The Nine Godheads / The Nine Godheads Chapter 9

“Big Brother Xiaobao, do i look funny with these shoes on ?” When Hong Xiaobao stood before the beautiful Yun Caixiao, his heart obviously started to beat faster.
In fact, no matter which woman it is, when she wears high heels the first time she would seem like a crane amongst chicken.
“No! Absolutly no ! You look like a goddess descent!” Hong Xiaobao said hurriedly “Just you wait untill i marry you, i will make plethora of clothes for you ! A wedding dress, military uniform* qipao, hanfu, and a nurse dress !” Said Hong Xiaobao passionatly
Hong Xiaobao was fantasizing about Yun Caixiao in different clothes, he decided that he will make three types of military uniforms for Caixiao ! Naval uniform, Air Force unform and Land Force uniform !
“You are a pervert!” Yun Caixiao looked at day dreaming Hong Xiaobao’s expression, and knew that he wasn’t thinking of anything good. This fellow is as cunning as a demon, who knows what wicked scheme he is thinking up right now.”You cannot say another word, otherwise i will hit you!”
Hong Xiaobao raised hands to surrender “Didn’t i say that you look good?”
“Hmph, i’ll go first then” Seeing that Hong Xiaobao was imposed by her, she picked up her embroidered boots, and went to the elevator entrance. “Escort me back outside!” Yun Caixiao said.
“Good” Hong Xiaobao shrugged his arms and said “Remember that high heel shoes are very pretty, but they are also very strenous for body, don’t use them too often”.
“That’s right, can’t forget what that old man said” Thought Hong Xiaobao “Umm, i have a favor to ask of you Little Sister Caixiao”
“Hmm ? What do you want ?” Yun Caixiao asked gently. She did receive pair of boots worth 8000 taels of silver, the size is just right, they are very comfortable, but what is most important is that they truly are very pretty, that’s why she added “If i can, i definetly will help you”
Ha! She swallowed the bait. Thought Hong Xiaobao
While laughing in his heart, Xiabao’s expression turned serious ” I heard that ‘Exquisite Blood Jade’ is very effective when treating injuries. I wonder if Little Sister Caixiao can help me find one”
“Are you injured ?” Hearing Hong Xiaobao’s request, her expression showed a caring glance “Is it Ye Jinning doing ?”
“No” Hong Xiaobao smiled with proper expression “Oftentimes i would casually exercise, but lately i’ve been feeling a little sour. I think that i might’ve streched my muscle a little bit. It’s not a big deal really. I would’ve asked my father emperor, but i don’t want to cause him anymore trouble, Little Sister Caixiao could you please help your Big Brother?” Asked Hong Xiaobao
“Sure!” Yun Caixiao quickly nodded while taking one inch diameter red stone out of her sleeve “I give you this ‘Exquisite Blood Jade’ for now, don’t forget to give it back. And remember that you shouldn’t overexert youself in practicing, fractured muscle is not a small deal, even if ou have this Exquisite Blood Jade it’s difficult to say if it will help”
“Yes! Relax!” Hong Xiabao carefully received Exquisite Blood Jade while grinning “Thank you Little Sister Caixiao, i will definetly give it back!”
While leaving Xuan Xiao Pavilion, Yun Caixiao said while smiling ” Big Brother Xiaobao, although you can’t practice martial arts, but with such a fierce brain, with such a powerfull and unconstrained style, you are just too interesting!”
As she said that she looked at her high heeled shoes “Ahh if only there was a mirror, ohh”
There isn’t a single woman on earth that doesn’t want to look good, and Yun Caixiao was no different.
After reuniting with her father, Yun Shengxuan carefully seized her up and down.Then Yun Shengxuan said with amezement “Um, Xiao’re, these exquisite shoes, are they Xiaobao’s gift ? Formidable, really formidable! My Xiao’er originally is very attractive, whereas while wearing these shoes, was unbelievably even more attractive ! Xiaobao that child is really crafty!”
“Father don’t laugh at me” Yun Caixiao charmingly went forward, she actually couldn’t wait to see herself in a mirror “Am i really attractive? Big Brother Xiaobao said that these shoes were called ‘high heels’ “
“Attractive, truly attractive” Yen Shengxuan confirmed with a laugh. He then took the bronze mirror, and gave it to Yun Caixiao ” Xiao’er look, father has not deceived you”
“Good, is truly very good” Said Yun Caixiao while admiring her new look in a mirror. After a while she said with a satisfied sigh “Big Brother Xiaobao is really adroit! it’s a pity that he can’t bring up even a tiny bit of true qi”
Meanwhile in the Xuan Xiao Pavilion
“Achoo~~… Who’s being fastidious about me ?” mumbled Hong Xiaobao
“Nevermind … Old Fogy, i have obtained ‘Exquisite Blood Jade’, now tell me quickly how does it help me in practice ?”
To be honest, Hong Xiaobao was a very carefree person, but after passing through worlds, one of his biggest regrets was the inability to practice. This worlds environment is extremely complex and dangerous. Fortunatly he is safe in capital city, but what if he goes out of town. Then his survivng chances would drastically drop.In this world the only more dangerous thing than a fellow human is a demonic beast. Although there are various types of demonic beasts; the strong ones aswell as the weak ones it wouldn’t help because even the weakest demonic beast could still easily gnaw his head off.
Especially now that Yun Caixiao is willing to wait for him three years, he must start practicing as fast as possible.
“Oy vey, you must be carefull” Meng XIanji said slowly” My cultication art is different than others.It’s unusal cultivation method. To practice it you must capture the fortune of Heaven and Earth, melt the essence of Sun and Moon. T, only then can ou succeed. This cultivation art fully expands human potential. I called this Cultivation Art the ‘Limitless Fortune Divine Art’. It is the absolute top cultivation art. At the very least on Saint Dragon Continent i know of none cultivation art that is better than mine ‘Limitless Fortune Divine Art” !
‘Limitless Fortune Divine Art’ ! Only hearing this name gave Hong Xiaobao goosebumps.
“Is this cultivation art so fierce ? Wait, where is Saint Dragon Continent ? Why haven’t i heard of it ? “
“Stinky brat, you’ve already wasted enough of my time. When the time comes i shall tell you” Old man Meng Xianji said this while groaning ” Tell me, do you want to study my cultivation art ?”
“Yes!” Hong Xiaobao said, while fiercly nodding.


*He means modern day military uniform, not the ancient ones

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