The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Leisure break

A few days after leaving Sakuranomiya.
I was worried at a corner of the carriage.
People traveling together with me are now outside for a certain reason.
Now, I am alone, and I suffer with this kind of thing.

“… Pantsu”  (Arge)

Mutting is the name of the thing in my hand.
It is a so-called girls’ underwear. It is pretty one attached with frills.

… It would be nice to have one.

I have not been worried so far but recently I think so.
In this world, I’m living as a vampire girl, Argento vampear, who is reincarnated from a different world, but in my past life I’m a man.
For me, attaching underwear for girls themselves is somewhat uncomfortable. So I never consider worn it myself.

But what happen in the other day doesn’t leave my mind.
A golden vampire I met in a Rencia village, I remember what Elsee was doing to me.

“Uwa …”  (Arge)

I was undressed and humiliated.
I was touched all over my body, I was kissed, and I had my blood sucked.
After that, it seems I somehow feel shameful when people look at or touch my body.
Even if I change my clothes I can’t avoid people looking at me.
I think I got strange, but I will not make the same mistake again.


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“Ha~aa …”  (Arge)
“Arge-san, what are you doing?” (Zeno)
“wa…!”  (Arge)

I heard a voice from behind and I was surprised.
Looking back there is one of my travel companions. It was Zeno-kun.

“Oh, sorry, did I surprise you?”  (Zeno)
“… No, it’s okay, so what do you want?”  (Arge)
“No. we will stop and let the horse rest for a while. By the way Arge-san, I’d like to ask a little … the clothes I gave you are gone, wasn’t it?”  (Zeno)
“Ah … That’s right. Uhm, there are various things happened.”  (Arge)

A set of clothes that Zeno-kun handed over to me when I first come to this world got burned by Kuzuha-chan when I met her.
I kind of regret because that robe with the hood was quite warm. So right now I can’t help it but wear maid clothes that Kuzuha-chan had patched.

“I prepared items of the same design, do you want to try it?”  (Zeno)
“Huh?”  (Arge)

Zeno-kun pulled out the box from the corner of the carriage and handed it over to me.
When I open that box, there’s a complete set of clothes that I was wearing before.

“Although your clothes are cute, I thought it would be nice to have something close to everyday wear”  (Zeno)
“… Is that ok?”  (Arge)
“You can pay for it if you want”  (Zeno)

Zeno-kun smiles friendly.
Indeed, he is truly a merchant. It seems that he remember correctly that I don’t like this kind of lending and borrowing.
While I’m admiring his memory, Zeno-kun is still smiling.

“More than that, please check the size, feel, etc.”  (Zeno)

I was urged, so I picked it in my hand and tried checking.
I have been incarnated in this world in only a few months, but I felt something nostalgic and warmth.

“Oh, and also this, I’ve prepared it.”  (Zeno)
“… this is?”  (Arge)
“Do you remember? It’s an accessory I gave you together with clothes.”  (Zeno)
“Well ….?”  (Arge)

Arge LN Cover

To be honest, I don’t remember at all.
In Zeno-kun’s hand is a pendant that used a tear – shaped scarlet jewel.
It is an honest point that I just wore clothes that I was given, so I do not remember much of these details. Anyway the robes are warm, I remember having slept well when wrapped around.

“It is a lucky charm in the kingdom. If you lose it, you will get misfortune”  (Zeno)
“… Zeno-kun is a type that believe in that kind of thing”  (Arge)
“The one thing that I believe the most is money, but there’s no harm to have it, even if it only has a slight possibility was true.”  (Zeno)

Smiling somewhat self – induce, Zeno-kun hands over the pendant.
It is light, and I also didn’t feel the flow of magical power in it. It is an impression that it is a very ordinary ornament.
Still, it seemed that the jewels, which are still stronger than my eyes, a deep red colour, It was very beautiful.

“Thank you”  (Arge)
“No, I’m the one must say thank. Thank you for the purchase of 3 silver Cyril”  (Zeno)
“I thought about it before, but the clothes this time seem to be really good … did you sell it cheap?”  (Arge)
“It’s only cheap with set price, and clothes this time is better than usual even they look like similar things”  (Zeno)
“Hmm … is that so?”  (Arge)
“Since I heard about Kuzuha-chan had burn the clothes before, I prepared something with high magical resistance and durable material so that it will not burn easy even it looks the same. But with that performance and the price will be more than double the previous one.”  (Zeno)

When Kuzuha-chan heard it, she was likely to faint. This girl, you don’t have to worry about money like that.
As I am thankful that clothes are strong, take out silver coins obediently and hand it over.
And Zeno-kun lower his head and receive money. Formally, this clothes has become mine.

“Um … then I will change my clothes so, can I have you go out for a while?”  (Arge)
“Yes, I am waiting outside, please change slowly”  (Zeno)

And Zeno-kun has gone away from the carriage quickly.
I left behind, and I look at clothes again.

“… this skirt length, it was short”  (Arge)

While thinking about what I had not mind before, I take off the maid dress and begin to change the clothes.

Uu… Underwear, I need to wear it on properly. (Back to start)


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