The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 138

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Arge Novel Chapter 138: To the Place where Dark Elves live

A few days after the invasion of the demon, we moved to the Dark Elves territory.
Isabellsan accompanied us as an escort and guidance. With her help we should be able to arrive earlier.

『If you go ahead from here, it will be the territory of the dark elves.
Richelle-san should be able to guide you from here』(Isabella)

Isabella pointed to the entrance of the forest.
Although I called it a forest, it’s not like the forest in the kingdom, but rather closer to a tropical rainforest.
The plants have large leaves, and there are many types have elongate cranes and ivies.
The forest seems to be humid and hot.

『Thank you very much, Isabellsan』(Arge)

『No, it’s an instruction from Mutsuki-kun.
By the way, when you leave the Devil Continent, please come to our twrritory again.
We will clear the coach to make it safe to sail.
And Mutsuki-kun said that he would like to do some personal transactions with Zeno-san as well』(Isabella)

『Okay, I understand. I will appreciate it if there is a business negotiation』(Zeno)

I knew the Devil Continent was rather dangerous, so I would appreciate it if you can help us leave safely.
As for Zeno-kun, He appreciated that there is opportunity for negotiations, so it seems like he would come back here again.

『… About that, Isabellsan, aren’t you hot (~desu no)?』(Kuzuha)

『Yes, I am used to it』(Isabella)

Isabellsan responded to Kuzuhchan’s question with a light tone.
Well, Isabellsan’s clothes is certainly low exposure.
She also wore gloves, so her skin was only visible from the neck upwards.
Isabellsan said that she was used to it, but being accustomed and hot are different matter.
Yes, there was sweat on her forehead.

『…maybe because Isabellsan didn’t want to show her skin?』([email protected])

『Well, she probably doesn’t want to show off her skin to anyone other than my lord uncle…』(Richelle)

『Richelle-san, there’s no such thing. Please don’t tell such a lie to little girls』(Isabella)

I tried asking the person had long relationship with Isabellsan if she knew about it, but looks like Isabellsan overheard my question.
She shook her head with a “Yare yare” feeling, and stopped walking.
The guidance is over, or so it seems. (T.N: Yare yare mean like “oh dear”)

『Well then you should be okay from here, I have to go back soon because we still have the post-war problems to deal with』(Isabella)

『… But wasn’t Mutsuki-san repelled the enemies easily, you still have to deal with post-war?』(Arge)

『Reconstruction isn’t the only post-war problem …
Those idiots … excuse me.
Because we have to deal with stupid politicals from those rotten fellows …』(Isabella)

『Why do you rephrase with more severe language…!』(Arge)

『It’s my natural personality, because I thought honesty is a virtue』(Isabella)

It seems like Isabellsan has a pretty straight forward character, although she usually used polite words.
And then, Isabellsan sighed, her big chests shook along with her body’s movement. And She kept on talking.

『In the Demon Continent, although it’s a place where the strongs will be dominated the weaks, but it isn’t just a lawless zone that solves everything with force.
There are still countries that have cooperative relationships, such as Richelle-san’s Dark Elf territory and our country. As we traded, both of us will benefit with money, food, etc』(Isabella)

『I see…』(Arge)

『But, if I leave it to Mutski-kun, that person tends to be lukewarm about everything, saying something like《It can’t be help (shōganē nā)》
If we don’t firmly deal with those demons and make them remember, they will keep coming again. Just like this time, an idiot came for invasion』(Isabella)

『Well then…』(Isabella)

And as she said that farewell word, Isabellsan went back.
She is rather a refreshing person, but I could feel she really care about Mutsuki-san.
We waited there until went away, and returned to move into the forest with Richelle-san as guide.
There is no road in this forest.
So for now, I stored the the horse-drawn carriage in my Blood Box, and asked Zeno-kun to lead the horses.

『Oh, isn’t this too hot (Desu wa ne)
My ears and tail feeling like crying (masu wa)…』(Kuzuha)

As we entered the forest, Kuzuhchan was sucking.
At the entrance of the forest, we already felt the heat and moisture.
But as we entered, it became more discomfortable.
The moist air sticks to the skin, and the high temperature make us feeling bad.
And It seems to be worse for Kuzuhchan, as she has parts covered with hair: animal tails and animal ears.

『It’s rather humid and high temperature』(Arge)

However, there are hot springs in my territory,
Please be patience until we get that』(Richelle)

『Kuzuhchan, it seems like you can take a bath if we reach the territory』(Arge)

『I see (desu no)
… I already catch my breath (mono ne)
I will do my best (masu wa)』(Kuzuha)

I can clear sweat and dirt with my recovery magic, but it’s only make our bodies clean.
Soaking into the bath would make you feel better, so Kuzuhchan might love to take a bath soon.
As we moved on the bad road jungle, we were continously wiping sweat on our skin.
Maybe she concerned about local peoples, that’s why Richelle-san seems trying to advance quickly.

『Hey, are we really moving?
It seems like the scenery doesn’t change so much…』(Felnote)

『Richelle-san, is this the right way?』(Arge)

『Yes, because you are familiar with it, please rest assured』(Richelle)

『It seems to be okay』(Arge)

Felnote-san asked anxiously, so I asked and translated it for her.
In fact, I don’t even know that she was worried.
Well, it really can’t be help.

It is the same as when Richelle-san was taken away from the Devil Continent and was taken in the Republic.
In the Republic, Richelle-san is a foreigner without knowing anything about the land nor language.
And on this Devil continent, we are also in the same position as her back then.

Just like Richelle-chan did in the Republic, the only thing we can do right now is believe in her guidance.
And we followed after Richelle-san, her brown back and golden hair shaked as she moved.
Sometimes as I walked, I was getting sleepy and yawned.

And finally, we reached an open place.

『… Aah … Aah
I finally went back to home』(Richelle)

Because Richelle-san stood before me when she muttered those word, so I didn’t know her expression.
However, I could understand that her emotions are swaying from her trembling voice.

There seems to a settlement a little far away from here.
All the houses lining up are made of plants, the dark elves with brown skins went back and forth.
And there is a house bigger than other houses in the center of the settelement. Is it Richelle-san’s house?

『Everyone. (Minnsama)
Thank you very much.
This is my … this is the territory of the Valeria family』(Richelle)

There are tears floating in her eyes when she turned around to say that.
A transparent drop fell down on the land, like telling the end of the trip.


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