The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 122

「It’s fine fine weather today, Arge」(Felnote)

The person next to me says so as she crosses her arms, and her plump breasts are swaying softly in accordance with her movement.

It’s amazing whenever I see it. I wonder if she doesn’t fell heavy.

「That’s true, Felnote-san」(Arge)

I agreed because I was spoken to, so I will nod to her.

And beyond my line of sight, the morning sun start rising from the sea, I take a deep breath.

I can smell the salt contained in the inhaling air, It will be nice to sleep at this place. I can’t help it, after all I’m sleepy.

I want to take a nap today as well.

It has been months since I was incarnated with cheat skills as a silver-haired vampire girl in the other world, Argent Vampear.

My journey is still continuing.

My goal of getting 「a three meal per day and freely nap anytime I want」 was on hold at the moment. I’m traveling to take the glutton lady back to her hometown.

I want to finish it quickly and get back to my original goal.


Even I was incarnated as a vampire but I have sunlight tolerance skill max level, so I won’t get hurt even when I exposed to sunlight.

The morning sun is just dazzling and pleasant. I’m wiping my tears from sleepy.

As I was dumbfounded, the girl next to me spoke.

「So, we will go with the sea route from here … but is it okay, Arge?」(Felnote)

「Yes, I don’t think there will be any problem … Fu~a~h … Excuse me」(Arge)

「You feel sleepy as usual …」(Felnote)

「If I don’t sleep 30 hours per day, I will be sleepy」(Arge)

「That…, how can that be possible?」(Felnote)

She glared at me. I wonder why.

「Look, you should take the ship out quickly, we probably came straight to the sea without leaving the port city」(Felnote)

「Ha~, I understand」(Arge)

What she said is right, I obediently stepped forward one step without complaining.

If I step forward one more step, I will fall to the sea. I stand on the cliffs and release what is stored in my body.

「Please come out」(Arge)

Blood box. It is the skill to store goods by melting its existence in my own blood.  (T.N: I change from Blood bag to blood box)

With that skill, I took out the large merchant ship from my body.

The mass that appeared abruptly, got caught by gravity and dropped to the sea. It hits the sea and scatters salty splash.

The name of this merchant ship is Pisces. It was given to me from the lord, a mushroom-like lord in a port town called Arlesha.

「Ha~a … you skill is really useful, isn’t it?」(Felnote)

「Even it jus a normal ship but this ship is strengthened with my blood contract, so I think we can sail even in a rough sea」(Arge)

I just need to shake my finger lightly and Pisces will move as my will.

I can manipulate those have blood contract with to a certain extent.

Because, it somewhat takes away the will of living things, I hesitate to use it.

But if it is an inorganic material like a ship, this is simply convenient.

「Well then, it will become boat trip from here」(Arge)

「Is it really okay? … Isn’t something like ship need many seafarers to move?

Although I have also got on ship a lot in the past, marine navigation isn’t my forte」(Felnote)

「It connect with me through blood contract, I can move it freely even we don’t have any sailors.

If I give the ship the direction, we can arrive even if I’m sleeping」(Arge)

「… As I said, aren’t you sleeping too much already?」(Felnote)

「… Well, shall we call everyone?」(Arge)

「Wait a minute Arge! You ignore my question on purpose, don’t you?」(Felnote)

Although I can hear it properly, I disregard it because I can’t reply. So I decide to call my travel companion.

「Kuzuha-chan, I’m ready, please bring our luggage in」(Arge)

「Understood ~wa!」(Kuzuha)

This fox girl is Kuzuha, she is my friend. A cheerful and ecstatical fox girl.

As she recently grew up with the event at the Cyril Big Sage, and increased the number of tails from 3 to 4.

「『Beast Division』Bunshin Fox!」(Kuzuha)

By giving magical power to her each tail, she can create an alter ego. The fox girl increased her number and quickly began to carry baggage from the carriage.

「Well then, I’ll connect the horse. Please leave Neguseo to me」(Zeno)

「Yes, please, Zeno-kun」(Arge)

This man is a human merchant, he starts to do his job with a smile. His name is Zeno Kotobuki.

He is, well as it were, a so-called benefactor who gave me food and clothes when I was newly born. That’s why I am going to cross the sea in order to return my gratitude.

The black haired horse climb to the boat obediently with Zeno, his name is Neguseo. He is a companion of my journey, as the name suggests he has a fluffy mane that make me feel sleepy as a trademark.

「I do not think I will be in the ocean. Let’s take it slowly」(Neguseo)

「Please take care of other horses, Neguseo」(Arge)

「Well, leave it to me」(Neguseo)

Because I can talk him with the language translation skills, we can easy communicate with each other.

When we arrive at our destination, the Demon Continent, we will need to rely on horses from there. So we must let him and other horses take a good rest for now.

Felnote-san seems to help mount the horse on the ship, so she moves away from me.

I am free until we get ready, so I decided to look at others at work.

「So, we will go with this ship, … Arge-sama, is this your first time travel by ship?」(Richelle)

Another person is talking to me.

Stands next to me, a dark elf with a brown skin bows her head down as she talks.

As she moved, she swayed her golden hair with thin pigment in the ocean breeze, shook her long ears a bit and she looked into my eyes. Her purple eyes are shaking pleasantly, perhaps she took interested.

Richelieire · Arc · Valeria. She seems to be a noble lady from Demon Continent.

This trip’s purpose is helping Zeno deliver her back to her hometown.

She is using a confusing language called ancient spiritual language, that’s why she can only speak to other with me as a translator. Because she can not communicate with others, I was forced to help with work, so I guess us both were free.

「…Well, this is my first time」(Arge)

After thinking for a while, I answer her question.

Before re-incarnating, I have experiences it several times, but this is the first time in this world.

It is the second time to ride the Pisces, but that time was an emergency, not even a distance to say a journey.

A full-fledged boat trip will be the first time after reincarnated in this body.

「How about Richelle?」(Arge)

「Well … well, I know the ship itself, but that was when I was carried out of the devil continent … as a slave. I could not anything.

Ah, but I know the direction, I remember the map to a certain extent, so I know the current position」(Richelle)

Richelle-san has a delicate face, but there’s no need to fidget.

The reason why she was carried out of the devil continent is to help her people.

After that, it seems that Zeno and Felnote saved her in the place that she was about to be sold as a slave.

No matter how you think about it, it is hard to say that it’s a good memory, so it is unlikely for her to recall it.

「Voyage …」(Arge)

In any case, anything other than a different world cruise will be like that. I hope troubles do not happen.

While thinking about my future trip, I decided to close my eyes for a while.


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