The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 70

Translated by: daryldyh



Chapter 70: Jiang Hu News


In the headquarters of Grand Alliance…


“… speaking of which, the giant copper pot in the right hand of Qiu Chuji spun so fast that it acted as his enormous shield, blocking attacks from his front. How could the weapons of the enemies penetrate into it? Using only his left hand, he seized every opportunity he had to counter attack. The heavy copper pot was still on his hand, he naturally was not agile. However to his adversaries, him being able to block every attack and still counter attack, was definitely a huge disadvantage for them. Looking at both sides struggling, Jiao Mu could no longer stay silent and said, ‘Stop it, all of you! Let me say something.’ Since both sides were extremely outraged, they ignored him and focused on their fight.”


Hong Xiaobao was narrating ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’. Since he was so intelligent, his memory was naturally good as well. Although he was not able to recite the exact same words as the novel he read, the story was roughly the same. Adding extra details here and there definitely made the story fascinating.


The guards paid full attention to the story. Even Fang Xinghan, Qingqing, Jian Pu, Guan Juxiong and the others did not blink their eyes even once. The old folks in the bracelets were also listening.


The style of martial arts in this story was not anything strange to everyone present. However, this kind of plot was off the wall and unbelievable to some. Although in the chapter that Hong Xiaobao was talking about, this Qiu Chuji was not that strong and powerful. However, it was particularly interesting and enjoyable to listen to the fighting scene.


“Your Highness, is this how it looks like when Qiu Chuji spun the giant copper pot?” Zhao Four got up excitedly and ran to the kitchen to grab a pot which had a diameter of one meter. Using his full strength, he lifted the pot filled with water up. Not only that, he mimicked Qiu Chuji’s looks and spinned the pot. “Ahah! Seems like I can do it too! I’m not too weak compared to Qiu Chuji!”


Zhao Four’s action made everyone laugh. Guan Juxiong shouted, “Based on your level, I can defeat eight of you solo!” Everyone nodded together.


Hong Xiaobao was overjoyed and said, “Zhao Four can already take Guo Jing (a character in the story) as his disciple! Haha!”


“Brother Xiaobao,” Qingqing smiled with her eyes closed like an Asian and held her chin with her arms which were supported by the table. “This story is truly enjoyable. Then did they stop fighting in the end?” Qingqing’s identity was a mystery but she certainly did not get to hear interesting stories often, so she could not hold herself back and asked Hong Xiaobao.


“Hehe, please wait for the next time I tell the story if you want to know!” Hong Xiaobao shook his head. As expected, people like this story!


“Wow, Xiaobao. Your story is indeed great!” Fang Xinghan said. “I’m sure this ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’ will boost the sales of Jiang Hu Stories! Oh, I almost forgot. Xiaobao, the first batch of moulds have been made by the craftsmen who worked restlessly for a couple nights. When are we going to mass produce this Jiang Hu Stories?”


“En, no problem.” Hong Xiaobao asked, “Uncle Fang, have you written down what I had said earlier?”


“Yes, I have written it down,” Fang Xinghan nodded. He could be the only one in the world who could match the pace of Hong Xiaobao’s storytelling. He was so strong that he could match the speed of a printer on Earth…


“Then, Qingqing. You may start arranging the moulds. I’ll go and have a look around the Warm Fragrant Building and check on the latest news.” Hong Xiaobao stood up immediately and said smilingly, “Remember, don’t stress yourself out.”


“En, I will take care of myself, don’t worry!” Qingqing said.


Hong Xiaobao brought Guan Juxiong and a few other guards out for a walk. Very quickly, they arrived at the Warm Fragrant Building. Hong Xiaobao noticed that the place was not as crowded as usual. Aunt Lan immediately greeted him, “Your Highness, isn’t that person the one you previously…”


The people working there were all rather smart and would not say anything completely. God knows what’s the relationship between them now.


‘Oh, this is my ninth guard Guan Juxiong. He was injured previously,” Hong Xiaobao said and proceeded forward into the building.


“Oh, Lord Guan! Sisters, we have a customer!” Aunt Lan immediately understood the situation. The ninth prince must’ve somehow deceived him. His highness is indeed a genius — he’s able to keep such a violent bear around him! So impressive.


“Ah, we’re not coming to enjoy today. I came to inquire about what has happened these days, for my Jiang Hu Stories. You know it.” Hong Xiaobao said.


“Yes, I understand! Please follow me inside, Your Highness!” Aunt Lan brought Hong Xiaobao to the meeting room where they previously talked about the agreement with the Lotus Sect. “This one has been keeping my ears open after knowing about the Jiang Hu Stories. Don’t worry, I have some groundbreaking news!”


Hong Xiaobao quickly asked, “What news? Tell me now!”


“En, don’t get so anxious, Your Highness. I will tell you slowly,” Aunt Lan suddenly got serious. “A few days ago,the Tuyong City of Tulan Empire had fallen from a Demonic Beast attack. The entire city was destroyed within 3 days. Other than the one family our people managed to save, one could safely say that there is no one else alive.”


Hong Xiaobao paid full attention to what she said. Demonic Beasts and humans were born to be enemies.The idea that the day where they coexist peacefully would not ever come true. The Demonics Beasts were full of valuable materials whereas humans were the best source of food for them.


Now that Tulan Empire had lost an entire city, their power naturally shrank for quite a lot. Although Chiyun Empire did not have any relations with Tulan Empire, Hong Xiaobao still felt unfortunate and sad for them after being told the news.


“This attack wave was substantially more violent than the previous ones,” Aunt Lan said slowly. “The Demonic Beasts overwhelmed both land and air, surrounding the soldiers at Tulan City almost instantly. At last, the city wall was broken and around 800 thousand residents were killed, forming a river of blood. The howling of Demonic Beasts sounded like thunder as every single person within the wall was devoured, leaving no corpses or even bones behind. Now, Tulan City has become the playground of Demonic Beasts. Sigh, what a pity…”


Hong Xiaobao unconsciously sighed as well. 800 thousand people were slaughtered by Demonic Beasts within a few days. It was certainly a hellish incident…

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