The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 129

I was going to kick the water and moving.
My speed ​​was still high, but it wasn’t as fast as to run on the ground.
Because this is underwater, and I’m the beastkin that live on the ground.

「Beast Division, 『Twin Leaf』!」(Kuzuha)

I poured magic power on one of the four tails to create an alter ego.
The magical power given to the created alter ego is minimal, it would disappear in just a short time.
But that short time was still enough for me. I kicked the alter ego and it also gave me a push.

…Because I don’t have a proper foothold, that’s why I made it!

Creative idea is important.
I am a fox beastkin. By manipulating the alter ego, I could do something I couldn’t do by myself.
With a push, I accelerated the swimming speed underwater, leaving behind the alter ego to dissolve in water. I traveled through the water, not the ground, like cutting the ocean water instead of the air.
Even the water is heavier than air, but I can travel with fast speed. I am a hunter.

「I grabbed you …!!」(Kuzuha)

I traveled in the water with speed exceeding the target’s speed, and I used my to grab it.
Although the prey in my hand tried to resist, but it has been caught already, so it was just some useless resistance. As I pressed my sharp nails which is the feature of a beastkin into it, and then it got quiet.

「… Compare with wind magic, this one is more beautiful, isn’t it?」(Kuzuha)

I have confirmed that magic can be used even in water.

Despite being in the water, with the power of Kutira-san who is the queen of Ocean Demon, I can speak even underwater. If I can speak, then I can use magic.
I can use not only wind but also fire magic. It is also possible for people to breathe. This space can only be called marvelous.

「Large-scale water magic …? or Magic Artifact’s effect?」(Kuzuha)

Either way, it will be a lot of effort to deal with this magnitude of power. Kutira-san may be comparable to my mother about magical power.

I had spent a few days in this city. No matter where I walk, it’s peaceful,

This city is well function, that will not lose to any major cities in the Republic like Sakura-zaka or Sakura-nomiya.
There are a lot of people walking on the ground or swim in the water, and all of them are Ocean Demons.

「Firefly, Wildfire」(Kuzuha)

I cast the Fire Attribution Magic that already reduced power within my palm instead of releasing it. Although this is a lazy type of cooking but this fish can simply cook by adding fire magic to it.
Because it wasn’t a big fish, I just need to keep the fire magic for a little while. And then the fish was cooked.
The cooked fish spead a good smell underwater, and my stomach reacted as I smelled it.

「… I cooked it, Richelle-san」(Kuzuha)

I endured my hunger from my stomach and I threw the freshly cooked fish to Richelle-san.
The grilled fish swam at a relaxed speed in the water rather than in the air, and eventually was received on Richelle-san’s brown fingers.

「   (๑‵●‿●‵๑)   」(Richelle) (T.N: instead of *** I choose to use Emoji)

Perhaps that was the words of appreciation. Richelle-san elegantly bowed her head toward me, and then she began to eat the grilled fish.
Richelle-san tasted the grilled fish slowly and made a happy face, honestly I was a little enviable, but I endured it. Well, let’s catch the next one.

「I wonder how long will we stay here …?」(Kuzuha)

To be honest, I love this underwater city and the town’s streets.
I can swim and walk, and security isn’t bad either. People I met were also kind and fun. We can eat all kind of the seafood.
Still, we should not stay here.
Richelle-san was eating fish happily now, but I knew that she wasn’t really so.

…She seemed to be somewhat lonely.

I could understand it even if I didn’t understand her words.
There were people she wanted to see but she couldn’t go and met them. That frustration of is almost the same as mine. Even if I didn’t hear the words, I could understand by atmosphere and expression.
That’s why I wanted to help her return as soon as possible. And if that feeling would go off even a little, I was willing to let to her eat as much fish as possible.

「Rather than worry, I should do what I can do right now, shouldn’t I?」(Kuzuha)

Although I didn’t know, but for some reason, Kutira-san invited us as a guest to this city and wouldn’t let us go.
As for that problem, Zeno-san who is negotiator will handle it, so I only have to wait.
I wish I could do something to help, but the most I could do is helping with Richelle-san’s anxiety.

「   (・_-。 )   」(Richelle)

「Ah … no, , you do not have to worry, I will get the next one!」(Kuzuha)

I guess I had a difficult face without realized. That was why Richelle-san looked into me with anxious face.
Even if I didn’t understand her words, but some of our feeling transmitted. Not only I but Richelle-san was the same.
I responded with a smile as not to disturb her and then I kicked the stone floor to hunt fish again.


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