The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Lady’s meal

“… It was a treat.” (Richelle) (Gochisōsamadeshita)

Saying that, Richelle-san elegant bow downs hers head. She told us that she was from the family named Valeria, once again, I think that she was brought up good.
Her brown long ears is shaking lightly but clearly she is in a good mood, even so she has elegant gestures.

But, when I saw her like that, the surroundings were silent.

Eventually, Zeno-kun begin to murmur.

“Food for three days …”  (Zeno)

Richelle-san has eaten a large amount of meal by herself.

At first, everyone were eating regularly. I was also hungry. And Kuzuha-chan who used a lot of her magical power said “A good way to recover magical power is properly eat meals”, she was eating more than usual.
In the meantime, Richelle-san’s plate quickly became empty, she said while looking at Zeno.

“Uhm … May I have a substitute …?”   (Richelle)

Even he is quite suprised, Zeno-kun still brought the addition immediately. That was the beginning of the tragedy.

About the third helping, Zeno began giving a substitute with wry facial expression face.

At the eighth helping, Kuzaha-san finished eating her portion and began to look interestingly at Richelle-san who is still eating. (T.N: Kuzuha is also only eat her portion and when she finished her portion, Richelle is still eating eighth helping)
It was beyond the tenth helping and it was stupid to keep count, so I decided to look briefly.

And now, finally the meal ends, the result “damage” seems to be Zeno-kun so-called food for three days. I wonder where that amount of food disappeared in her slin body.

“… Well, it seems like you did not eat for a long time.” (Kuzuha)
“Well, that’s right, she hasn’t eaten anything for days, it can not be helped that she eat a lot!”   (Zeno)

Follow-up Kuzha-chan’s comment, Zeno-kun nodded as he gave up.

It’s troublesome, but we better talk it out soon with my interpreter skills. Thinking so, I begin to speak.

“So … about what you said, what is the Devil Continent?” (Arge)

“A long time ago, when the Humans are still ruling and the Demi Human don’t have any rights in the Central Continent, a certain dragonkin built that place for those who are not human beings … I heard from my mother.” (Kuzuha)

“Well … Because the sea around the demonic continent is so rough during this time, I don’t know whether there is a place to bring out the ship …” (Zeno)
“Oh, I have a ship right here.” (Arge)

In response to my remarks, the gaze of all but Richelle gathered on me.

The name is Pisces. It is a type of run down merchant ship that was waiting for disposal, but it is more than enough to carry five people.
It is stored all the time in the Blood Bag, but since it has not been destroyed when used last time, it will be usable without problems.

“You have a ship … Blood bag, right? But what about those who move the ship?” (Felnote)

“… I have forgotten, but you have tremendous skills as usual.” (Felnote)

I can deliberately turn my eyes awkwardly from Felnote-san.

For the time being, put aside the nostalgia gaze, I called Zeno.

“There is a ship, if Zeno-kun want, I will put it out.” (Arge)

“Because I want to return my favor.” (Arge)

“Yes, I was asked” (Arge) (はい、頼まれました: Hai, tanoma remashita) (Shishou, help me, it sound weird somehow) (Can I change it to “as you wish” or something ?)

Originally I was only keeping it. Let’s use it without reserve if It will help Zeno. It’s what I have now, and tools are mean to be used.

It is not bad to take a nap while swaying with the waves.

“Um … Ship, what is …?”  (Richelle)

It was Richelle who talked to me.
She can’t understand anything other than my words. In other words, the information is fragmentary, so she doesn’t know what are we talking about.

“I will use the ship because we need to cross the ocean to bring you home” (Arge)

“If you want to say thank, please say it to Zeno-kun, the man over there, I’m just helping you go home because I want to return his favor.” (Arge)

“… Oh Well, just think as you like.” (Arge)

Apparently she is strongly pushing, It seems I will not able to change her thinking.
Even if I continue to deny, because the story will not advance and it will be troublesome, I will let she think as she like.

“By the way, why was you caught that way?” (Arge)

“Ah, I see” (Arge)
“Although I was able to release the hostages and let them escape … after that, I was severely tied up, and I couldn’t help it any more.”   (Richelle)

So she was caught by an intruder and was helped by Zeno-kun and Felnote-san when she is about to be sold as slave.

I fully understand that such a thing is “wrong” but this is another world.

From what Felnote-san said, the word slaves naturally appeared, and there are also cases like Kuzuha’s mother was killed.
I couldn’t call it nice even in my former world, and this world seems to be a bit worse than my world.

“Well then, the destination is the devil continent, uhm… Kuzuha-chan …what about you?” (Arge)

“Okay, I’d like to thank you.”   (Arge)

I still do not understand the theory that she comes with friends. However, Kuzuha-chan seems to be having fun and I’m convinced. For her, that would be fine.

Even a small thing, I will pay for it properly the favor that I pile up. I’d also like to return something in the meantime, so I’d like to welcome her to follow me. Beside, being with her is quite fun.

“I will go back to Sakuranomiya and prepare … especially food relations” (Zeno)

“Also, Arge-san … Could you ask Richelle-san what special product of her homeland (to buy) or what is missing in her homeland (to sell) ?” (Zeno)
“I understand” (Arge)

I nodded and responded to Zeno, who began preparing for the departure while starting to head out as a merchant.
Devil Continent, isn’t it? What kind of place is it? I am glad if that was a place easy to take a nap.


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