The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Searching Grand Alliance Headquarters!

Going on official business for the Sect makes you really rich, taking out 200 tael silver is as easy as flipping your hand. If 200 taels are taken out on earth it will be equivalent to 200,000 which was not a small number.

Receiving the money, Aunt Lan happily stashed it away and looked at the girls beside her: “What are you still standing there for? Quickly serve our guest!”

“En!” the girl smiled and answered tenderly, wearing a talcum powder skirt which was attached to her body tightly, she walked and her gaze was full of respect, she said: “ Honorable sir, this lowly one does not know what drink would you like? I may not please you well, but I can assure you that the entertainment in our warm Fragrant Building has quite reputation and sir would surely enjoy himself.”

“En, Good! Good!” This girl was slender and pretty, she had fair and soft skin, the more Xiu Wenle looked at the girl the more satisfied he was, he said with a smile: “Come, sit near me. You’re quite the beauty here, Good! Good! What is your name?”

“This lowly one is called Xiao Taohong,” the girl cleverly sat beside Xiu Wenle, she smiled tenderly and look at him sweetly: “What do you want to play sir?”

Play? He came to this brothel and was asked to play?

“The day is still young, let’s not worry about those things right now” Xiu Wenle looked at Xiao Taohong figure and he couldn’t help but secretly gulp. With the curves right places and her clothing accentuating it further, it would surely feel good holding those curves in his arms later: “I will try the other amusing services you offer later, but I am really quite curious about something,” he pulled out 20 silver ingots and smilingly gave them to Xiao Taohong, as he asked in a small voice: “Xiao Taohong, this Jiang Hu News, do you know who makes it? It really is interesting.”

Receiving extra money, Xiao Taohong mood turned excellent, she pressed her body closer to Xiu Wenle and said covetously: “En! The Jiang Hu News is Your Highness Ninth Prince’s idea, he records various important events in Jiang Hu and writes some novel serialization that really make this sister really like it.”

Hong Xiaobao! Really, all ideas that came from this kid surely is not simple at all!

Amidst Xiu Wenle lewd thoughts that made his lower body react, his brain was still clear. Otherwise Azure Dragon Valley Head Teacher Hou Yuanxun wouldn’t have sent him to gather such important news. His eyeball rolled for some time, as he looked around and found that almost all martial artist in the Hall are taking or reading Jiang Hu News, completely absorb in it, there were more than 100 people! He slightly hesitated but later pinched Xiao Taohong’s waist with a smile, causing a gasp of sweet and delicate voice to come out from her mouth. He asked: “Xiao Taohong I really like this Jiang Hu News, particularly this «Legend of The Condor Heroes», this is truly interesting novel! But you also know that we martial artist usually wander everywhere for practice, sometimes they walk so far that they cannot enter the city for many days. Can I take this copy, I still want to read it afterwards?”

He sounded like he was casually chatting, but in fact he wanted to know how many copies this Jiang Hu News were printed out.

“Sir? You visit us and you are worried about this matter?” Xiao Taohong can only thought about the lustful thoughts of the guest, he asked about this thing in circle, so she returned a smile and answered: “This Jiang Hu News, so long as you go to Lotus Flower Base Sect places, you can buy a copy! The only different thing is, now it is completely free but you have to pay the next time you want one.”

Lotus Flower Base Sect place? This Jiang Hu news can be bought?!

Listening to her saying this, Xiu Wenle heart immediately tightened “It was originally free, but the next time it will be officially be sold, how much is it per one? These many copies, I feared transcription wages for this are not low?”

“You spoke incorrectly, this thing is actually very cheap, 5 copper coin per one,” Xiao Taohong covered her mouth and smile tenderly: “What? Did it frighten you hehe?”

“5 copper coin?!” Xiu Wenle was really shocked. Such newspaper only cost 5 copper coins each, it is truly cheap! This Hong Xiaobao definitely has many secrets to print such newspaper Jiang Hu News for a cheap amount with utter relaxation.

Xiu Wenle started to grasp Xiao Taohong with his hands, however in his heart he was already starting to plot sinisterly: ‘Five copper coin per one, just in this Hall right now has more than 100 people probably looking for some copy to buy, at present there is even some wanting to by one for five taels of silver. Listening to Xiao Taohong say that all Lotus Flower base Sect places sells this Jiang Hu News, this is definitely a good source of income. When this paper’s reputation, Chijing City population numbering to almost 1 million, if 1 percent of them bought, that is 10,000 copies and that’s a whopping five hundred tael of silver! The world has more than 100 big cities, if each cities has such sales volume, selling one round of Jiang Hu news can earn almost more than 50,000 tael silvers! Moreover looking at the serialization of «Legend of The Condor Heroes» novel, this absolutely mean that later issues will be printed, the interval would absolutely not be that long. Even if they distribute it once every seven days, one month will have four distribution times that is equal to 200,000 tael silver! One year is 2.4 million taels?!,

The more he calculate, the more his heart started to beat faster. Xiu Wenle’s back was covered by cold sweat, the more he thought about how much money was coming in, he said: “This is just amassing wealth simply! Can they really amass wealth this ruthlessly?!”

Actually to most of Jiang Hu people, five copper coin per one of Jiang Hu news can be considered almost a pocket change.

However, the issue is that money will return soon. Supposedly, only Chijing City can even sell more than 500 tael silver, Lotus Flower Base Sect brothel was all over the world that almost in every big city. Publicizing in such big cities, the profit would just flow in like flood water. Moreover this Jiang Hu news was published weekly and pure monopoly, such sales volume was enough to struck terror in everyone’s mind.

Therefore while calculating, Xiu Wenli could not help but shudder in shock. After all he was not an idiot, this Jiang Hu News was an insane money-making tool.

“This was just amassing money.” The thing Xiu Wenle thought was to solve this first. Especially the issue of where is the source of goods must be solved first.

Looking at the Jiang Hu News article, thanking Saint Academy Head Teacher Fang Xinghan for providing the hand written letter, this clearly mentions that Hong Xiaobao had already made contact with Saint Academy this time!

“Ah! No wonder Elder Ye cannot touch Hong Xiaobao, having Saint Academy Supreme Head Teacher there to protect Hong Xiaobaohe had no chance.” Xiu Wenle immediately analyzed the general details, he knit his brows in thought: “Evidently this matter is not that simple. This Hong Xiaobao currently has Lotus Flower Base Sect and Saint Academy backing him. I currently do not know what is his relation to the both sides that well now,” he has actually thought of this and continued: “However, this Jiang Hu News technology1 is important, gathering news is simple, but the process to inscribe was definitely a top secret. If we can truly study this technology, we can also make Jiang Hu news anytime and earn big profit!”

This Jiang Hu News, can easily earn over a million tael silvers income in a year, this was a great sum of money.

“Such great sum, who wouldn’t make a move for it?”

As the saying goes, 100% profit is enough for one to take risk, 200% is enough to make one disregard the law, and 300% can even let someone pay with their lives! And Hong Xiaobao print technology is simply a thing that can evoke 200% or even 300%, this was enough reason for Xiu Wenle to make a move!

“Thunder Sound Pavilion is not giving us some benefits, Saint Academy and Lotus Flower Base Sect are not some places we can easily worm in …” Xiu Wenle keeps calculating in his heart: “But if we can really acquire Hong Xiaobao’s print technology, that is real gold and silver, our gold and silver! This was a true benefit!”

After thinking  about the benefits and consequences Thunder Sound Pavilion had previously promised, Xiu Wenle could only find it illusory. On the other hand, Hong Xiaobao’s background didn’t matter, after all he was not acquainted to any major powers. However, once they have this technology, the heavens will literally shower them with money!

“I have decided, once it’s midnight has come, I will personally search for Hong Xiaobao’s house and acquire the print technology!” Xiu Wenle thought till there, he decided and waited for nightfall to come and started to move.

Once nightfall came, Xiu Wenle instantly crossed the street. Wearing black clothing and a black mask on his face, he jumped from Warm Fragrant Building like a black cat tracing Hong Xiaobao house location based on what Xiao Taohong said earlier.

He arrived at Grand Alliance Headquarters quickly. Contrary from his expectation, there seems to be nobody guarding the place at night. Whole place unexpectedly only had several points that were bright, other parts were completely devoid of light encased in darkness.

Xiu Wenle felt his excitement surge. Such an environment was simply prepared for him to come and complete his mission. The moonlight was hazy and visibility is low, such scenario compliments his purpose to steal the print technology of Jiang Hu News.

Xiu Wenle jumped up the big wall, he did not feel any danger at all and so he lowered his defense totally.

The only problem now was that the place was too big, there were too many rooms but looking through all of them would be easy. However since he came, Xiu Wenle was not worried of being found out, with his strength of 6-star martial artist, no one from Hong Xiaobao forces could compete with him.

But he didn’t walk for long before he entered the place when suddenly a sword was thrust straight towards him, Xu Wenle was startled as he parried the attack and turned his head to look at the place where the sword came from. He unexpectedly discovered the other party was also wearing full black clothing with a black mask on the face, he quickly deduce the other party has the same purpose as his.

“This brother? Stop!” Xiu Wenle lowly said and back away a few steps, staring at the opposite party with amazement: “Are you also here to steal their print technology?” The other person asked, purposely changed the sound of their voice to be hoarser and deep, obviously intended to keep his identity secret.

“En! I am a bit weaker so how about we help each other?” Xiu Wenle nodded and said: “Otherwise both of us would just wound each other that will surely not going to help our plan.”

“This person’s strength is obviously not weak. Just that single sword thrust was full of Qi. I even felt a faint trace of sword Qi, moreover that attack did not prove what exactly his rank was and may be a lot stronger than I thought” Xiu Wenle thought. He affirmed his opponent’s strength and was sure that he couldn’t be compared. If they fought, the sound will absolutely alarm the people in the house and would only cause unnecessary trouble.

“En, what you said is rational,” the opposite party slight paused but nod thereafter: “Good, we can work together to seek the print technology. We can decide what to do later, once we have found it then, the one with greater strength will get it then.”

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