The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 99

It’s quite a cliff hanger so prepare yourself, reader-sama-tachi (readers).

Chapter 99: Girl’s free preparing time

“By the way, what is Richelle-san’s hometown?”  (Arge)

It was around the sunset. I asked Richelle-san about the question I came up with.
I just have time after taking a nap and waiting for dinner. As I was the only person can talk with Richelle-san, I thought that it would be good to be a her killing time partner and decided to speak with her.

Richelle-san sitting in the corner of the carriage seemed surprised that she was talked to abruptly, as she moved her ears a lot.

“Most of the living beings are sub-race … Also called as Demi Human. The size of the continent here is smaller than the Central Continent, and those with power compete for the territory that we can keep and we compete on a daily basis.” (Richelle)

“Yes, shamefully, my territory has been attacked again and again … But all my people are powerful dark elves, I think it’s okay …”  (Richelle)

I hope they will be okay, but they must be weakened because Richelle-san isn’t there.
She was caught by a slave merchant on the Demon Continent, and she was brought here to the Central Continent. Because her family is the one govern the territory, she wants to return as soon as possible.

“… Uhm, my territory is rich in nature, the sun and the wind are good, we also have the blessings of the earth, it’s a nice place to collect a lot of fruits.”  (Richelle)

“Yes, Arge-sama are my benefactor, I will do my best to welcome you.”  (Richelle)

I don’t think she need to over-do it.
It will be a while before we can reach there, but I hope to arrive early. 

“What is Arge-sama’s hometown like?”  (Richelle)

I was a bit lost how to respond to the question she was asking in return.

Hometown as a Kuon Ginji before I was reincarnated.

Because I have two hometowns, I got lost as to which to say.
However, now I am living as Argento Vanpear. If that is the case then the latter will be correct as the answer.

“The place where I was born is the Kingdom, although it is only ruins now, I heard that it was destroyed by battle or war.” (Arge)

“Yes, the place I was born is a little sad, but the kingdom itself is a nice place.” (Arge)

I recall the port city, Arlesha, where I dropped by in the kingdom.
There was a good wind on the street there, the odor of the tide was warm, the sun was comfortable. The fish is delicious, it is the center of distribution, so we can buy a lot of things.

I know that not all of the kingdom is like that. Kuzaha-chan’s mother was killed by Kingdom’s lord, and the forest where Neguseo was living was targeted by poachers.

People I met, the scenery I saw, I felt it.
The words that summarize all of them were “nice places”.

“… That’s right, so if you are smiling like that, surely it’s a nice place.”  (Richelle)

“Yes, very beautiful, like flowers bloom.”  (Richelle)
“Well … was that so?” (Arge)

It seems that my cheeks were loose before I noticed it.

While I’m turning my eyes is the carriage, my eyes met with Kuzuha-chan.
Kuzaha-chan has finished eating at noon and right now she is taking a rest. She shakes her fox ears and smiles at me.

“What were you talking about, Arge-san?” (Kuzuha)

“I am want to hear about that, what I know is only from listening my mother, but I don’t know what it really is.” (Kuzuha)

“Really, I’m looking forward to … (it) !” (Kuzuha) (her dialog is cut off halfway)

A talk become tense in a moment.

Kuzaha-chan raise her nose to pick up scent. Then she turn her face toward and said. Her word is somewhat predictable. It was a word indicating an enemy attack.

“It is a smell of blood-starving beasts, it seems they caught the smell of our dinner.” (Kuzuha)
“Ah…” (Arge)

Such things are happen a lot when traveling and I have gotten used to it because I’ve traveled several times, but it does not change my troubles.

Perhaps, Felnote-san and Zeno-kun who are preparing dinner outside are not yet noticed. Only beastkin like Kuzaha-chan has the most sensitive ear and nose can. Apart from attention (naive, easy to trick), I can say that she is the best for her awareness.
If she says that the enemy is coming, they will definitely come. Haa~, it is troublesome.

“Either way, they will cause trouble for our dinner, shall I go for a look?” (Arge)

“Richelle-san, Kuzaha-chan said there’re the smell of the beasts, so I’m going to see outside a little.” (Arge)
“Arge-sama, if it is that kind of thing, I will come along” (Richelle)

As she heard my words, Richelle-san ask to come with us.

… This person can fight, isn’t she?

I heard that the dark elves have strong magical power, and it seems that war is occurring on a daily basis on the devil continent which Richelle’s family is governed.

Well, it’s no harm to get more helping hands, so let take her along.

“Well then, can we ask you to fight with us, Richelle-san?” (Arge)
“Yes, please leave it to me, I’m also feel sorry for just eating” (Richelle)

Oh, she was consciously aware of it properly.
While I’m surprised with that fact, I decided to get off the carriage with the two of them.

TN: A wild X appears!

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