The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 66

Chapter 66: If We’re Making It, Let’s Use Pure Gold!


Having said that, Hou Yuanxun stood up furiously, walked around a few times and said suddenly, “Oh, didn’t Elder Ye say something about that Hong Xiaobao wanting to form a sect? The Gathering of Jiang Hu Elders is scheduled for three months later. Since he mentioned it at this timing…”


“He’s asking us to unite the Jiang Hu Elders and teach him a lesson during the gathering!” exclaimed Elder Ji Wenle with a flash in his eyes. “This method is indeed great. Let’s see what kind of tricks he can play in front of so many people. And not just in front of anyone, he’ll be facing all the elder figures within the Jiang Hu. Should he embarrass himself in front of them, I wonder how he would build his sect in the future… I wonder if Elder Ye will be satisfied with that?”


The Jiang Hu was a place where the strong devoured the weak. Every six years, there would be a meeting for the elders of the many sects within the Jiang Hu where they would discuss and debate matters pertaining to the middle and smaller sects. It definitely wasn’t as simple as sitting down and chatting while drinking tea: it was an opportunity for smaller sects like the Azure Dragon Valley to expand their influence. Should any of them perform well, they would be able to gain great benefits and wider territories. Naturally, should a sect perform poorly, the would quickly be eradicated by other sects.


“Alright, we’ll do just that,” said Hou Yuanxun as he clapped his hands loudly. He said excitedly, “Elder Ji, bring a few people to gather some information at Chijing City. When you get to know where Hong Xiaobao plans to set up his sect, I’ll bring some people along myself to send him an invitation to the gathering! Let’s see if he’ll dare to reject it when the time comes!” His eyes flashed once more as said, “Since Elder Ye had come here to look for us, I’m sure they would go to visit the Purple Feather Pavilion which is a short 120 li from us. Quick, send a message dove to contact the Purple Feather Pavilion!”




Chijing City, within Hong Xiaobao’s newly-purchased building.


“My oh my… I just told my father that I wanted this land some time ago, but I never would have expected him to get it for me so soon!” Hong Xiaobao took the leases for the surrounding land from Eunuch Lee and looked at it carefully before smiling and saying, “With this, there would no longer be any issues when I want to expand this place. Eunuch Lee, please tell my father that I said thanks!”


“Your wish is my command,” said Eunuch Lee. “Everybody knows that His Majesty spoils you greatly. Now that His Majesty has already given me the order to get you this lease, there’s no way I wouldn’t give it my all. Your Highness, you should understand that the original owners around the area were all hesitant in selling the land. However, when they all heard that you were going to buy a building nearby, they all changed their minds immediately. Hehe, they truly understand Your Highness’s character well and didn’t even bother to try to get a better price out of these.”


Given Hong Xiaobao’s odd demeanour, they were probably all afraid that they would offend him somehow…


“Hehe, all is well,” said Hong Xiaobao as he took out a 1000-silver-tael ticket and snuck it into the hands of the eunuch and said, “Then, I won’t send you off. Remember to help me take care of my father and make sure he doesn’t collapse from fatigue.”


“Your Highness, please don’t worry,.” With the money in hand, Eunuch Lee could barely keep his smile suppressed. “Being able to work for Your Highness is this old servant’s fortune. Then this one will immediately go to resume my work and stop bothering Your Highness. Oh, and His Majesty also said that you can contact him should Your Highness need anything.”


“Alright,” said Hong Xiaobao with a smile as he nodded.


Quickly, Eunuch Lee returned to his work. Fang Xinghan walked inside and said cheerfully, “Xiaobao, now that the lease is in hand, the hundreds of acres of land in the surrounding area is already yours to renovate as you please. Why don’t this one help you write up the words for the building plaque?”


Being able to get Fang Xinghan’s personal writings for a building plaque wasn’t the sort of treatment just anyone could obtain. Among the several hundred sects within the Jiang Hu, there wasn’t even one sect that had any of the Head Teachers of the Six Great Orthodoxies’ personal writings as a building plaque.


“That’s great” said Hong Xiaobao full of smiles. “Then I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble Uncle Fang for it, hehe.”


Right away, Fang Xinghan had someone brought the best type of paper and the highest quality brush that was as large as an adult man. Normal people couldn’t use brushes like these: only Fang Xinghan had the skill required to wield it.


The people around held their breaths as Fang Xinghan lightly lifted and moved the brush as if it were a majestic dragon. With but a few quick, elegant strokes, a two meter long phrase of the “Grand Alliance” could be seen on the paper!”


As expected of the Saint Academy Head Teacher. The words were no doubt domineering and even emitted a strong sword intent. Given the quality of this piece of calligraphy alone, there’s no doubt that it would be worth tens of thousands of taels if it were auctioned in the Jiang Hu!


“Hahaha, this is try splendid!” said Hong Xiaobao as he admired the giant calligraphy piece and expressed his satisfaction. “Oh my, these words would be too wasted to be placed on a normal plaque. En, I’ve decided that we’ll use a plaque made completely from gold and blind everyone who sees it with brilliance!”


Everyone present widened their eyes. How much would a pure gold building plaque cost to make?!


“Xiaobao, this…” Fang Xinghan suddenly felt that his writings may have been a little too big and would cause the building plaque to be made much bigger. A plaque that was large enough to fit those words would easily cost hundreds of jin of gold to make! If 1 jin of gold cost 1000 silver taels, 100 jin would amount to 100000 taels… Fang Xinghan quickly asked again, “I think I accidentally made these words a little too big. Why don’t I write a smaller piece?”


A large plaque that would require 100000 taels to make was indeed a little expensive especially when this was a crucial time when they would require quite a bit of money.


“There’s no need, this is ideal!” said Hong Xiaobao as he rejected the offer. “Only with it being this large would we seem domineering enough! It must be at least this large!” Having said that, he handed 60000 silver taels worth of silver tickets to Zhao Four and said, “Bring your other brothers and handle this for me. Remember, it must be pure gold, alright?”


“Understood!” Zhao Four brought his other guards with him right away.


“Al… Alright,” said Fang Xinghan as he let out a lot of sweat. This Xiaobao really thinks money is abundant like water… He quickly said, “Then, I’ll be bringing the craftsmen to start making the word moulds. Since the words on the moulds will be this one’s work, then this one will pay for the costs for the materials for the moulds as well.Otherwise, it would look like this one is taking advantage of you.” He quickly added, “Don’t even think of rejecting it! Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep at night!”


Indeed, Fang Xinghan was a reasonable person. It was already great enough for him that his words would forever permeate the publishing industry so he would feel pretty unsettled if he didn’t at least pay for the cost of the moulds.


“Alright, then I’ll have to trouble Uncle Fang with that,” said Hong Xiaobao with a smile, agreeing to his proposition.


“Sigh, now that I’ve spent the whole day here, it should be about time for me to head back.” Hong Xiaobao looked at Qingqing and Jian Pu who was pretending to be Aunt Liu and said, “En, this backyard is also pretty nice. Aunt Liu, you should live here with Sister Qingqing. Oh, and there’s that big bear…” He turned to look at Juxiong and said, “Stay here and take care of the two, alright? And, Zhao Four, make sure you have someone stationed here as well. This will be our main headquarters in the future so we can’t have anyone coming here to burn down or ruin the place in any way, okay?”


Far away, Ye Feihong’s nose itched. “Achoo! Who is talking bad about me from my back? It surely must be that bastard Hong Xiaobao!”

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