The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 107

Translator’s Note:

Ah… I really love to translate Arge after all. Really easy to guess who are talking.

“~wa , ~no, Arge-san” is Kuzuha

“Arge” is Felnote

“Arge-sama” is Richelle

Arge Chapter 107: Something was hidden deep down.

ED: Lowe

After getting out of the bath, Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san take me to the library.

Even so I must ask them first

“So what’s wrong with this place?”  (Arge)
“Can you see there is a road there?”  (Richelle)

Richelle-san point her finger to the corner of the library. There was a gap in the bookshelf unnaturally, and the other side seemed to be a passage.

“What’s going on?”  (Arge)

“Haa, I see … Kuzuha-chan, so how do you think about that passage?” (Arge)
“It was serious! I have no problem with it though!” (Kuzuha)

It seems that it was serious.

There are signs that there are arrows stuck in the walls, holes on the floor are clear, and something just exploded.
The stairs can be seen in the back of the road, but the road lead to it was in terrible condition.

“… It seems that you stepped on a lot of trap” (Arge)
“Yes, Richelle went ahead and started all the traps … and I must help every single time … It was serious.”  (Kuzuha)

Indeed, it certainly seems that what Kuzuha-chan said was true.

As for Richelle-chan who was on the side of being protected, she also smiles.

“Kuzuha-sama has saved me from dangers many times” (Richelle)
“Well, I can tell just by seeing it.” (Arge)

If you look at the misery of the aisle, you can predict what is mostly what happened.

“But I can’t see any golems, even you guys cause a lot of noises” (Arge)

“… It is strange, is not it?”  (Richelle)

Golem should also be used for security, so it is strange to say that they didn’t react with a lot of noises, especially a hidden place that need a lot of protection like this.

When I started walking in the hidden passage, there are a lot of dust and gunpowder’s smell stick to my nose.
Dust is due to this place isn’t cleaned for years, and gunpowder’s smell is from the explosion trap residue.

“… Well, it seems like you had activated all the trap”  (Arge)

“It was innovative, wasn’t it?”  (Kuzuha)
“I’d say it was more novel like …” (Felnote)

I can hear the voice of Felnote-san from the back.

“It is quite narrow if we go with four people. Shall we divide in two rows?”  (Felnote)

“It’s a hidden room, but it was locked by magic, I thought that Arge-sama could open it.” (Richelle)
“…I see” (Arge)

In other words, is it my responsibility to open the lock?

What kind of relationship between me and Cyril? Perhaps I will get some hints in this place
In order to find an answer the mystery that appeared abruptly, I started walking.

“Light”  (Felnote)

As Felnote-san’s voice echo, light appear on her fingertips. It is unnecessary for me and Kuzuha-chan, but it is certainly better to have a light because this aisle is dark.

Looking into the stairs, there was also a trace of traps there as well.
Every trap have been activated, which is quite a terrible thing, but it seems we will be able to pass easy now.

“Well then, shall we go?”  (Arge)

I said to everyone and go down the stairs.

Before our eyes, there was a huge iron door.
I gently touch and push. The door didn’t move at all, but I can felt the flow of magical power rebound.

“…This is”  (Arge)
“Certainly, this magical power has wavelength similar to Arge” (Felnote)

Felnote-san, touching the door in the same way next to me as she talking.

It feels like this place was made for me, or rather for Cyril.

“… Open sesame” (Arge) (original was “Please Open”)

I use my magic the same way with recovery magic.

And a seal is close to a curse.
And then I hear a loud noise, the magical power that covers the door scatters and disappear. I tried to push the door again, this time it opened obediently.

Dusty air escapes from the gap of the door and strokes my skin.
I stepped inside the door, and the room appear before my eyes is…

“This is … the office?” (Arge)

The word leaked naturally as I evaluate this place.

A stack of notes on the edge of the desk is a number of documents.
I approached and reached for a note. Even if I do not know what the languages on the cover are, but I can understand the meaning with the language translation skill.

“This is a diary …” (Arge)

“Yes. And in this case, I think this is Cyril’s diary.” (Arge)
“It looks like an ancient spiritual language, it is simple and legible.” (Richelle)

Richelle get interested while looking at the diary in my hand.

In that case if I read this, I may know something about the connection between Cyril and me.

“Arge, what will you do?” (Felnote)
“… I will read it.” (Arge)

I understand that reading a diary of another person is never a good thing.
Still, I chose to read the diary. I will not understand anything unless I read it.

“… Then, it will be bad if she (Igu) come back while you are still reading.” (Felnote)

“Then … Shall we go and buy Arge-san some time?” (Kuzuha)
“… I’m sorry and Please.” (Arge)

And then Felnote-san and Kuzuha-chan leave the room with a smile.
Richelle-san is excited looking around the room. And she set her eyes on the bookshelf in the corner of the room and began to read those book. Let’s leave her alone for now.

I sit on a desk that looks expensive and begin to choose from the diary stack.

As I turning its pages, I can get the meaning even I don’t know the language.

“… !?”  (Arge)

Suddenly, I become sleepy like I never sleep before, my consciousness is fading and I’m falling asleep

And after I wake up I saw someone who looked like me. (TN: Arge’s consciousness was sucked into the dream world, her body is in a sleeping state)


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