The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Good Man


Atop a hundred-thousand-feet mountain which was substantially far away from Chijing City, an imposing man dressed in purple was standing tall in the strong wind, with both his hands on his back. He had been standing there for a few days silently. The blade-like mountain winds could slice other people’s skin off. However, he considered that as a good way of training.


“Master.” A silhouette flashed — an old man in a grey robe appeared before the guy and bowed, “Regarding the man who master previously asked me check on, I have gathered some news.”


The man softly nodded and said, “Speak.”


The man in gray said slowly, “A genius was indeed born 1300 li away in the southeast direction. This person is the ninth prince of Chiyun Empire, Hong Xiaobao. I heard that he was a carefree person who invents useless toys everyday. However…”


The man in gray did not finish his sentence.


The man in a grand robe said, “However what? Please proceed without any hesitation.”


“However, according to the information that this one has gathered, there are quite a number of martial experts following Hong Xiaobao. At this moment, I already know that the Head Teacher of Saint Academy, Fang Xinghan is one of them.” The man in grey reported. “And I heard that the vice-elder of Thunder Sound Pavilion went to mess with him but got humiliated instead.”


“Fang Xinghan?” Upon listening to the name, the man in a grand robe smiled and said, “Why did he go there? Could it be that this Hong Xiaobao even excels in poetry?”


“Apparently yes. And his standard in poetry is surprisingly high,” the man in gray said. “Fang Xinghan tried to recruit him to be his personal disciple. However, his offer was rejected by Hong Xiaobao.”


“Haha, geniuses are naturally maverick. This is normal.” The man in a grand robe nodded in satisfaction. “En, continue to follow up. It is indeed boring over here. Listening to some stories in the Jiang Hu is quite fun.


“Yes, master.” The man in gray said. “However, this one has discovered a marking left by Jian Pu over there.”


The man in a grand robe stunned and frowned, “Jian Pu? What is she doing there?”


“This one does not know her intentions. The marking indicates that the area is her domain. Upon discovering it, this one dared not investigate further.”


“En, since Jian Pu is there, mistress may be there as well.” The man in a grand robe smiled and waved his hand downwards, “You may go now. Continue your investigation. However, do not get involved in anything since mistress and Jian Pu are there. Just gather new information.”


“This one understands.” The man in gray said before leaving.


“Mistress and Jian Pu are there. Could it be that they are interested in this Hong Xiaobao?” The man in a grand robe said to himself. He was highly intelligent and easily linked every clue to form the entire overview. “It seems like Hong Xiaobao had showed his potential when the dumb Ye Feihong provoked him. And the entire process coincidentally got witnessed by mistress and Jian Pu. Hehe, this Hong Xiaobao is indeed interesting. Even mistress and Jian Pu got curious. Not bad, I think I’m going to keep my eyes open for him.”




Since Hong Xiaobao had finished distributing the mission to his guard, he returned to the place he lives at, the Xuan Yang Pavilion which was located in the palace. He laid himself down on his bed and stretched, “Ahhhh. I’m getting more and more busy these days. How tiring.” After a while, he said, “Tian Can senior, Senior Tian Can, are you there?”


“I’m dozing. What’s up?” The 3-dimensional image of Tian Can slowly appeared and asked, “What, do you need my help for medicine-refining?”


“Yes,” Hong Xiaobao nodded. “Since Yun Caixiao has done so much for me, wouldn’t I be insincere if I did not do anything in return for her? There’s a song that goes like this: a good man shall not allow his love to be hurt for the slightest bit. So what medicine should I refine now for Sister Caixiao?”


“Hehe, you brat does have some affection for her.” Tian Can was quite happy that Hong Xiaobao cared for Yun Caixiao. “Okay, let me teach you something. Let’s refine Rejuvenation Dew. This thing does not aid in increasing power. However, it is absolutely good for a martial artist whose meridians were injured to consume!”


“Rejuvenation Dew! Okay!” Hong Xiaobao was overjoyed, “Sister Caixiao was injured a while back. This is exactly what she needs right now!”


“En, you’re right. Coincidentally, you have all the materials needed. I’ll tell you the recipe and the procedure. You’ll take care of the rest.” Since Hong Xiaobao was so intelligent, Tian Can only needed to tell him the time and mass ratio of each material. With the apparatus that Hong Xiaobao invented, it would be easy to refine medicine.


“En, let’s begin!”




Outside the Caiyun building in the palace where Yun Caixiao was staying at.


“Sister Caixiao. Are you asleep?” Hong Xiaobao knocked the door so hard that the sky was shaken and shouted loudly, “Your Brother Xiaobao has brought some medicine for you!”


The palace was supposed to be a quiet place. However, this rule did not apply on Hong Xiaobao. Given how Hong Wenqing spoiled him, who the hell would dare to stop him from making noise?


“Brother Xiaobao, you’re here?” Yun Caixiao slowly opened the door and said embarrassingly. “It is so late already… Why did you come?” While she was speaking, her face for a bit red. Since Hong Xiaobao visited her late midnight, gossips by commoners would be inevitable.


However, Hong Xiaobao obviously did not care about those things and entered her room. He smiled while walking, “Ah, I have just refined some medicine. It is called Rejuvenation Dew. This thing is really great for your meridian recovery. I immediately delivered it over for you right after I have it brewed.”


Hong Xiaobao said it all relaxedly. However, Yun Caixiao’s heart was warmed and touched. She held Hong Xiaobao’s hands and said softly, “Brother Xiaobao, I did not know that you cared about me this much…”


Women were actually emotional beings. The slightest bit of attention was much appreciated by them — they could keep it in their hearts for a very long time.


“Ah, this is what I should do hehe.” Hong Xiaobao pulled Yun Caixiao gently to a table near them and said smilingly, “You are my fiancée, I must treat you nicely from the bottom of my heart. Come, have a taste and tell me what you think!” Hong Xiaobao said as he placed a white porcelain bowl on the table.


Yun Caixiao removed the cover and sniffed, “En, this is indeed the Rejuvenation Dew. Brother Xiaobao, do you really know medicine-refining?”

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