The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 106


Translator’s Note: I’m testing translate chapter 48 Sage’s Pupil. It was Hell. Even I understand all the words, the grammar is still a mess. More important, I don’t know/remember the name the lastest translator use.

Ah … I want translate more Arge. Even Mira is cute but I prefer translate Arge. In 3 weeks I must change to Mira, the chapter is 3 times longer, the grammar is 3 times messier. Unless I transform myself to a Red Imouto with 3 times faster, I won’t be able to release 1 chapter per day.

Chapter 106: Things that unwind in hot water

“Felnote-san, so why are you here?”  (Arge)
“Since I was bored, I thought about soaking in a bath and killing some time. When I asked the golem, they show me the way” (Felnote)

Ah, I see. 

They must be programed or built that way.

“Hey … it feels good, I like this temperature.”  (Arge)
“Yeah, I also feel like my body is warming up.”  (Felnote)

We sit next to each other with our shoulders touch while enjoying the hot water. 

I’m looking at Felnote-san and she were watching me. Even if we all sit down but there is a difference in height, so our lines of sight were different. 
I am looking up to her face, but her eyes were looking down to my chest. 

“… Uhm, what’s wrong ?”  (Arge)
“Ah … no, nothing, … so what is it, Arge?”  (Felnote)

When I asked her, it seems like she wasn’t pay attention. She try to answer in a hurry by a question. Was I doing something strange that make her keep staring at me ? 

“… Mr. Felnote, don’t tell me …”  (Arge)

“Even if you keep looking at it so much, unfortunately my chest will not grow like Felnote san?”  (Arge)

“Hidoi ! Felnote-san is mean! You’re rich and I’m poor ! Odd Eyes Boing !”  (Arge)

“By the way, why did you look at my chest?” (Arge)
“Please stop suddenly return to prime topic, I can not follow …” (Felnote)

I can’t help it. 

She’s calling me by my name. I feel somewhat relieved with that.

After a while we’re looking at each other again. Our line of sight was looking at each other face properly. 

“… So, Arge. What’s wrong?” (Felnote)

“Relieved …?”  (Felnote)

“What is it, did something strange happen to you?”  (Felnote)

I do believe it (was treated as Cyril) is strange, but what I said is true, I really feel relieved when Felnote-san call my name. And then, I feel like I want to have a little mischief. I use my hands to throw hot water at Felnote, and she closed her two color eyes as she get hot water on her face. 

After play until tired, I signed. I can certainly believe who I really am. I wonder what should I say with Igu-san.
While playing my silvery hair swaying in hot water, I spoke again to Felnote-san. 

“… By the way, what did you do that for, Felnote-san?”  (Arge)

“No, I only look at your face because I plan to talk with you a while ago. I just wonder why you keep looking at my chest, do I have something strange ?” (Arge)

“… ?” (Arge)

It is unusual for Felnote-san to behave like this, she can’t even reply properly.

It was unusual for Felnote-san to take an attitude that seemed confused. Have I done something wrong?

“Felnote-san? If there is something you worry about, you can talk with me about it”

I’m coming closer to her and look direct to her eyes, because our height were different, my line of sight become an upward stare as Felnote-san has a downward one.
Felnote looked more and more troubled and her face turned red.

“Hey, wait, Arge, if you’re approaching while staring at me like that, I will be troubled … you see …” (Felnote)

“That’s not it, I mean differently … Ah, the smell of Arge…” (Felnote)

“Well, it was rather good!” (Felnote)

“Sorry, I’m sorry, that’s not it … No, you don’t have to worry. Ah, I already done my bath, well, if you excuse me …” (Felnote)

For some reason, Felnote-san kept her nose up as she went out of the bath.

I think that I am going to enjoy hot water a little more, I sink my body into the hot water once more.

As I relax, I become drowsy, but it will be dangerous to sleep in the bath, so I will just narrowed my eyes.

Just narrowing … only narrowing … sleeping … sleepy …

“Arge-san!” (Kuzuha)
“Fumi ~yu!?”  (Arge)

Suddenly I was surprised and jumped up.

Before my eyes was a familiar fox girl.

“… Kuzuha-chan?” (Arge)
“Hehehe, Arge-san, it’s just a while ago! I got bigger and I came back!” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan rise her nose proudly. Her tails swayed in a good mood.

“… It seems to me that you still aren’t any bigger though” (Arge)

“Ha, is that so?” (Arge)

Kuzaha-chan is proudly said it has grown properly even the height and tails are the same.

Still, Kuzuha-chan insists that she got bigger. Where is she talking about?

“… butt?” (Arge)

“No, I’m talking about what part of Kuzuha-chan got bigger?” (Arge)

“Oh, was that so?” (Arge)

So it was about her grow as a person not her appearance.

It is Richelle-san, I can see water drops in her smooth brown skin even in white steam. Her purple eyes are looiking at me, her eyes was narrowed because of hot steam.
Richelle-san, who was in a state of unimpaired appearance, was doing a beautiful body bow with proportion even in place. Her beautiful appearance can be evaluated as a model, especially one part highly emphasized when looking side by side with Kuzha.

“Arge-sama, did you come here for a bath too?” (Richelle)

“Yes, even though I couldn’t communicate with her, I was in her care until now.” (Richelle)
“Is that so? With Kuzuha-chan, right?” (Arge)

Kuzuha-chan is a very caring person but she also has a carefree character.

Even Kuzuha-san is still a kid but she can be reliable sometime. Is this what she mean by “grow bigger” ?

When I feel convinced, Richelle-san delightful talking to me.

“I have something I want to report … after taking a bath, may I have a moment of your time?” (Richelle)

“No, because my family motto is we must relax when soaking hot water, not to worry about anything else” (Richelle)

Indeed, it can’t be helped if it is a family tradition.

They both soak up to their shoulders in hot water and sigh at the same time.

It seems that she was together with Kuzuha-chan to have their adventure even they can’t understand other language. But it seems like they have become good friends.

“Well we’re already soaking in water for a while, should we get out ?” (Arge) (では暫し、お湯をいただきますね: Dewa shibashi, oyu o itadakimasu ne)

“Oh, I see. Let’s soaking in water for a while longer then.” (Arge)

Fox ears and elf ears. I watched the briefly that the two long ears fell down.

I am worried about what Richelle want to report is but for now I decided to pull out a little bit.

Author’s Note: I gave the activity report on the matter of comicalization. Well then.


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