The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 6

Ye Jinning immediately had the urge to bang his head to death, did he not? Breaking through the toilet paper in front of the person he liked ah….

Although she did not see it directly, the problem was that Hong Xiaobao took the perfect opportunity to throw the stone at somebody who was already down: “Aiyah, Brother Jinning, what happened? Did the toilet paper rip? I just reminded you that the toilet paper was not very sturdy. Why did you exert such force then?” Hong Xiaobao then began to yell at the top of his lungs: “Quick! Quickly bring some water over so that Brother Jinning can wash his hand!”

“Yes sir!” At this moment, the circle of guards in the vicinity were all bitterly trying to hold in their laughter. Hastily going to draw some water, they soon returned with a water basin: “Ninth Prince, the water has been drawn.”

“Quickly send it in to Brother Jinning.” Hong Xiaobao’s face beamed: “Right, the smell probably is not very nice, so thank you for your trouble. When you go back, remember to receive some silver to take your brothers to go drinking.” En, the reason why Hong Xiaobao could fit in no matter where he went was precisely because was magnanimous. If he ate meat, then it would not be any problem for the people beside him to at least drink some soup.

Now that they heard such words, how could the guards not understand? They put on an act and scrunched their faces up to the point that their *five facial features nearly touched: “Aiyah, this smell is too overpowering!” They spoke while they fanned their hands….
(*TL: eyes, nose, lips, ears, tongue)

In actuality, it really was not that severe. The problem was that after these words were said, it became disastrous. The guards in the surroundings all simultaneously took three steps back, while Yun Caixiao simply turned around and raised her sleeve to cover her nose….

After squirming for nearly half an hour, Ye Jinning finally let out a sigh of relief and decisively fled after coming out: “I’ve truly let Brother Xiaobao see a joke. This one originally wanted to just pay a simple visit, but recently, my body isn’t feeling very good. I’ll just go back first….” After saying this, he hastily walked away while clutching his stomach and drooping his head. At this moment, Hong Xiaobao did not forget to take another stab: “Walk slower, Brother Jinning. I won’t send you off then. Oh, that’s right. Tomorrow, I was planning to host a feast for Little Sister Caixiao and Brother Jinning, then take you two to get some wellness treatment. Are you going to go?”

“I won’t go. You two can go.” Ye Jinning’s facial expression was so gloomy that it could drip with water. However, the problem was that he was such an embarrassment today, so how could he unashamedly tag along? This Hong Xiaobao had far too many cards up his sleeve. Ye Jinning could not guarantee that something would not happen—he no longer dared to go, so he could only send people to tail them in secret, reporting to him anytime.

“Oh, that truly is a pity.” Hong Xiaobao chuckled and swiped his nose, saying: “A wellness treatment feels really good! Those that have tried it all praised it….”

After Ye Jinning walked off, the various guards all exchanged glances and then began to come up with all sorts of excuses: “Ninth Prince, your subordinate suddenly feels as though his eyes are going dark. If Ninth Prince could please allow me to go back and rest.” “Ninth Prince, I’ve contracted the illness of being unable to disturb the courtship between youngsters. If Ninth Prince could please let me go back and rest….” “Ninth Prince, my teeth have suddenly begun to ache….”

And then they instantly scattered like birds and beasts.

“Pft.” Seeing how interesting this group of people was, Yun Caixiao could no longer keep it in and immediately began laughing. Because it was nighttime and because Yun Caixiao was only planning on guarding Hong Xiaobao in secret, she was only wearing a black nightgown. Now that she suddenly began to laugh, it was as if a world of ice and snow suddenly transformed into blooming spring and radiant flowers, causing Hong Xiaobao to nearly forget himself: “Wow. Little Sister Caixiao, you’re really pretty when you laugh. You look even better than before!”

“En, is that right?” Yun Caixiao’s face faintly blushed, and then she said: “When I saw that Ye Jinning left so angrily during the daytime, I guessed that he would come to trouble you during the night, so I just came to take a look. I didn’t expect….”

The only reason why Yun Caixiao was here was because she was worried about Hong Xiaobao.

Although she seemed icy on the outside, she cared immensely for Hong Xiaobao. In actuality, she was originally a traditional woman anyway. If Hong Xiaobao was her future spouse for one  day, then she would protect him for one day. Unless the engagement between them was broken, she would decisively stand next to Hong Xiaobao in any situation.

All in all, *if one marries a chicken, follow the chicken, and if one marries a dog, follow the dog. She definitely would not ever help an outsider bully her own future spouse.
(*TL: woman follows whatever her husband does)

“Aiyah, got it.” Hong Xiaobao chortled. He understand Yun Caixiao’s meaning very well: “I’ve known early on that you are a good lady.” After he said this, he pulled Yun Caixiao’s hand and led her to a grassy area to lie down and look at the moonlight in the sky. Chewing on a reed, he said lightly: “Little Sister Caixiao, if you really want to break off the engagement, just tell me directly. I won’t blame you.”

Hong Xiaobao was a bit more open-minded towards this affair. He originally was a cripple who could not cultivate, or at least that was how it was currently. If Yun Caixiao truly planned on breaking off the engagement, he really would not have any particularly negative feelings—you cannot say that a beggar and a lady who grew up together absolutely have to get married, right? Having traveled to this place from the 21st century on Earth, Hong Xiaobao was quite liberal concerning these things.

If you suited one another, then stay together. If you did not, then just break up. After all, those who had married for ten odd years and had kids running across the floor still divorced, so this really did not count for much.

Especially since there was the disparity between martial artists and ordinary people in this world, things were glaringly different.

The lifespan of 3-star martial artists were 120 years, the lifespan of 5-star martial artists 180 years, and for 8-star martial artists, the lifespan was 240 years. Furthermore, the lifespan of 9-star martial artists could reach 300 years old. As for 10-star martial artists, they were on the level of an immortal, and it was said that their lifespan could reach 500 years.

As for ordinary people, living to eighty years old was considered long.

“En, at first I this was how I thought.” Yun Caixiao gently nodded, then said lightly: “I’m sure that you know something about cultivation. Right now, I’m already a 2-star martial artist, and as long as I cultivate for several more years, I will have a lifespan of 120 years when I break through to become a 3-star martial artist. Furthermore, my daddy said that based on my talent, cultivating to 7-star and above is very possible. Big Brother Xiaobao, we grew up together, and my feelings towards you have never changed. It’s just that the disparity between our lifespans is not something that feelings can overcome.”

“En, I know what you mean. I understand.” Hong Xiaobao nodded.

The gap between them was not money, authority, or status, but rather in terms of longevity. Based on Hong Xiaobao’s current state, after fifty or sixty years, he would have already aged to become an old man. On the other hand, Yun Caixiao would still be as magnificent as before, and this was something that simple feelings could resolve. Furthermore, based on Yun Caixiao’s natural gift, her future lifespan would continue to increase. After 180 years old, it could even reach 240 years old or even 300 years….

At that time, Hong Xiaobao would have already turned into a pile of old bones. Could it be that Yun Caixiao would have to spend the last two hundred years of her life as a widow?

“That is why the original reason Daddy and I came back was to break off the engagement.” Yun Caixiao sat beside Hong Xiaobao, her hands grasping onto that jade green pipe as she let out a sigh. She suddenly giggled and said: “However, after seeing you, I changed my mind.”

“Huh?” This time, it was Hong Xiaobao’s turn to be surprised: “Why?”

“Because my Big Brother Xiaobao is still so smart.” As Yun Caixiao looked towards Hong Xiaobao, her eyes turned into smiling crescents as she spoke slowly: “It’s true that Big Brother Xiaobao has tried before, and you aren’t a person who will give up at the slightest setback. I believe that based on Big Brother’s wisdom, it is not exactly impossible for you to find a way.” After she said this, she halted a bit, then hardened her tone and said in complete solemnity and sincerity: “Big Brother Xiaobao, I am seventeen years old this year, so I still have time. I…. will wait three years for you! As long as you can become a martial artist within three years, even if the true qi you cultivate is just a tiny bit, I will wait six more years for you! I believe that as long Big Brother Xiaobao can take the first step, the following second and third steps definitely will not be difficult for you!”

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