The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 139

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Arge Novel Chapter 139: Heal the tiredness of travel

『U, I’m glad, I’m so glad, (ojou-sama) Milady, … Roro was so worried …』(Roro)

『Sorry to make you worried, Roro.
Thank you. While I was away, you have protected the territory well』(Richelle)

『There is no such thing! I depend solely on the messengers sent by Mutsuki-sama,
… Roro was just doing what I could do for!』(Roro)

『I see. But besides my lord uncle, I must show my gratitude to you as well』(Richelle)

『Uuu, …Thank you very much… Milady comes back now.
Roro is, Roro is … Fu~e~e~e~e~e~hee (cry)!
I’m so glad that I shed tear for the first time in a while!』(Roro)

As she shedded tears from her golden eyes, a dark elf maid girl washed carefully the back of Richelle-san.
Roro, from her appearance, she seems to be a little older than me and Kuzuhchan, but as she is a dark elf, I don’t know her real age.
From how Richelle-san and Roro-san talk, they seems to have close relationship, with trust and understanding.

As the lady (lord) Richelle-san returned, as a matter of course, the territory made a fuss and we was treated as heroes who protected the lords and brought her home.

As for now, we enjoy ourselves in the publicbath.

『Wa~fuu … I’m be alive again (~masu wa ne e)…』Kuzuha)

As Kuzuhchan had a big sign of relief, she submerged her body herself deeply into a bathtub.
We were relaxing at a big public bath in Richelle-san’s mansion, it was big enought for like 10 peoples.
Although it’s not as big as the Cyril Big Safe, it’s still quite large, and it feels good to fully extend your legs.

While relaxing, I can feel the flow of hot water caused by Kuzuhchan’s tail.

And Richelle-san whose body was cleaned, comes into the bathtub.
After seeing Richelle-san soaked in hot water, the maid girl bowed deeply to us.

『Thank you, everyone (minnsama)
Thank you for taking Milady home safely so…
… Roro is really, really appreciate!
Thank you so much!
If you want, I willing to lick your shoes…』(Roro)

『I don’t need you licking, it’s okay (ii wa yo)!』(Kuzuha)

Then where should Roro lick?』(Roro)

『Why did you fix on licking…!?』(Felnote? / Arge?) (T.N: only know it’s not Kuzuha)

Richelle-san is also somewhat like that, Roro-san also has an unique tension.
Perhaps, the characteristic of Dark Elf is “my pace”

And then Roro-san tried to say《I am sorry》

She lifted the edge of the skirt and lowered her head again. Her purple hair were shaking according to her movement.

『I am sorry for the later introduction.
My name is Ronja Theorora!
Please feel free to call me Roro!
I’m Milady’s caretaker, and my translation skill is also high, so I also help out with negotiation!』(Roro)

It seems that because of the effect of translation skill, Roro-san could talk with Felnote-san and everyone without me as interpreter.

And Felnote-san began introducing everyone as a reply.

『My name is Felnote · Lyria
This girl is Argento Vampear.
The other girl is Kuzuha.
And the one waiting for the bath outside is Zeno Kotobuki』(Felnote)

『Felnote-san, why did you not introduce Zeno-kun strangely (like me) …?!』(Arge)

『I’m not the same as you …!?』(Felnote)

I thought that it might become a nice trend, but I got scolded instead.

Felnote-san had a big sigh and sank deep into the bathtub.
Her big chest floated clearly and remarkable.

『Yes, I understand. Because I have translation skills.
Please feel free to call Roro if you are having trouble talking in the territory!
Milady, Roro will go preparing the feast now!』(Roro)

『I will ask of you, Roro』(Richelle)

『Leave it to me, Milady! Roro will do it perfectly!』(Roro)

Roro-san went out of the bathroom in a high spirit state.
After looking at the situation, Richelle slowly lowered his head to us.

『Thank you very much, everyone. (Minnsama)
For helping me returning to the the territory, I didn’t think that I would able to see with the citizens, including Roro again.
All of you, please be at ease in my estate and we will always welcome you.
So if you need anything please ask without hesitation』(Richelle)

『Arge-san, what is she saying (~desu no)?』(Kuzuha)

『She thanks us for helping, and tell us… to enjoy our stay here… slowly…』(Arge)

It’s a rough translation, but it’s okay because the meaning is still translated.

『Slowly, right?
Certainly, it’s not bad to take a break for a while』(Felnote)

Felnote-san said so while making some flexible movements in the bathtub.
The purpose of this trip is the end at this place.
There are other places where we stayed with unavoidable circumstances, but this place is different.
This is the place we aimed, there’s no need to hurry up and go on a journey again.

And some of us have achived some purpose when coming to the territory of Valeria.
Richelle-san returned to rule as the lady (lord), and Zeno-kun got a new business partner called Kutira. Perhaps he may have a business talk with Mitsuki-san, too.

『What will Arge do from now?』(Felnote)


I raised my voice because I was surprised when I was asked similar to what I was thinking.
Felnote-san narrowed her 2 colours eyes as she laughing and continued asking…

『Would you like to find someone in the Devil continent to《feed you 3 meals, together with an afternoon nap》?』(Felnote)

『… No, I don’t think I will look for that people on the Devil Continent』(Arge)

To be honest, the security is too bad.
It’s true that there are plentiful of monsters and dangerous people in this world,
and it is true that the danger level is higher than the world I was in,
but the devil continent would be the most dangerous area among them.
We might suddenly get attacked, and the battle might be occurring on a daily basis just like wartime.

『Well, once you return to the Republic.
No matter what you do or where you go, I shall go out with you』(Felnote)

『Is Felnote-san following me?』(Arge)

『It will be natural.
You should understand that there isn’t such a convenient person for you to find.
A honest person … a hosnest Vampire?
Anyway, I can tell you about common sense to live properly』(Felnote)

As Felnote-san says so, she deeply sinks her body into the bathtub.
The two large chunks floating with plums are impressive.
Apparently she will continue to come with me on my journey.
Kuzuhchan also probably will do so, so it will be a three-person journey from here.
Felnote-san is used to traveling.
And although Kuzuhchan eats well, but she is good at hunting, she could get her own food and work diligent.
The next journey won’t be bored with those two accompanying me.

『… next journey, right?』(Arge)

『Arge-san, What’s the matter (~desu no)?』(Kuzuha)

『No, it’s nothing, Kuzuhchan.
Shall we take it easy for a while then?』(Arge)

Just now, I am surprised even by myself.
I felt this trip was such a pain (troublesome), it was tired to finish this trip.
And then, somehow I thought it was a little fun to start a new journey.
Even though I still don’t decide it yet, but it should be pleasant to do it.

Even though the next journey is to find my parasitic person again, it should be supposed to be a troublesome thing.
But I wonder why I thought such a thing would be a little fun.
Like a puzzle, surprised, mysterious feelings.

I did not know how to express this feeling, and I could only shake my head to the friend who looked at me with a strange face.


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