The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 127

[Next]Translator’s Note:

Kutira speaks some kind of old language so I change it to Shakespearean.

* Thou = You, When “you” is the subject of the sentence.

* Thee = You, When “you” is the object of the sentence.

* Thy = Your, Possessive form of you. Commonly used before a noun that begins with a consonant/consonant sound (like the article, “a”)

* Thine = Your, Possessive form of you. Commonly used before a noun that begins with vowel/vowel sound (like the article, “an”). Also used when indicating that something is “absolute and understood”.

* Ye = You, Plural form of “you” when addressing a group of people.

Arge Chapter 127: A Tour under the ocean

“Anyway, we have to go to the Demon Continent, it will be great if we can go earlier…” (Arge)

“Well, don’t say it like that. I will let ye go sooner or later.
Anyway, ye can’t get out of this undersea city unless ye have my permission” (Kutira)

“… are you imprisoning us?” (Kuzuha)

Kuzuha-chan frowns her eyebrows and complains.
Apparently, Kutira-chan is talking in republic language, which is the familiar language with everyone beside Richelle-san.

Even though Kuzuha-chan tries to hide the distruct feelings, the little queen has a cool face.

“Imprisoning is a rude way of speaking when I’m only trying to entertain customers” (Kutira)

“Even those customers are someone you forcibly brought over …?” (Kuzuha)

“The customers had decided by theirself! I only invited ye!” (Kutira)

I don’t really understand her intention, but look like the little queen doesn’t seem to let us go yet.

“Kuzuha-chan, let’s calm down a little” (Arge)

For the time being, I must calm Kuzuha-chan down.

Even if we want to complain, the fact that right now, Kutira-chan’s bubble magic is protecting us is true.

No matter how hard and robust the vampire is, I don’t want to test whether I can withstand the water pressure of the deep sea, and even if I live, I still may get suffocate before I return to the surface.

Beside, I definitely can’t protect Felnote-san or Zeno-kun who are only human beings.

“So did you mean after we receive your hospitality, you will let us return?” (Arge)

“Fu fu, don’t be so hasty. If ye see my town, ye will definitely like it, maybe to the point ye don’t want to go home anymore” (Kutira)

“…You are pretty confident” (Arge)

“Of course! This one is perfect! The city that I make is also perfect!” (Kutira)

But A perfect person won’t forget the steering wheel behind her back and will not get hit in the back of her head while busy talking. I thought so but I kept silent about it.

And when I’m still thinking about what to do, Zeno-kun steps one step forward.

“About that, your majesty (my Queen), I want to know more about the value of this town” (Zeno)

“Umu, thou understand fast, that’s about it!” (Kutira)

“But, your majesty (my Queen), your story is a little confuse, would you mind telling me more about it?” (Zeno)

“Umu … it certainly might be so, okay I will tell thee!” (Kutira)

Zeno-kun quietly bowed to the queen, and then turned to me.

“I think right now, it would be better to ask what she has on her mind” (Zeno)

“… Zeno-kun, are you also thinking about something?” (Arge)

“This opponent … I mean, Queen Kutira is interested in us and is about to show us something here as well. That means she want to negotiate with us somehow” (Zeno)

“You really thought like a merchant … But is it alright, Zeno? She doesn’t look like someone who listens” (Felnote)

“Well, it’s true that the queen might be selfish but that’s somewhat common thing.
Right now, we still don’t know what is she seeking.
But just as she says, we may find out more by walking around this town” (Zeno)

“… walking around this town, isn’t it?” (Kuzuha)

“Yes. We can not negotiate if we don’t know anything about each other.
The queen said that she just wanted to invite us here.
It is a selfish argument, but we are already in this game, so let’s get on with it for now” (Zeno)

“… In this case, at least everyone will be safe and, won’t we?” (Arge)

“Yes, and this is our advantage” (Zeno)

Zeno-kun is a merchant. Although he is still young, but he has experienced a number of trips and gotten a lot of negotiations so far.

He is used to traveling, and in the first place, the merchant profession in this different world is a pretty dangerous category. So it will be okay if we leave it to Zeno-kun.

Above all, only Zeno-kun is able to negotiate calmly with the queen.

Felnote-san is gentle but straight, and she isn’t good at negotiate na matter how you look at it.

Kuzuha-chan is pure and not suitable for negotiation, Richelle-san can’t even talk with the queen, let alone negotiation.

Don’t bother with me, negotiating isn’t my force in the first place.

“Well, uh … That’s what I said.
But since the Queen seems pure, I hope I won’t do something wrong” (Zeno)

Zeno-kun, himself also said such things with a wry smile, as expected of a merchant, he considers a lot of possibilities.

“… Well then, shall we stay here for a while, I will tell this to Richelle-san” (Arge)

“If you please, Arge. I will try to put together the story as soon as possible” (Zeno)

“Okay, so I’ll leave that to Zeno-kun” (Arge)

And then Zeno-kun smiles and he gently adjusts the clothes he wears and walks toward Kutira-chan.

I don’t know how long will we have to stay, but Zeno-kun will be able to talk properly.

For now we should get food and shelter here during that period.

As for me, despite me explaining to Richelle-san, but she doesn’t understand it like usual. And I thought about the future

How long it will take until we have a talk with the queen, but we are free in the meantime.

I am concerned about Richelle-san, but we can’t do anything unless Kutira-chan let us go.

Somewhere, I wish I had a place to take a nap peacefully.


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