The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 136

(This Chapter is Arge’s POV)

「… It must be hard, Richelle」(Uncle)

「Yes, but these people have saved me. My uncle (Oji-sama), you don’t have to worry」(Richelle)

「No, it was rather bad. I couldn’t believe that they were that strong. I couldn’t do much.
When I received reports from Valeria’s territory, I had sent some of my soldiers to some of those areas to help them.
I also tried to speak to an acquaintance of mine who was in the main continent to search for you…however」(Uncle)

「No! It’s already too good! Thank you very much, my uncle!」(Richelle)

As Richelle-san said so, she lowered her head to a young man in front of me. He seems to be the lord and is quite closer to Richelle-san.

Right now, we are in a castle. Guiding by Isabella-san, we came from the coast to a small town.
Or I should say a small castle town with the castle in the center.
And then we were brought to the big room with throne and had an audience with the lord here.

The young man sitting on the throne has black hair. And his eyes are obviously the same kind as me, which is a proof of him is a vampire. He looks too young to be called uncle, but since he is a vampire, his real age probably is considerable high.

This room has no window, it’s probably  built like that in order to block all sunlight.

Then The young man sat on the throne looked at us and said.

「It looks like Richelle has been in your care, guests, what’s your name?」(Uncle)

「I’m Argento Vampear, this is my friend Kuzuha-chan, merchant Zeno-kun, and uhm…Zeno-kun’s escort, Felnote-san」(Arge)

「Wait, why did you only introduce me with wrong info?」(Felnote)

「Sorry, I feel like I should do it …」(Arge)

「Stop saying that with such a serious face!」(Felnote)

「Hahaha, funny people」(Uncle)

「Uhm, Felnote-san, I’m sorry」(Arge)

「I feel that my dignity has been consumed considerably as a price …!」(Felnote)

After laughing all the way, the young man jumps from the throne and shaking the end of his cloak.
He came in a relaxed manner, he nodded once, then spoke.

「I’m Mutsuki, I rules over this land」(Mutsuki)

「Mutsuki … Lord of the Crimson sky!?」(Zeno)

「Do you know him, Zeno-kun?」(Arge)

「Ehh, yes …he is one of the 3 powerful vampires, the Crimson Lord」(Zeno)

「In other words, he is a living disaster, the same as Elsee.
He is also a out of normal vampire.
I also have heard of him before」(Felnote)

「Haha, it’s quite a flattery to be treated the same as that golden wagamama princess」(Mutsuki)

With a light tone, Mutsuki-san laughed.
Vampire Elsee, that we met in the Republic, so he is as strong as that golden vampire. It means that he also has the ability to compete or overwhelm me who reincarnate with cheat ability.

However, Mutsuki-san doesn’t seems to be bad as I felt from Elsee-san. He has gentle and soft facial expression that make people feel secure.

「Beside, if you say about out of standard, the silver hair girl before is even more than me. No vampire in history could possible to do that.

At best, vampire must use an umbrella, and she is also an acquaintance of mine.

There are some vampires that can resist against sunlight, but no-one can walk in direct sunlight」(Mutsuki)

「Eh, is that acquaintance that you are talking about Satsuki-san?」(Arge)

「You know Satsuki?」(Mutsuki)

She is a strange vampire running a coffee shop that I met in the Republic.
Satsuki-san isn’t as good as me but she also has sunshine and can act even during the day if she has a parasol.

I knew that her connection is wide, but I didn’t think she has acquaintances in the demon continent as well.

「Well, I’m convinced that Satsuki-san would take a like if you are cute, because she has a soft spot for cute young girls」(Mutsuki)


I remembered the days when I was in the Republic and my face became a little hotter.
It is true that Satsuki-san helped me a lot, but there were things like dressing me up or have me helping the shop.
Sometimes, I feel pretty embarrassed.
Isabella also frown with a sullen face, did she also turned her eyes away feeling embarrassed, did she also have history with Satsuki-san?

「… Mutsuki-kun, are you cheating on me?」(Isabella)

「Why did you think like that? It’s different!」(Mutsuki)

「Well, I agree. I was a little short-circuited now.
So let’s rephrased it.
It’s nice to have a glimpse of a strange woman in front of me,
I will have a talk with you later」(Isabella)

「Why would you rephrase to make it worse!? I told you it’s different!」(Mutsuki)

Apparently Mutsuki-san and Isabella-san seem to have such a relationship. Then was that danna-sama stand for husband instead of master?
Oh, when Matsuki hastily denied, Isabella was somewhat happy but not express in her words.

「There’s no choice, let’s discuss about this matter again」(Isabella)

「If you like us to talk and how about lowering the fist you held?」(Mutsuki)

「What did you mean by that? Explain right away」(Isabella)

「Oh, you ought to forget that I’m your boss once in a while … Oh, well」(Mutsuki)

From how I watching it, this must be their usual tension. The evidence is that Richelle-san is laughing.
Mutsuki san sighed several times to arrange the tension that was destroyed and turned to us again.

「I understand the circumstances and I also know that Richelle wants to return soon, but right now, there’s a little problem」(Mutsuki)


「Yes, right now we are in a bit of wartime, as the enemy army will attack us at this today, please wait until that is over」(Mutsuki)


It is no wonder that Felnote-san are surprised. In fact, Kuzuha-chan, Zeno-kun and I were also surprised.
Because the word that was said lightly is a heavy thing 『war will start soon』

「Well, this is already the capital! Is it okay?」(Zeno)

「Because this is just a small territory even if you say the capital, if they feel like attacking us, they could come here from the neighboring land on the same day」(Mutsuki)

「But the state of the town, it was pretty peaceful…」(Zeno)

Just as Zeno-kun said. We went through the castle town before we came here, but the state of the town was peaceful itself.
Nobody was preparing for the war, nor did he seem to be pessimistic about trying to escape.
I can not believe it even if I was told that war is about to start.

「Because Mitsuki-kun is here, but it’s about to come to a halt …」(Isabella)


Before Isabella-san finished speaking, the ground swayed greatly.
It’s different from an earthquake. It’s not continuous, just once, it was just a shake.

「Daytime has passed and the barrier has been lifted」(Mutsuki)

「The barrier is….?」(Arge)

「During the day, I maintained a barrier so that no-one can come without my permission. Now that there’s no barrier, the other party can come. I mean that they already waited before the barrier」(Mutsuki)

「Well, let me give out an evacuation direction, I don’t think that it is necessary, but better safe than sorry」(Isabella)

「I see, Isabella, would you please?」(Mutsuki)

「As always, I don’t mind about it, but there’s only one thing」(Isabella)

「What is it?」(Mutsuki)

「Today’s meal is a favorite hamburger steak for Mutsuki-kun, so please come back as soon as possible」(Isabella)

「Well that’s Okay. I will finish this quickly and help you make it」(Mutsuki)

Bowing to Mutsuki-san who smiles with a vampire’s fang showing hersily, Isabella leaves to somewhere.
Mutsuki spoke to us while doing something like a light flexible movement.

「What do you want do? Well, I don’t think I need help anyway」(Mutsuki)

「You don’t need help…?」(Arge)

「I am going to clean this up alone」(Mutsuki)

Mutsuki’s face laughing as if saying he is full of confidence and reminiscent of Elsee a little bit.
He has power. It was a ferocious smile that I could see the conviction.


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