The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Cyrilnote

“… I didn’t think that there will be a day that I can come out” (???)

A girl who looks exactly like me, but she’s gently laughing, unlike myself.

A smile that thinks of someone. It was a gentle smile like Kuzuha-chan’s mother.
The girl is sitting on the desk. For now, I will talk to her.

“Are you Cyril?” (Arge) (シリル: Shiriru)

“Well, that means you are a Tail hair-san?” (Arge) (尻毛さん: Shirige-san)
“How did you come up with that!?” (???)

Maybe I shouldn’t do that. Although I didn’t understand this story, I just followed up.
Her face is distorts that looks exactly like me and she clears her throat so as to correct his mind.

“I’m Cyril’s Note , you can call me Cyrilnote, please stop with the “Tail” thing.” (Cyrilnote)
“Okay, Cyrilnote” (Arge)

When I’m calling her name, Cyrilnote gave me a smile.

And while I still wondering, her next words confirm my thought.

“Anyway, what are you doing here? you look like Cyril, but a different person” (Cyrilnote)

“Well, you are different. Your hair and eyes don’t have the same color. You don’t cry like her. Your magical powers are similar, but the vector is the opposite.” (Cyrilnote)

“Put it simple, you are like Cyril, but that’s it.” (Cyril)

“It’s just that. If you’re worried, try listening to that Dark Elf later, as it is my time now, you can only do it afterwards” (Cyrilnote)

As she told me, I turn around, Richelle isn’t there.

Looking at Cyrilnote again, she is descending from the desk.

“Well, my only role is to inform those who opened Cyril’s note that Cyril left behind, Cyril herself must have had a person in mind she want to open it … that girl right now seems like blind.” (Cyrilnote)

Cyrilnote seems sad as she says so.

A spirit of the big safe that believes I am Cyril, she is gorgeous and stubborn.
Cyrilnote started to talk again.

“Well, I can understand her feelings.The person she love is absent for centyries, and she have made coins by herself and kept counting. It can’t be helped that she became like that” (Cyrilnote)

“Well, I don’t know about that, I am the same as Igu Jisuta, I only know about what golems here saw and heard. But if Cyril is alive, there is no way she will not return here.” (Cyrilnote)

Cyrilnote keep on talking while looking as if to check in the library.

“Well, since you seem to want to know about Cyril, let’s talk about her, Cyril was originally under the supervision of a certain person. That person was her master and the one she loved more than anyone.” (Cyrilnote)

“That person said that she came from another world and she teach Cyril about the machine” (Cyrilnote)

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, because what I’m talking about are the records that Cyril left behind.” (Cyrilnote)

If that friend is really from another world, then there’s no mistake about it.
I always thought the word “machine” was strange with this world civilization, that friend of her must be the one brought it to this world.

“Cyril and her master had one dream, to unify the currency of this world, it is easy to say, but it wasn’t that simple” (Cyrilnote)
“… that would be the case” (Arge)

It is impossible to unify money into one.

And if there is only one kind of money means that the economy collapses the moment that money becomes worthless.

“Yeah, it was not easy, but that is the only dream they share. After her master’s death, Cyril never once lose her passion. She make the greatest grave for her master with knowledge from another world she once heard, the pyramid. She build this bomb to let her master have a peaceful rest and it also to realize their dream” (Cyrilnote)

“Yeah, she has that much thought.” (Cyrilnote)

Thoughts, dreams, living worth.

As I thought, she and I are different people.

I have no passion and love like Cyril.

“And then Cyril create the artificial spirit to comfort her, that was Igu jisuta, imitated her best friend, Igu Jii (イグジィ).” (Cyrilnote)

“Yes, as Cyril is lonely, so she make Igu Jisuta as a replacement of her close friends … at first.” (Cyrilnote)

“Yeah, Cyril was change, Igu Jisuta and Igu Jii are different. While Cyril live together with her, Cyril noticed that.” (Cyrilnote)

“That’s why she began to see Igu Jisuta as a different friend, not Igu Jii.” (Cyrilnote)

It was just like a personnel affair, but Cyrilnote is shyly smiled.
She’s turning around, holding the pen lined up on the desk, and she keeps talking.

“Cyril from then respected the behavior and intentions of Igu Jisuta and made her grow up. Cyril cherish her as another important friend.” (Cyrilnote)
“… Cyril cherish Igu Jisuta-san ?” (Arge)

I remember something similar that Igu Jisuta-san told me.
There’s no doubt that she think Cyril is important. Enough to blindly believe in that another person that look like her. She had been waiting for centuries after all.

“Yes, that’s right. If Cyril is still alive, there’s no way she isn’t come back. Cyril thinks of Igu Jisuta as an important friend and also has affection for her. This place has someone she cherish, this place is also the place she realize her dream. Even if she gonne die soon, she will return to her best friend’s grave and rest together” (Cyrilnote)

“Well, she must be long dead, it’s already centuries and Cyril was just a human being.” (Cyrilnote)

“You have nothing to do with her, but if you feel something for her then … Well, will you let that idiot awake?” (Cyrilnote)

Smile somewhat sad, Cyrilnote stroked my head.

The girl with a face that looks exactly like me turned round like try to hiding her face.

“It’s a hassle, but I’d be happy if you help her. I’m a bit sad to keep watching her like this.” (Cyrilnote)
“I understand” (Arge)

I’m surprise at myself that I accept her request without thinking..
Even if help her, I will not have any benefit. Even I know that, I still accept it.

Cyrilnote after hearing my words, gently smiled.

I keeps staring at her for a while, and my shoulder was tapped.

“Arge-sama, are you okay?” (Richelle)
“…Umm” (Arge)

The moment I heard Richelle-san’s voice, I found myself sleeping on the desk.
I feel like I woke up from my dream, when I’m looking at Cyril’s diary again, Cyril’s diary have become blurred. I do not know the meaning of blurred letters.

“Dream … No, I guess it is something like a dream” (Arge)

“No. It was just fine.” (Arge)

It’s like timing was measured, perhaps Cyrilnote has done something about it.
While recalling what I was told, I ask the dark elf girl.

“Richelle-san, do you think that my figure looked like someone, and did it relate to anything?” (Arge)
“… Relationship, is it?” (Richelle)

Richelle-san put her index finger to her cheek and gestured like pondering.
Her blonde hair are swaying as she turn back and forth. After pondering for a few minutes, she told me.

“Vampires are the existence of high concentration magical power that acquired a will. In other words, if you provide an enormous magic enough to enrich the magical power in the atmosphere, the vampire will be born, with the form of most likely the owner of that magical power” (Richelle)

“The environment in which Arge-sama is born is not natural, it is artificially born.” (Richelle)

“Yes, that’s it, you will inherit to some extent the quality of magical powers like genetics, but you are a different person.” (Richelle)

I wish Richelle-san had told me about this sooner but Richelle knows only my words.

This is the trouble of having a different language. And I understand that it can’t be help.

The land where I was born is a place where there was a massive battle in the past.
It was a lonely place that turned into ruins. Maybe the magic power that was once used in that place was by Cyril. And her magical power must be strongest compare to other. And that why I have the same her magic power and appearance as her. That must be it. With that in mind, I got up from the chair.

“… Well then, shall we go?” (Arge)

“Yes, I already knew what I needed to know.” (Arge)

Even I still haven’t checked everything was written here, I already know what I have to know and what I want to know.

There’s someone who should know about the memories here more than me.
In order to fulfill what I promised, I left the hidden room.


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