Yun Shengxuan left, Hong Wenqing invited Fang Xinghan and Zuo Shixian to a feast. Hong Xiaobao, Yun Caixiao, his mother Qiao Xianxian and his brother Hong Haoyun naturally needed to attend as well. Fang Xinghan waited for everybody to leave and ensured that nobody was around before rushing towards the tree and bowed. “Saint Academy’s Head Teacher Fang Xinghan salutes senior.”


“Hmph, you are quite sensible.” Jian Pu brought Qingqing and descended from the tree, just like a feather. “Cut the crap, since you’ve already decided to stay beside Hong Xiaobao, I won’t hold you back but remember, if you expose our identities, I will fucking break your doggy legs!”


As the Head Teacher of Saint Academy, Fang Xinghan being a formal 9-star martial artist was obviously perturbed in front of Jian Pu. He then said repeatedly, “I don’t dare to, I don’t dare to. This one will not forget senior’s instruction.”
(TL: He called himself ‘this one’ to show respect).


“Now we’re talking.” Jian Pu nodded before disappearing in an instant together with Qingqing.


“Phew… That was fortunate…” Fang Xinghan wiped his cold sweat on his forehead and sighed after Jian Pu and Qingqing left.


I never expected to see her here. Who’s that little girl? Could it be that she was born there? Fang Xinghan pondered for a while and was confused. However she specifically mentioned to not expose their identities. Why did she say so? The fact that she was hiding atop the tree, nobody else should’ve noticed except me. Unless… Unless they want to get close to the Ninth Prince as well?


What are they planning to do after closing in to the Ninth Prince? Long ago, this senior’s identity… Fang Xinghan could not figure out what they wanted. No, I shouldn’t ask anything. The less I know about them, the better. Fang Xinghan seemed rather afraid.


Thinking of this, Fang Xinghan did not hesitate for any longer and strode back into the dining hall of the palace.


… …


“This Fang Xinghan really is quite sensible.” After leaving the palace, Qinqing walked on the wide street while smiling, “He didn’t ask about my identity at all. Not bad.”


“Of course,” Jian Pu nodded and said, “he is in no place to ask about our matters. Mistress, where do we go next?” Since they knew what Hong Xiaobao was going to do next, naturally they would need to think of a way to get close to him.


“Keke, Hong Xiaobao wants to set up a sect. Naturally, he needs manpower.” Qingqing chuckled and said, “We’ll just wait in this city until he walks out of the palace. At that time, we’ll just act like we happened to encounter him by coincidence.”


“En, okay. Then let’s go back and get some rest. I’ll look out for what he does these two days.” Jian Pu nodded and kept quiet after that. She brought Qingqing back to the Great Healthcare. These few days, they kept going there to take some rest.


… …


In the dining hall, Hong Wenqing, Qiao Xianxian, Hong Xiaobao and Hong Haoyun had just finished setting up a table full of luxurious dishes by the time Fang Xinghan arrived.


Yun Caixiao’s pretty face was slightly red, as she sat beside Hong Xiaobao. Zuo Shixian’s face was filled with joy. The serving girls were dressed formally. There were quite a number of musical instruments there which included a set of drum.


“Keke, Brother Hong you’re being too modest.” Fang Xinghan wanted to decline the feast which was set up for him but since it was just a formality, he did not care too much about it. Even if he did decline, he would end up having the feast in the end anyway.


Since everybody attended, Hong Wenqing commanded the serving girls, “Good, let’s start.”


The serving girls nodded in sync, “Dong dong dong chiang pong pak!” The music started to play.


“This…” Fang Xinghan was shocked and asked the serving girls, “What is this musical instrument?”


“Ah, this is my Xiaobao’s invention which he named ‘drum’. It gives a nice sense of rhythm.” Emperor Hong Wenqing pretty liked it since he stayed in the palace almost everyday. He would get really bored sometimes.


“Xiaobao is indeed gifted!” Fang Xinghan was once again impressed. Since then, Hong Xiaobao had yet another nickname — The Gifted Brother Xiaobao!


Some of them laughed for a while. Naturally, Fang Xinghan could not possibly only talk about useless topics. He looked towards Xiaobao and asked, “Xiaobao ah, setting up a sect is definitely not a simple task. What do you have in mind right now?”

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