The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: With the smell of cherry blossoms

“Well, Satsuki-san, thank you for your help” (Arge)

After returning to Sakuranomiya for a few days to prepare for the trip, today is the day of departure.

“No, no, Fumi, you can’t bring Iris-san, she can’t come out at this time. And I already greeted Iris-san properly yesterday” (Arge)
Right now it’s is morning. Unlike Satsuki-san who is a vampire who can get outside with an umbrella attached and avoid direct sunlight or me who is completely resistant to sunlight, Iris-san can’t come out.

“Kuro-san, I will definitely come back when I come back I will visit you” (Kuzuha)
“Wafu! okay, I’m waiting for you two like a good girl!” (Kuro)

Kuro-san and Kuzuha-chan are saying gooodbye to each other.
It seems that there was something that the same beastkin felt with each other, they became good friends during the time we stay.

“Thank you very much, Satsuki-san! I will make the best use of your teaching technique!” (Kuzuha)

“… Did you learn anything, Kuzuha-chan?” (Arge)
“Yeah, Satsuki-san gave me a lesson about clothing making. I will repair the kimono, and please also look forward to new clothes!” (Kuzuha)

By the way, most of May’s employees’s clothes are handmade by Satsuki-san.
It seems that Kuzuha-chan got a lot of things, including being friends with Kuro-san.

… What kind of clothes will you make?

I will be in trouble if you give me too cute clothes.

The maid clothes that I am wearing are what I have been watching from home for a long time and I do not feel so restless because of the long skirt length.

“Arge” (Satsuki)

“Fu fu fu, here you go” (Satsuki)

While I’m still wondering, she surprisingly give a paper box.
People might wonder where she got it from her chest. Actually it seems like she’s taking it out of the Blood Bag, the action to pull from the chest is just like a pose.

“It’s our cake. Today’s snacks, please enjoy it with everyone” (Satsuki)
“Thank you” (Arge)

By staying for days, I fully know the taste of Satsuki-san’s cake.
It was a pleasant to the extent that our cheeks are melting.

“I went to Demon Continent before, and I have many acquaintances to visit from time to time, but please be careful as that place is quite a noisy matter.” (Satsuki)
“Before that, I heard that we will drop by a place called Cyril Big Safe” (Arge)

Cyril Big Safe. Since Zeno-kun seems to have a business there, he choose a route that pass though there.

I’m not interested in listening to details. Since we move by a carriage, I can take a nap during the way. That’s enough for me.

“Okay then, have a safe trip” (Satsuki)
“Yes, Satsuki-san. Everyone, thank you for your help, I will be going now.” (Arge)

I lower my head to say goodbye, and then start to walk away. Kuzuha-chan also finish saying her goodbye and she start walking with me. Everyone’s voice 「have a safe trip」 overlap from behind.

Although she is supposed to be sad when goodbye from a while ago. But Kuzuha-chan is still smiling, how strange.

“He he he, I grew up, Arge-san” (Kuzuha)

“I have Arge-san, and right now we also have Felnote-san and everyone else, I grew up properly this time, so I won’t be sad.” (Kuzuha)

I noticed that after being told.

A farewell using restarting words. After I came to this world, it was the first time.

“… Satsuki-san’s cake is delicious, is not it?” (Kuzuha)

While I still wondering about the words I used. Kuzuha-chan is smiling and she didn’t say anything else, and she grasped the hand of mine that doesn’t hold the paper box.

“Well, let’s go Arge-san! everyone and Neguseo-san are waiting!” (Kuzuha)
“… Yes, I understand.” (Arge)

There is no reason to avoid a hand held. I’m walking side by side while holding Kuzuha-chan’s hand.

Zeno-kun is still loading baggage in the carriage. It seems that Richelle-san is brushing Neguseo.

Should I call out to them? When I thought so, cherry blossom petals jumped into my sight.
Since both of my hands are occupied, if I don’t do anything to catch, the petals will stuck on my face and it will soon get pickled up by the wind.

Like the remnants of promises, the scent of cherry blossoms.
I watched the cherry blossoms fluttering.

Someday, it will be good time to remember this scent. Thinking about that, I look forward to our departure is in front of my eyes.

Author’s Note (not Translator’s Note)

Thanks and Good evening everyone. (どうもこんばんは、ちょきんぎょ: Dōmo konbanwa, choki n gyo)

Those who are not interested, It’s okay to skip through.

Well, with this, Sakuranomiya edition will end. What did you think ? 

I plan a shadow for a long time, and Elsee finally appeared. I feel she was more active than I planned. Specifically, in a sense, she is the one who make Arge feel shameful.

From next time, the journey will be aiming to demon continent with a new character, A Glutton Dark Elf Lady. Should we keep food?

Well once again, thank you for your continued support.

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