The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 52

Chapter 52: The Legend of the Condor Heroes!


This song, The Puppet Show which was known to be artistic, had been Hong Xiaobao’s favorite since he travelled to this world. At this moment, Yun Caixiao was playing her flute beside Hong Xiaobao. The sound of the flute was quiet. Hong Xiaobao soon started to sing unconsciously, “To lose you would mean to incur guilt, for my lost heart proves that for you I’m built. Your tattered form and mine covered in brilliance, walked through the mountains and water in twosome quintessence. Your tatteredness matters not for you shall forever bask in my radiance…”


The two of them sat back-to-back. One was playing a flute while the other one singing, making a surprisingly harmonious scene in which everything was so wonderful.


Time flew and it was already late midnight.


“Little Sister Caixiao,” The two of them sat for a while longer. Hong Xiaobao knew that Yun Caixiao’s body condition was not too well and he asked softly, “Let’s go back earlier. Don’t exhaust yourself these two days. Take good care of yourself and consume a Qi-concentrating elixir once more to aggregate the True Qi that you had lost earlier. Let me handle everything!”


En. Indeed, it was a tough task to raise a martial wife. Even the most basic spirit medicines cost a ton of money. Fortunately, Tian Can was there to provide the recipes. Furthermore, Hong Xiaobao had a few handy inventions which had eliminated the time-and-weight-measuring issues. Every spirit medicine that a 5-star martial artist required should not be too difficult to brew.


“En, okay. I’ll go back then.” Yun Caixiao lowered her head slightly and said, “Big Brother Xiaobao, you should go and rest earlier too. Don’t exhaust your body.” She was really shy when she said that, as a result, her face was a bit red.


“Don’t worry. Your Big Brother Xiaobao is invincible!” After sending Yun Caixiao to her residence at the Caiyun Building, Hong Xiaobao laughed and said, “Alright, you can go back now. Wait for my good news!”


“En. okay.” Yun Caixiao replied and walked back into the building.


Leaving Caiyun Building, Meng Xianji’s voice rang, “Aiyaya, you lucky bastard. This great lady had her heart tied onto you!”


Xiao Sanshao was also awake and said, “En, not bad. I really like the idea you said earlier, something called Living Printing Technique. It is indeed a great concept. Once you introduce this to the world, your name would be passed on forever!”


“Hey, shut your crap. I, Meng Xianji, picked Hong Xiaobao myself. Have I ever looked for the wrong person before?” Listening to how Xiao Sanshao praised Hong Xiaobao, Meng Xianji wanted to claim some credit. He was also curious about what Hong Xiaobao planned to do next, “Brat, the Jiang Hu Stories that you were talking about, I have a brief idea of what that’s going to be. However regarding the novel, do you really have an idea? Can you tell me if so?”


“Yeah, he’s right. I also want to know about it!” XI Hong suddenly said. His fat projection soon appeared in front of Hong Xiaobao.


So cute!


“Of course I know what I’m going to do. My idea is almost complete now.” Hong Xiaobao laughed and said, “I’m going to call this novel ‘The Legend Of The Condor Heroes’. In this novel, I’ll write about an extremely daring and dumb kid and how he becomes a hero when he grows up.”


‘The Legend Of The Condor Heroes’ was a story he read before he traveled to this world written by a world-famous author called Jin Yong. On Earth, everybody in China was familiar with this story. It was even shot into a TV series for more than 10 times by different directors. Coincidentally, this world was the world of martial arts. Hong Xiaobao was confident that this story would be enjoyed by most people.


Originally, the world of ‘The Legend of The Condor Heroes’ was in the Southern Song dynasty. However since Hong Xiaobao was so smart, it would be easy for him to slightly tweak the time and place without changing the characters and plot in the story so that the people in this world could easily understand.


As he spoke while walking, he quickly arrived at the Xuan Yang Pavilion. He also told the starting of the story to the old folks in the bracelet, “Bao Xiruo, the wife of Yang Tiexin, saved the injured Wanyan Honglie, a prince of Jin, but ended up causing her husband and his sword brother, Guo Xiaotian’s family to be ruined…”


In Hong Xiaobao’s narration, the characters were lifelike. Meng Xianji got very mad and shouted, “God damn it, god damn it! This Wanyan Honglie! His entire family should be killed! His entire country must be destroyed!”


“En, he is indeed an asshole. However, I don’t recommend killing them all,” Xiao Sanshao once again acted contrary to Meng Xianji. “It is just your opinion. I personally think nobody is at fault and I feel that they can actually sit down and discuss properly. All countries have discussions.”


“Discuss your balls!” Meng Xianji pulled Xiao Sanshao out. “Come, you asshole. I’ll discuss properly with you today!” The two of them started to fight once again.


Hong Xiaobao was left speechless. I got used to them anyway…


“Xiaobao,” At this moment, Xi Hong the fat projection appeared. “What are you going to do tomorrow? Hehe, the newspaper thing that you mentioned earlier, it seems like you don’t have enough manpower.”


“En, I’ll walk around outside the palace to see if I can recruit some people.” Hong Xiaobao laughed and said, “This technique does not require any extraordinary skill anyway, I can pick whoever I want. I’ll seek for the head hostess of the Great Healthcare, Aunt Lan’s help tomorrow.”


Hong Xiaobao planned to advertise ‘Jiang Hu Stories’ at places like Green Building and Warm Spring Dew where news spread insanely fast.


Since he already had a plan, Hong Xiaobao got ready and was going to leave the palace. When he arrived at the entrance, Fang Xinghan rushed over and said, “Xiaobao! Xiaobao! Quick, have a look at the words I have written. Do you think they’re okay?” En, he certainly took this as an important matter since as long as people still use the Living Printing Technique, his name would be remembered. Nobody would let such a good opportunity slip by. He had written around a thousand words, each at the size of a fingernail.


“Let me see,” Hong Xiaobao said as Fang Xinghan handed over the paper. He looked attentively and expressed his satisfaction, “Great! They’re great! You are indeed Uncle Fang. Your writing is brilliant!”


“Really? Really?!” Fang Xinghan was extremely joyous. As long as Hong Xiaobao nodded, I’m considered to have succeeded!


Right now, the way Fang Xinghan looked at Hong Xiaobao was obviously different. Although he was a head teacher, he treated Hong Xiaobao as someone who had a higher status than him. “Xiaobao ah, what do you think we should do next? This one thinks that in order to speed up the process, manpower is definitely needed. Coincidentally, this one knows some skillful craftsmen. Should I summon them here?”

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