The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 118

“How do you see Cyril?”  (Arge)

“What…!?”  (Igu)

“Cyril, the one you told me about, is a much better person than I even we may have the same appearance!” (Arge)

“…!?”  (Igu)

“Cyril is obviously smarter than me, she is gracious, she can worry about others, she get up early in the morning and she will not go to sleep too much!

I am not that kind of person, I want to go to bed at least 30 hours a day!”  (Arge) (T.N: Anyone remember lazy dungeon master want to sleep how many hours a day ?)

I thought that I’m only a bit different from compare to her, but that’s it.

Cyril Arcadia and Argento Vampear are not the same person. On the contrary we hardly seems to be similar.

Our face may be similar. But it’s only that degree.

I am not good with machine and I can’t do it. I can’t have a gentle smile thought of someone else as the drawing portrait and I also don’t love writing a note.

“It seems strange that you think we are the same by merely saying that our faces are similar …” (Arge)

“But, I am …” (Igu)

“If Cyril is important, why are you filling up her memories with lies and trying replace it …?” (Arge)

“n…!”  (Igu)

The face of Igu Jisuta-san was obviously distorted. It looks like she feels painful somewhere. … After all, did she really not understand?

In truth, she must realize it somehow.

She knows about Cyril more than anyone else. Because she was created by Cyril, raised and lived together.

In fact, she should know the difference between me and Cyril more than anyone else.

Even so, she is trying to believe that I am her important person.

“You shouldn’t paint your important with a lie” (Arge)

“No, that’s not true! Cyril is here, in front of me!” (Igu)

“If you forget about Cyril, she will really be gone forever …!” (Arge)

Her memories are going to be updated. Even though it were the memorie she cherished, it would gradually replace by new memories.

It is the same as my dream of the old times. Even though I feel nostalgic, it’s not the present. While I am calling as Argento Vampear, I sometimes feel like forgetting the name Kuon Ginji.

If she lives with only lies and updating that memories.

Someday, the important memories she spends with real Cyril will be forgotten.

I thought that was something she shouldn’t do because I know how much she love and care about Cyril.

Even if she hate to face the truth in front of her and is trying not to listen by waving her head like a child.

“I, I am … Cyril …!” (Igu)  (Wa, watashi wa…… Shiriru o……!)

“Igu Jisuta, you shouldn’t …” (Arge) (「イグジスタ、いい加減に――: Igujisuta, īkagen ni」

“… shouldn’t do something like this !!”  (Kuzuha) 「――いい加減に! しなさあああい!!:  Īkagen’ni! Shina-sa ā ai!!’」

There was a voice crying out earlier than what I was trying to say. That was Kuzuha-chan’s voice.

Because her voice was so loud that Igu Jisuta-san and the gigantic golem also stopped moving.

Her fox ears and tail are standing up. She looks up at the golem, pointing her finger at Igu Jisuta-san.

Which remind me, Kuzuha-chan said that there was something she wants to say to Igu Jisuta. Perhaps now is that time.

“From a while ago, I plan to turn a deaf ear to your story but I must say it’s too narrow!”  (Kuzuha) (Sakki kara shirirushiriru to, īkagen’ni mimi ni tako ga dekimasu wa! Ohanashi no haba ga sema sugimasu!)

“What with you, suddenly… !?”  (Igu) 「な、なんだ、いきなり!?: Na,na nda, ikinari!?」

“I’m not suddenly! My name is Kuzuha!” (Kuzuha) (Ikinari, de wa arimasen! Watashi no namae ha kuzuha desu no!)

“No, in what sense (you said my story is narrow) …!?” (Igu) 「いやそういう意味では…!?」

“And you are Igu Jisuta, and this girl is Argento-san!” (Kuzuha) 「そしてあなたはイグジスタさんで、そちらにいるのはアルジェントさんですの!: Soshite anata wa igujisuta-san de, sochira ni iru no wa arujento-sandesu no!」

“n … !” (Igu)

“I don’t know what kind of person Cyril was, and I don’t know whether she is still alive until now! But, …” (Kuzuha) (Īkagen ni, wakattara dōdesu no! Shiriru-san ga don’na hitodatta ka wa shirimasenshi, ima ikite iru kamo shirimasen! Demo, de mo~…!)

Kuzuha-chan looks straight at Igu Jisuta-sam as she will say something important.

Her straightness makes Igu Jisuta-san looks frightened to look back.

“Do not replace Arge-san with a stranger …!” (Kuzuha) (Aruje-san o, tanin ni shinaide kudasai…!)

“U … Urusai! Urusai! Urusai …!”  (Igu) (As Shana’s fan I will not give up this chance, sorry to readers in advance)

Igu Jisuta shakes her redhead and cries and she waves the golden stick and glares at Kuzuha-chan.

“Do not disturb me and Cyril, crush her, golem!”  (Igu)

With just that simple command, the machine followed it.

The Gigantic golem which Igu Jisuta-san rides on, approaching Kuzuha-chan by moving its legs. The body of the golem exceeding 5 meters approachs Kuzuha-chan in just a moment.

It doesn’t have a weapon, but with it Gigantic arms, according to the word “crush”, simple swing down to the small Fox.

“Kuzuha-chan …!” (Arge)

“N … Beast Division!”  (Kuzuha)

In response to Kuzuha’s voice, two Bushiha-chan gathered.

Instead of avoid, Kuzuha-chan receives the golem’s arms with the power of three people.

“… …. Aaaaa ……!” (Kuzuha + 2 Bushiha)

Despite being a child, she has the strength of a beastkin. But the golem power is too much even with three girls. Kuzuha-chans obviously groaned in agony.

“…  Kuzuha-chan!” (Arge)

“Kuzuha-sama!”  (Richelle)

“Don’t come!”  (Kuzuha) (Ugoku nā)

I trying to help Kuzuha-chan, so is Richelle-san.

I wanted to help Kuzuha-chan, but I called her name even I know it’s impossible even if I wanted to help.

“Ku~… Igu Jisuta! please stop it…!” (Arge) (Ku~tsu…… Igujisuta! Tomete kudasai……!)

“Well, Cyril! You are bad one, accept it …! I’m tired of being deceived and mislead!” (Igu)

Her tears keep falling as she speaks. Her silver eyes keep looking at me as she cries.

She seems like a child waiting for the return of her parents.

Because she kept waiting forever, for Cyril, her important person.

“I have been waiting here forever! She promises me, promise to come back with me!

I have kept defense this place as I promise, I can’t go looking for Cyril, for years, many years …!”  (Igu)

“Igu Jisuta, you are …”  (Arge)

I am stuck in words. I don’t know what to say.  I can understand her feelings, waiting for a long time.

I hesitated to make a further denial here now. I didn’t even know about myself, I thought that I have to do something now or.

“Indefinitely, I will come back … I stay at this place, okay! Because I am …” (Arge) (Īkagen ni, kaette kite kuretatte…… sukuwa retatte, īdarou! ? Datte watashi wa)

“Stop joking around, she is not …!!”  (Kuzuha) (Fuzakeru n ja, arimasen wa yo…)

When I tried to say to Igu Jisuta, I certainly heard her voice shouted out loud.

It was Kuzuha-chan’s voice, who seemed to be about to collapse at the moment.

She is desperately trying to push Golem’s arms with her alter ego. She can’t afford to talk. Still she looks up tightly and speaks a word to Igu Jisuta.

“There is person, no matter how much you want to return … will never come back …!” (Kuzuha) (Dore dake nozonde mo~tsu…… kaettekonai hito, datte, iru n desu no yo)

Kuzuha-chan speaks in a spicy voice isn’t to prevent attacks.

She is the same as Igu Jisuta, waiting for her mother’s return.

There are a difference in years. Even their births and races are different.

Still, Kuzuha-chan felt something close to Igu Jisuta.

That is why she followed us and now she spoken the words she wanted to say.

“Persistent girl! Your power can’t reach me and Cyril golem! Give it up already … or I will crush you!” (Igu)

“Then … what …?” (Kuzuha) (だったら……どうしたっていうんですの!: Dattara……-dōshi tatte iu ndesu no!)

“What …!?” (Igu)

“Don’t you get it … Give up? Such a thing… Such a thing, ha~h … … I do not want to give up anymore …!” (Kuzuha) (Todokanai ~tsu, kara…… akirameru ndesu no! ? Son’na no wa…… son’na no, ha~tsu…… mō, iyana ndesu no……!!)

“You … why are you going so far …?” (Igu)

“I’m the same as you, … It’s because I regret having given up … !” (Kuzuha) (Anata to onaji, de ~e…… akirameta koto o, kōkai shite irukara ~tsu……desu wa! )

I can hear the sound of Kuzuha-chan grind her teeths

“Gu~u~u … Ah~hhh. I don’t want to give up … anymore. … Gu~u, thinking back … I also want to give up … at that time, I want to stop! … many times,  … I thought so … many time, … you get it too, don’t you?” (Kuzuha) (Gu, ~u~u…… a, asoko de akiramenakereba, motto, gu~…… kangaete, ireba tte…… a no toki, tomete itara tte……! Takusan, taku,-san ~… kangaemasu wa~…! Anata datte,-sō,deshou ~…!?)

“That is…” (Igu) (そ、れは: So,re wa)

“Still … who is gone, will not come back …!” (Kuzuha) (それでもっ……いなくなった人は、戻ってこないんですのっ…!: Sorede mo~… inaku natta hito wa, modottekonai ndesu no~)

“A, ū ~…!” (Igu) (あ、ううっ)

“I can heal my loneliness with someone else, even I can fill it … but … it will just someone else will take the place of the one you waiting … By no mean … Absolutely, I can not …!” (Kuzuha) (Sabishisa o, dare ka to yorisotte, umeru koto wa dekimasu ~… keredo! ! Darekaga dareka no kawari ni naru koto wa…… zettaini…… zettai, ni ~i… dekinai n desu no! ! !)

I’m always thinking Kuzuha is cheerful.

Because she is a child, she has overcome her sadness properly.

But the truth is she’s still hurting until now because her mother’s death and she’s still try to laugh a lot. She has not told me anything. I thought that she was okay, and also thought I have no right to ask.

But right now, Kuzuha-chan said everything because those words are necessary for the current Igu Jisuta.

“Arge-san isn’t a substitute for someone … for you nor Cyril-san … and as for me … I want her, not as a replacement … but my friend as she is!” (Arge) Aruje-san wa, dareka no kawari janai … anata ni totte no, Shiriru-san … soreto, onajide… watashi ni totte… tai, setsuna… o tomodachi,na n desu no~)

“That’s … but …” (Igu)

“What you are doing is bad … so stop doing this!” (Kuzuha) (いい加減に、甘えるのは……止めなさい: Īkagen ni, amaeru no wa…… tome nasai)

“Well, this is …!” (Richelle) (っ、これは…!?:~Tsu, koreha…!? )

Richelle’s surprising voice echoes. I was also surprised, probably the same thing.

If Kuzuha-chan uses her alter ego, the number of her tails will decrease. And right now she already uses 2 of her clones. Still, right now in Kuzuha-chan’s body there’s another tail left.

Before we knew it. Her tail grew up to respond to the feelings of Kuzha.

“If my current power isn’t enough, then how about with this …? Beast Devision 『Golden thread plum』 (Kuzuha) (Tarinainara, kore de dōdesu no……!? O-jū bunshin  『Kinshiume』)

The words sounded, and the fourth clone Bushiha-chan appeared.

Naturally, her power to push back the golem will increase if the number of alter ego increase.

The power balance was tilted towards Kuzha.

“Ku~ … Ooo~… !?” (Igu)

“My precious friend … I will not let you take her away!”  (Kuzuha) (もう、私の大切な人は……奪わせません: Mō, watashi no taisetsunahito wa…… ubawa semasen)

The four girls push back the golem arms. After they got a little advantage, they fall back to take some distance. The girls hold hands in the air and concentrate magical powers.

One monstrous movement that four girls do.

Perfectly controlled movements that can only be used by alter ego.

“Please stop that distortion!『Quadruple disaster 』“ (Kuzuha) (その歪みを、断ちなさい!『 四重禍鼬』: Sono yugami o, tachi nasai! 『 Shi-jū wazawai itachi』 )

With her words and the magic were released.

The wind magic with quadruple power tear up the air and flying at the Gigantic Golem.

The huge steel golem body get slashed all over and crumpled.

Perhaps it was in the calculation. Kuzaha-chan completely destroyed the golem without any scratches on Igu Jisuta.

“This is my … right now! This is my best power!” (Kuzuha) (Kore ga watashi no…… ima no! Zenryokudesu no!)

“… It was perfect that you even calculated Igu Jisuta falls.” (Arge)

“…Ah” (Kuzuha)

Well, it seems that she had not thought so far, so I used my full speed to help.

Because Igu Jisuta can no longer command, all golems had stopped their movements.


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