The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 135

Translator’s Note: I will use Blood Box (from Item Box) instead of Blood Bag from now on. It wasn’t much different

Arge Chapter 134: Pisces, going through the sky

(This Chapter is Arge’s POV)

「Kyaa …」(Arge)

The Pisces passed through the sea and flying for a while.
Eventually, it was pulled by gravity and started dropping altitude, and it skipped on the sea surface like a skipping stone.
While I was crying a cute scream, the Pisques bounced back many times on the sea.
The floor keeps jumping and falling hits the ass many times, it hurts.

「… Ugu」(Fenote)

「Felnote-san, are you okay …?」(Arge)

「There’s no point in protecting the voyage now, isn’t it?」(Felnote)

While we are saying so, the ship keeps sliding roughly in the sky instead of the sea.
Moving this way might be a lot faster than moving the sea, but it was really hurt.
I was worried and I took contact with Neguseo in the ship. Even the horses seemed pretty tough and they told they okay however it would be better to go checking the situation later. In this situation, the cabin must be quite a mess.

「…!? Arge-sama, I can see the Demon Continent!」(Richelle)

「… is that?」(Arge)

I could see the land beyond the horizon.
In the direction the elf’s brown finger was pointing to.

「Arge-san, this is…」(Kuzuha)

「We only have a big momentary left, right?」(Arge)

As Kuzuha-chan concerned, the momentum of the Pisces doesn’t seems to slow down.
Kutira-chan must have calculated the distance and power roughly, so it’s no wonder if she’s wrong.
With this momentum, we would crash to the land.

「… It can’t be helped」(Arge)

We will crash to the land unless I do something.
Concentrate magical power on the palm and prepare for magic casting.
All magic that I can use is simple except for recovery magic. The kinds of magic are also limited, unlike Kuzuha-chan and Kutira-chan.
Still, I have enormous magical power, I can make use simeple magic in a large scale.

「Wind-san, Please」(Arge)

I spoke a key word to activate magic.
Wind magic level 1. With the magical effect of raising the wind to stop the momentum of the ship.
While doing so, the land is about to be seen. Although I’m trying killing momentum but I didn’t make it in time.

「Uu … I think we will crash, better prepare for the impact」(Arge)

「Arge-san, let me help!」(Kuzuha)

「Please, Kuzuha-chan」(Arge)

Kuzuha-chan uses the magic and creates 3 copy of her, the 3 run to the bow, jump off.
And I can feel clearly there’s a shock of hitting something, and the ship stopped completely.

「Bushiha-chans …have disappeared」(Arge)

「Although they certainly disappeared, I can produce them any number of times, you don’t have to worry」(Kuzuha)

The person herself said so, but since Bushiha-chans have  Kuzuha-chan’s appearance, it was a bit painful to see them disappear.
However, I’m glad that travel companions and means of transportation was both safe.
It’s of course a pleasure to have all the people landed without hurting, and I will also use the Pisces to return from the demon continent later.
We are already landing, after preparing everything, I will put it in a Blood Box.

「Although the ship was protected by spell, it seemed to be pretty terrible」(Arge)

「Yes … at least let us prepare ourselves a little … Uu, cure …」(Felnote)

Felnote-san seems to be considerably drunk (sea sick) now, and she is treating herself with recovery magic.
Since Zeno-kun and Richelle-san are also get sicked, I used a large scale recovery magic there, and Felnote-san have a sigh of relief.

「Let’s start with sorting out what was on the ship … Horses are also anxious」(Zeno)

「Well, Richelle-san, where in the Maori is here?」(Arge)

「Please lie down!」(Kuzuha)

In response to Kuzuha-chan’s voice, everyone lie down.
Something is flying to where my head was until a moment ago.
*Byi~n* It stuck the wooden floor, it was like a thin pile.

It similars to large nail, perhaps it is supposed to be a throwing weapon.

「… on the top!?」(Felnote)

Follow Felnote-san’s voice, everyone looks at the top, the opponent who attacked just now was there. I don’t know how she climb there but she was standing on the mast of the Pisces.

It was a tall woman with short cut golden hair.
She wore a black office clothing, similar to a suit in my world, long sleeves with long pants, the clothes is tightly fitted to her whole body. She also wore gloves, there was very little exposure.
Clothes that have a chic and tight impression.

But right there, the breasts that were so big as to be beyond Mr. Felo notes seemed to be cramped.
Her eyes that look like pure balls are narrowed down and stared at me.
Her words seems polite, but it was a cold sounding voice.

「Oh, I thought I was completely hidden from the blind spot … How could you react and even with that speed?
And that beastkin seems to have better perception than I thought?」(Cold Voice Black Office Lady)

「Who are you … ?」(Arge)

「That would be my line, … Who are you, how dare you step on my land without permission?」(Cold Voice Black Office Lady)

「Even you say that we stepped on your land but it was inevitable」(Arge)

「Is that so.
Even if that’s true, your identity as uninvited guests have not changed.
Also, you are a vampire no matter how I look at you.
A unknown vampire walking under the sun is nothing but a danger」(Cold Voice Black Office Lady)

I heard that Demon Continent is a rather barbarous land but I didn’t think there was anything like a sudden attack out of nowhere.
However, this will be bad if the situation remains like this.

The opponent is fixing her gloves. It was like preparations before fighting.
I didn’t want to fight so I must at least try talking somehow. And I continued…

「Uhm, sorry, can I have time to explain a bit, uhmm …… Suit-tits-san」(Arge)

「Suit-tits …!?」(Cold Voice Black Office Lady)

「Ah, I’m sorry, do you prefer tits-suit-san instead?」(Arge)

「I am receiving a great discrimination remark, is that okay to kill already …?」(Cold Voice Black Office Lady)

Oh, I don’t really understand, but she seems to be very angry. I wonder why.

「… Ah, … that … are you Isabella …?」(Rechelle)

Richelle raised her voice talking when the opponent was gathering magical powers.

「Do you know her, Richelle-san?」(Arge)

「Yes, she is the secretary of my uncle … She is a human lady, who is unusual to be on the Demon Continent」(Richelle)

As Richelle-san said so, the other party seems to have noticed Richelle-san as well.
She become wondering instead of her previous murder intent.

「… I heard that Richelle-san had disappeared, why are you here?」(Isabella)

「Ah, about that … I was taken away by the human who invade our land and took out of the continent. These people have saved me and brought me to the Demon Continent」(Richelle)


Isabella-san seems to be able to speak quite a lot of language, unlike Kuzuha-chan and Richelle-san just know a single language. Or, just like me, she may have decent level translation skills.
Isabella gently tampered her hair with his right hand while wearing gloves, and made a thought face. After thinking for a while, she spoke.

「In that case, I have to report to my Danna-sama」(Isabella)

(T.N: Danna-sama can be used for both Master and Husband, because this will be a joke later so I won’t translate to English and lose the joke)

「… Uh, so we don’t need to fight, right?」(Arge)

「Yeah, because you seem have no intention to fight, I will temporarily hold on you for now. Welcome to the Demon continent」(Isabella)

Anyway, I’m relieved because it seems that I do not have to fight.
I hope that I can bring Richelle-san back safely without such a troublesome thing.


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