The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 73

Translated by: daryldyh

Edited by: wetchick


Chapter 73: Jiang Hu Stories Released!


The headquarters of Grand Alliance.


Fang Xinghan sat on the tutor seat and said, “Xiaobao, the moulds are all done after a few days of restless work. Qingqing has also finished arranging them. When are we going to start printing?”


Since everything was prepared, everyone was waiting for Hong Xiaobao’s order.


“Thanks for spending so much time on this, Uncle Fang. Oh yeah, have you added your name in the credits section for providing your writings?” Hong Xiaobao asked.


Hong Xiaobao was a very sensible person—he knew that the reason Fang Xinghan promised to help him was mainly for the credit.


“This… not yet.” Fang Xinghan got overjoyed. “Xiaobao, you are in charge of this entire project. All I did was to lend a hand. I wouldn’t dare to praise myself for doing just that…” What he said was completely different. He definitely wanted the credit to be given.


“Aiya, since Uncle Fang has helped to a great extent, you don’t have to be embarrassed to take credit.” Hong Xiaobao thought for a while and said, “Add this line to the most obvious spot of the front page, ‘Credits to the Head Teacher of Saint Academy, Fang Xinghan, for personally providing the writing’. En, that will do.”


Upon listening to Hong Xiaobao’s words, Fang Xinghan’s face turned red and said, “Xiaobao, you’re making me shy…”


Everyone twitched their mouths and looked at Fang Xinghan with this face: (﹁_﹁)


“Hehe, that is what I should do for the help that you offered.” Hong Xiaobao chuckled and said before turning towards Qingqing. “Sister Qingqing, after adding this line, the printing process may start. The ink and papers are prepared, right?”


“En, everything has been prepared.” Qingqing nodded and said, “Now I’m just waiting for your order.”


“Sure, start now then!” Hong Xiaobao laughed very loudly, “Hahaha! It’s finally beginning! We’ll give the first batch of Jiang Hu Stories out for free!”


“Huh?!” Everyone was shocked. Fang Xinghan then asked out of curiosity, “Xiaobao, if this goes for free, wouldn’t our effort be wasted? Now is the time where you need tons of money!”


“Don’t worry, success will never be attained without taking any risks.” Hong Xiaobao on the other hand was extremely confident. “Trust me, it’ll not go wrong!”




Jiang Hu Stories was finally released!


This unconventional thing had gotten quite a lot of attention upon its release! Since in this world, entertainment was lacking. If this Jiang Hu Stories was publicized, especially when the first batch was free, who would let go of such opportunity? Moreover, the people here took martial arts as their prides and the purpose of their lives. Naturally, they would be interested in this.


Since the first batch of Jiang Hu Stories arrived at Warm Fragrant Building, every passerby grabbed one and could not lay their eyes off it. They were all so hyped up! Some of them even reread the entire thing over and over again. This response was expected since ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’ was simply groundbreaking!


In the main hall, everyone was reading the newspaper whilst non-stop discussing their opinions.


“‘Credits to the Head Teacher of Saint Academy, Fang Xinghan for personally providing the writing’? Oh my god, the ninth prince has a relation with the Head Teacher of Saint Academy? This is unbelievable!”


“Is that it? The Head Teacher of Saint Academy personally provided his writing? Wow!”


“‘The Entire Tuyong City of Tulan Empire Was Destroyed Within 3 Days By Demonic Beasts.’ Haih, how unfortunate! How unfortunate!”


“Why haven’t we known about this before? I only knew that the Demonic Beasts managed to break through their walls. However, I didn’t know that the calamity ended up this bad!”


“‘People from the Jiang Hu Are Searching for the Newly-Born Treasure in the Foggy Forest at North Chijing City.’ The Foggy Forest has a treasure? I have to go there and try out my luck! What if I managed to find it?”


“We must go there and have a look! A treasure is born, even if we don’t manage to get it, joining the crowd can be fun too!”


“Hey, take a look at this one. ‘High-Level Battle. Sect-Less Su Zhan and the Disciple of Thunder Sound Pavilion Deng Yanming. Who’s Stronger?’ This moveset is great! The timing is on point—cool as fuck! I’ll pay attention to this section next time!”


In such a short time, the name of Su Zhan spread across the streets! He has become the dream lover of a lot of ladies, even a lady working in the Warm Fragrant Building silently paid attention to this name…


“‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes!’ Aiya the plot is too good! It’s a pity that there will be no more chapters in the future!”


“Who said there aren’t? The ninth prince himself said that a new set of Jiang Hu Stories will be distributed every week!”


“Oh? Really? I will definitely get them!”


“Quick! Look! The ninth prince is setting up a sect! It’ll be officially established on the 29th of September. Isn’t it three days later?!”


The discussion on this newspaper was overwhelming.




The street of Imperial Palace.


“Newspaper! Newspaper! The newest Jiang Hu Stories is here!” A couple hundred of teenagers were running around the streets to distribute the papers.


They were all poor kids who were paid by Hong Xiaobao. In just under an hour, everyone in Chijing City was aware of Jiang Hu Stories by Hong Xiaobao. Everyone liked what the newspaper had covered, including the battle between Su Zhan and Deng Yanming, the collapse of Tuyong City and last but not least, ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’!

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