The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 113

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Arge Chapter 113: Sweet and filled Night

“um, fu” (Arge) 

The Blood overflowing from Felnote’san injure and fills my mouth.

This is the second time that I taste blood directly like this. Which make me realize again.

Not only the blood taste but also the feeling in my fangs and lip, and the tongue on Felnote’s skin and flesh.

It was very comfortable for a vampire.

The feel of soft flesh.

Dense smell of blood that have a sweet taste.

Everything about blood sucking is really great.

“~um…!” (Felnote)

“n…!?” (Arge)

My mind seemed to be drunk by blood, is pulled back by Felnote’s voice.

I was able to hold my blood sucking instict but when I tried to pull back my fangs…

“…It’s okay, please continue” (Felnote)

“N, fu ~ai…… ka pu~” (Arge) (T.N: sorry but I can’t translate moan*)

I followed the words whispered in my ear. And I continue sucking her blood.

I can no longer refrain my action. 

When I noticed, I already clung to her and sucking blood.


The taste of blood is sweet, and it seems that every time I swallow, it will melt in the depths of my throat.

Every bite makes my body get hot and I want it even more.

I use the tip of my tongue to lick the blood on her wound.

We make a lot of noise. I think that everyone will wake up if we continue to do this, but such worry soon faded away by the taste of blood and disappeared.

“Ha … more, Felnote-san, I want more …”  (Arge)

“U~m … it’s okay, Arge …” (Felnote)

I have a feeling like she hugged my body and stroke my head.

When I’m realizing that she accept, I continue to suck blood many times over and over.

“Um, chi ~yu … ji ~yuru, a ha~tsu…… tasty, …love I love ~this…♪” (Arge)

“Ku, ~a… n, you can drink as much as you want, … don’t hold back … um …” (Felnote)

She puts her fingers pass through my hair.

Occasionally she touches my ear, something she rub my back.

Something it’s tickling, but I don’t hate it. I’m sticking to her as I suck blood.

“Wa, wa fu…… puha~” (Arge)

I felt numb in my head and I let go.

If I drink any more, It will be dangerous for Felnote-san. Even with a blurred head, I could understand it properly and stop it.

“… Arge, are you okay?” (Felnote)

“Yes, I’m sorry, Felnote-san …” (Arge)

To think I have my partner worry about me, although I was the one who should be take care of her after I suck her blood.

I’m feeling a bit fever from my stomach, my body is trembling, I get sweet and numb.

Felnote-san hugs me just like that and pats my head.

The taste of blood still remaining in my mouth with saliva and I breath slowly.

“… Felnote-san. Did you feel pain or something?” (Arge)

“It’s okay, it’s not a big deal, compared to getting sucked blood from long time ago.” (Felnote)

“… When I sucked your blood, did you feel anything weird?” (Arge)

The feeling given to the partner when the vampire sucks blood is what the vampire wants the most. Recalling that, I asked Felnote-san.

“It wasn’t bad. So please don’t worry.” (Felnote)

“Is that so? …I’m glad …” (Arge)

Felnote-san told me that I didn’t give her any bad feelings.

Of course, I didn’t mean to make other feeling bad, but I do not know about myself either. I’m glad that I didn’t make her feel bad and I’m happy with drinking her blood.

The feeling of sucking her blood and the feel of her body from hugging me are really nice.

Still I will not forget what I have to do.

I put my hand around her would and speak the words.

“Pain, pain go away” (Arge)

Even if I don’t understand the concept, but I can use this magic perfectly.

Because it was a magic that I had been used many times since I’m reincarnated in this world.

The spoken words gather the magical power and correctly produces the effect of the magic.

The magic lighting Felnote’s skin and immediately closed the wound.

Recovery magic.

It isn’t a simple healing but also have a function to help the hematopoiesis, so there is no need to worry about anemia.

“Thank you, Arge” (Felnote)

“I’m the one must say thank … Thank you Felnote-san” (Arge)

“… … I will carry you to the bed.” (Felnote)

Because there was no reason to refuse, I also didn’t have the energy to walk on my own, so I decided to obediently listen to her. With fluffy consciousness, my body is lifted.

She takes me to the bed in bridal carry pose like a princess and gently put me down in the soft bed. It feels good to have a hot body wrapped in cold sheets.

I’m looking at Felnote from the bed and speak.

“Fuu …… Thank you, Felnote-san” (Arge)

“You are welcome.” (Felnote)

“Umm……” (Arge)

The feeling of being patted is pleasant, I close my eyes in happy.

The sweet smell that tingling the sense of smell isn’t from blood but the smell of Felnote-san.

We have a familiar relationship, and this person is really kind.

If I say something wrong, I can hear a resonant reaction, I also like her attitude when she get angry at me. And she willing to risk her life in order to protect me. 

Everything comes from kindness.

Reflected in my vision, her eyes for some reason aren’t looking at me but at random change to various place.

“Felnote-san …?” (Arge)

“Ah… yes? Arge. Uhm… is it okay for me to ask something?” (Felnote)

“Yes … What is it …?”  (Arge)

I’m sleep and want to sleep but I have enough room to answer the question.

Her cheeks are stained red and hot. Is it due to blood sucking?

“Well, about that …well, I don’t mind if you refuse to listen to what I say now, but …” (Felnote)

“… If it’s Felnote-san’s request, … I will not refuse” (Arge)

“Well, are you sure?” (Felnote)

“Yes … Because I am indebted to you all the time … If I can repay you somehow, I will do it …” (Arge)

I’m really sleepy. But I focus on consciousness and endure falling asleep.

I have to stay awake until I finish listening at least.

“What, anything …!?” (Felnote)

“No, not eveything …” (Arge)

I haven’t said that. Even with a sleepy head, I have to deny it properly.

It will not funny if she told me “You have to work seriously”.

My purpose is “Lifestyle that have free three meals with an afternon nap”

I can’t give it up and I don’t want to.

“Anyway, if it’s Felnote-san’s request, even not everything, but I will do my best to fufill it” (Arge)

“… Are you awake right now?” (Felnote)

“It was an important request, so I have to stay awake” (Arge)

I will be in trouble if I make a funny promise at the moment I fell asleep. There are many such scams. Felnote-san will not do such a thing, but I still need to affirm what she is saying.

I have to hear and asnwer properly.

“Well, about that … well, uhm …” (Felnote)

“… ?” (Arge)

“Uhm, you see. While I was sleeping on the the before it was little cold and I think that we can sleep together because this bed is wide.” (Felnote)

“I accept” (Arge)

The size of other bed is small that we can only afford to sleep with one person.

Among them, I think that my bed is exceptionally big, it must be Igu Jisuta-san doing.

In terms of my former world, my bed is a queen size bed.

And Felnote-san got closer to me. We are lying on the bed face to face, we are close enough to hear other breath.

“Felnote-san …?” (Arge)

“Do not you think it’s okay for me to sleep with you like this. Well, isn’t this warm?” (Felnote)

“Well … it might be so …” (Arge)

“Right!? So, today with me …” (Felnote)

“U~n?” (Kuzuha)

“…!?” (Felnote)

Felnote-san words were interrupted by the voice of Kuzuha-chan.

Apparently, she wakes up when hear our talking voice.

Felnote-san leap backward and took a distance from me in an instant.

And Kuzuha-chan gets up while moving her fox ears a little bit.

“U~ … is it already morning (desu~ no)…?” (Kuzuha)

“Uhm not yet, It’s still midnight, Kuzuha-chan, you can keep sleeping.” (Arge)

“N u… wa i desu~ no” (Kuzuha)

After hearing my answer, Kuzuha-chan lies on the bed again. Her small body sinks into the sheet with her tails cover most of her body.

She seemed easy to fall sleep.

“… I was saved by an obedient child.” (Felnote)

“Fue …?” (Arge)

“Nothing … Arge, please go to bed now. Because It will be bad if we wake up late tomorrow.” (Felnote)

“… Are you fine with the cold …?”

“Yes, because I will cover my self with the sheet somehow, so alright … Don’t worry about me.” (Felnte)

I don’t understand well, but if she said she will be fine then I shouldn’t worry about it.

I wonder about what she was going to talk about, but I felt sleepy, so I stopped worrying about it.

The feeling of satisfaction from consumed blood after a long time make sleeping desire raised. It’s just like being sleepy when you get full.

“Good night, Felnote-san” (Arge)

After that I begin to sleep. 

I thought that she’s already sleeping, but Felnote-san waved her hand to me and responded.

I am satisfied with that and I close my eyes.

The warmness of the blood in my stomach make me fall asleep immediately.

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