The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Inside the Azure Dragon Valley


Around 150 miles outside the Wall of Miracles, there was a forest where the Azure Dragon Valley, the nearest sect from Chijing City which Ye Feihong was talking about, was located.


The Azure Dragon Valley occupied a space of 1000 acres and was full of spirits by virtue of the surrounding nine valleys and eighteen mountains. There was a massive stone building at the peak of the tallest mountain in the Azure Dragon Valley. The building seemed to be sturdy, possibly built to effectively defend against Demonic Beasts.


At this moment, a 50-year-old man together with a thousand other sect disciples as well as the sect authorities were rushing out the giant door of Azure Dragon Valley and dashing down the stone slabs, waiting to greet someone.


Very quickly, Ye Feihong and the others reached the top of the mountain.


Upon seeing Ye Feihong, the Head Teacher of Azure Dragon Valley quickly went forward and led his squad to bow before saying, “The Head Teacher of Azure Dragon Valley, Hou Yuanxun represents everyone to greet Elder Ye and Young Master Jinning.”


Although Ye Feihong was only the vice-elder of the Thunder Sound Pavilion, he still had an extremely high status in the Jiang Hu. This Hou Yuanxun, the main Head Teacher of the sect, was only a 7-star martial artist. Due to the fact that Azure Dragon Valley was incomparable to one of the Six Great Orthodoxies, the Thunder Sound Pavilion, he was required to pay respects to Ye Feihong.


“En, you don’t have to be too polite,” Ye Feihong said and immediately went in the entrance, with Hou Yuanxun and his team following behind.


Upon reaching the main hall, Ye Feihong shamelessly sat on the main seat which was meant for the Head Teacher of this sect. Hou Yuanxun waited for the authorities to sit down and asked, “Elder Ye came to pay a visit, but I don’t know why…”


He did not finish his sentence. However, what he meant was clear — he did not know why the elder of such a major sect suddenly came to visit this rural area.


“En, I have an issue with the Chiyun Empire these two days and had an argument.” Ye Feihong said coldly and finished up the cup of tea which had been served by a sect disciple. “With my position, it is not ideal for me to take any action against them. So I came here to take a look.”


Hou Yuanxun suddenly felt relieved after listening to what Ye Feihong had said, since he was afraid that his disciples had caused trouble to offend the Thunder Sound Pavilion.


“Who dared to displease Elder Ye? This one will undoubtedly settle that person for you!” Hou Yuanxun said.


The Chiyun Empire was considered to be a major nation. However, it was still not comparable to the Thunder Sound Pavilion — their power was only within the Wall of Miracles. Despite the close distance between the Chiyun Empire and the Azure Dragon Valley, they had no relationship at all so they definitely did not need to have mercy. Being able to do the Thunder Sound Pavilion a favor would benefit them by a whole lot. If the Thunder Sound Pavilion took care of them, the status of the Azure Dragon Valley would rise a ton in the Jiang Hu.


“This person is called Hong Xiaobao, the ninth son of Hong Wenqing, the emperor of the Chiyun Empire.” Ye Feihong nodded and said slowly, “My son had an argument with him and lost a little something. And now he wants to set up a sect himself and said that he would stand against my Thunder Sound Pavilion. Since I have to preserve my image and reputation, I can’t directly attack a person younger and weaker than me. However, I want to let him understand that the Jiang Hu is not his palace and thus not a place for him to do whatever he wants. Do you understand what I’m saying?”


“Oh my god! Such a ridiculous kid!” Hou Yuanxun was shocked and said, “He wants to stand against one of the Six Great Orthodoxies, the Thunder Sound Pavilion itself, as a rotten kid?! This is just absurd. Elder Ye, don’t worry. This one certainly cannot let this matter go unhandled! The Jiang Hu isn’t a place for a rotten kids to be arrogant! This one will settle this matter nicely, I ensure I’ll produce a satisfactory result!


“Okay. I will reward you if you succeed.” Ye Feihong tapped on Hou Yuanxun’s shoulder and smiled, “Since you have agreed to help me, I will leave now. Oh, one more thing. I have already had every disciple of the Thunder Sound Pavilion retreat from the Chiyun Empire. Do you understand me?”


“Yes, I understand!” Hou Yuanxuan nodded fiercely and said, “I’ll ensure that Elder Ye will be satisfied!”


After settling this matter, Ye Feihong led everyone to leave. Yun Shengxuan looked like he wasn’t paying any attention. His facial expression had not changed at all from the beginning to the end — nobody knew what he was thinking.


Only Hou Yuanxun and the other authorities were left in the hall. He touched his chin and said in a low tone, “This thing will not be easy…”


“Head Teacher, what do we do now?” An elder asked, “Elder Ye suddenly threw us a mess. Are we going to accept his request?”


“Yes! Of course we must accept!” Hou Yuanxun frowned. “The Thunder Sound Pavilion does not care about us normally. Now that we have a chance to do them a favor, we must not miss the opportunity. However what I’m worried about is… How do we satisfy them? What he said was too vague — God knows what we have to do. Furthermore, the Thunder Sound Pavilion has retreated their disciples from Chiyun Empire. Something seems off…”


A couple of elders looked at each other and nodded.


“What do you guys think? Elder Ye’s son lost an argument and he came to us personally and asked us to take action. What does this mean?” Hou Yuanxun said slowly.


“Head Teacher, what you mean was…” One of the elders was shocked. “Elder Ye has taken action himself but failed, and so he came here to ask us to do something cruel?”


“Elder Xiu Wenle, what you said was probably right…” Hou Yuanxun nodded with confidence. “It must be it… Elder Ye has run out of ideas. Otherwise he wouldn’t come to us for help. I must send some elites there. Sending normal disciples will not work out. They might just come back heavily injured!”

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