The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 126

“… for now, I understand that you govern the town” (Arge)

She had said various things and Blah blah blah, but I can only understand that much.

Even the girl in front of me was somewhat clumsy, but it was definitely her voice and tone that I heard from a while ago.

Above all, when I’m looking at this girl, I can clearly see her magical power and read the smell of her blood.

Even she looks like young girl, but her ability from blood reading is rather high.

Even with only the magical power stinging on my skin could also tell that she is a very strong demon.

It would be better if we don’t ruin her mood.

Beside, it was her magic that help us breathe in the deep ocean.

Felnote-san and others may think so as well, because we aren’t moving.

Because the awkward moment before, it’s hard to start the conversation.

I don’t know whether she understands that we feel troublesome, but she starts talking with us.

“Well, I’m the queen who rule this territory, we are the ocean demons, beastkin aquatic system.
We also accept some wild monsters from aquatic system like us” (Kutira)

“Aquatic system … do you mean like the huge squid?” (Arge)

“Mu~ that stupid Abyss Call? We won’t accept something without brain.
Well, It’s important to choose the proper citizen…” (Kutira)

The quuen start referring to her rule,… uhm when will she get to the main point.

If she forgets, then I need to tell her clearly.

We are still in the middle of our journey, and we are already quite close to where we should go. I want to avoid irregular events as much as possible.

“Well then, the queen of that undersea city –” (Arge)

“– you can call me Kutira-chan” (Kutira)

“… Does Kutila need anything from us? As I saw, consider the environment of this town, we can’t become its inhabotants” (Arge)

“Easy, I was interested in you.
There is no one that crosses our territory during this time that the sea become rough. So there must be a reason” (Kutira)

“… Because I promised to help the Dark Elf over there return to her hometown” (Arge)

“Well, indeed, The dark elves certainly live in the hinterland of the demon continent. But I have never seen any of them in person! Wa~, it’s a dark elf!” (Kutira)

When she said half-way, she had a bright face like a child as she came close to Richelle-chan.

Kutira-chan started looking at Richelle-san’s thin blond hair, touching her brown long ears, and making movements to ascertain everywhere.  Her golden eyes are sparking from curiosity.

Naturally, Richelle-san is troubled when Kutira-chan doing whatever she likes.

“About this … Arge-sama, what is this girl …? Aaa, don’t touch me there …!!” (Richelle)

“Oh, This is an interesting clothes! Show me more!” (Kutira)

“Well … Richelle-san, it seems that she has never seen dark elves before. Please keep it for a while” (Arge)

“Wow, this girl is a fox! I must have a closer look!” (Kutira)

“Oh, a fellowship coming…!!” (Kuzuha)

Unlike usual, this time, Kuzuha-chan was attacked by an opponent with sparking golden eyes.

She grabbed the quadruple tails, pulled the ears, observed clothes that look like mini skirt, shrine maiden. Because Kuzuha-chan has a principle that doesn’t wear pants, this is dangerous. Oh, Zeno-kun already looks away .

Despite the resistance, Kutira was satisfied with the two observations, this time she turned to human being.

“Ho ho. That’s the first time I see a living human …
Wow, breasts.
Let me see it closer” (Kurita)

“Stop calling me with that one word!” (Felnote)

Looks like Felnote-san gets used to it, even with one word breast, she knows Kutira talking about her. 

“Huh, this is amazing … how can I say this … It’s heavy and soft like a huge sea slug!” (Kurita)

“Can’t you express it a bit better, this ocean demon lolita…!” (Felnote) (Loli in Katakana)

Felnote-san is quite mad at Kurita-chan that touched and lifted her chests, but when she protests, she considers something and stop. As expected, it isn’t good to get angry or say anything. That was rather adult correspondence.

And then Kurita-chan looked at the Zeno-kun from the top to the bottom. After satisfy she changed to me.

She looks at me with eyes full of curious. It is a different type from Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san, just like a small child discover something and have sparkling eyes.

“Well, the customer is neither a human nor a just a demi, and have you connected with this ship by magic?” (Kurita)

“Well, … I am a vampire” (Arge)

“Vampire! Ho ho! Amazing” (Kurita)

Just like what she did with other people, she also looked into my face and touching.

“Hie … !” (Arge)

Her fingers touch my silver hair and then touch my ears without hesitation.

I’m surprised and ticklish because she touch me so suddenly.

Looks like I become more sensitive after get a girl body, I often raise a voice by being touched.

I felt a sense of shame because make such a voice, and in a hurry I close my mouth.

“Oh, you have cute voice! Adorable! Very nice!” (Kutira)

“…Thanks” (Arge)

I’m getting praise for an embarrassing voice, and I have a subtle feeling.

And then Kutira-chan touchs my face. With a rather unfamiliar touching method, she also pulls my mouth and looks at my fangs.

“Fu~ uhm … tell me about thing I don’t know.
You can tell me about a lot of things, can’t you?” (Kutira)

Then why don’t you tell us about what you are interested in!” (Arge) (T.N: I think Arge asks about what topic?)

The eyes of the laughing girl in front of me are pure.

I was troubled, she was terribly selfish and annoying.

We will have a problem if we don’t have to return to our journey soon, so it’s also hard to say honest words.

I wonder what with’s this situation.


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