The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 144



『Arge-sama, good morning! 』(Roro)

『…… Uhm, good morning. Roro-san』(Arge)


While I was surprised because it was different from how I normally woke up,
I returned the greeting to the other person who came to wake me up.
Basically, I have always slept until someone woke me up in the morning,
But it’s rather unexpected that Roro-san came to wake me up instead of Felnote-san or Kuzuhchan.


Roro-san looked at me, nodded as she opened the curtain of the room.
When she opened the window, the comfortable air in the morning mixed the interior.
Her dark elf’s peculiar ears were moving as Roro-san turned around and smiled at me.


『It’s fine today. Perfect weather for Roro to work hard today as well!』(Roro)

『Ha, it seems so』(Arge)


While replying appropriately to Roro-san’s bright mood, I get off the hammock.
The feeling of the wood is cool, it feels good on bare feet.
I’m still somewhat sleepy and drowsy, and then a cheerful voice ringing in my ears.


『This day is perfect for laundry!
Now, Arge-sama! With that in mind, give your clothes to Roro!
Roro knows it! Arge-sama has been wearing the same clothes since you came here!』(Roro)


To the extent that I can hear such a sound effect

as well, Roro-san points her hand to me.
Her childish voice has not changed like me, and she also looks like a child all along.
Her maid clothes some kind of costume or a curtain exhibition rather than a work clothes.
However, since her race is a dark elf, her age is probably beyond appearance.
That’s why I can’t call her with “-chan” but with a “-san”


『Uh … Roro-san, actually, I do not have to change clothes』(Arge)

『That’s not a good thing!
If you are wearing the same clothes every day, it will definitely get filthy!
I haven’t noticed it until now, but I have to take care of it properly now that I notice it!』(Roro)

『You did not notice …』(Arge)

『 If you think about it, today is a good day, laundry will be finished soon!
Oh, it’s the kinds of cotton in the Republic!!』(Roro)


She wasn’t wrong, I’d say she was an honest person. (T.N: “an honest”, not “a honest”)
She also is a devoted person.
Roro-san already secured a robe that I took off when going to bed and left on the floor.
And this time she was getting close to robbing me of my under-garment as well.
While dodging from right to left, I talked to her.


『No, it is

is really okay.
I can do it neatly』(Arge)

『Even if you are careful not to get dirty, body dirt and sweat will still soak into your clothes!』(Roro)

『And, that’s why …
geez, it’s too much troublesome … become neatly』(Arge)


It would be troublesome to make her understand with words, so, I decided to show her directly.
Thinking like that I used magic.
A fresh wind came with the magical power shook the edge of Roro-san’s skirt.


『What …!!?』(Roro)


Roro-san’s golden eyes are opened wide with surprise.


『Yes, just now is my high recovery magic …!』(Arge)

『Yes, if you can use this, there’s no need to do the laundry』(Roro)


High-level recovery magic can even clear the dirt, impurities of the body and the clothes wearing on the body as well.
Only until recently, I knew how unusual that I could use this with no chant.


『 Milady has told that Arge-sama was a terrific person, but I thought that you only have a high level of translation skills…
I didn’t think you are a great magician like this …
Roro was…Roro was impressed…!』(Roro)

『Uhm, thanks for that』(Arge)

『But …but then whose clothes am I supposed to wash now…?』(Roro)

『No, shouldn’t you be pleased that your work has decreased …?』(Arge)

『What are you talking about?
The Maid’s job is to help the master

the master …and doing whatever you can for your master!
That’s how a maid doing their job!
The maid whose work is gone is like just a cake without strawberry or cheery on top!!!』(Roro)

『Eh… uhm』(Arge)


Even if she wasn’t happy when she lost her job, I wouldn’t give up to take off this clothes.
However, it seems like I have stepped on some troublesome landmines with it.


『Anyway, as Maid who was told to follow and help Arge-sama today,
Roro will not leave Arge-sama’s side until I get a job!』(Roro)

『Is that the order from Richelle-san?』(Arge)

『Yes, today Milady, Kuzuhsama, and Felnote-sama are doing their work in the territory so Roro-san will take care of Arge-sama!』(Roro)


Indeed, this would be a pain.
I remembered when I wasn’t in this world yet.
As Kuon Ginshi, when I was living on Earth.

Roro-san was just like Ryuuko-chan who was my caretaker.
A type of person who is eager to work.
In other words, she is a good worker,
but these types are somewhat annoying because they are always trying to find some work even if there’s no business here, or feeling uneasy without working.


『Uh … Roro-san, then could you make the breakfast for me』(Arge)

『I’m already prepared』(Roro)

『… cleaning the room』(Arge)

『I am cleaning the inside of the mansion
of the mansion in the morning, noon and night as a daily routine』(Roro)

『… Washing clothes of people other than me』(Arge)

『Of course, I’m already done with that』(Roro)


What’s with this girl, such an amazing ability.
Although she looks like a child, she seems quite capable as a maid.
Apparently, Roro-san is the only servant working in this mansion.
In other words, she alone has to do all the miscellaneous works of this hall.


『Now, Arge-sama! Roro is always ready for preparation!
If you wish, I will lick your shoes and something!』(Roro)

『No, you do not have to lick my shoes.』(Arge)

『Then whose shoes should Roro lick…!?』(Roro)

『 Why do you want to lick it …?』(Arge)


By the way, I remebered I had exchanged words with Felnote-san in similar manner, I wonder if Roro-san did this on purpose?


『Ah … then, may I ask you for the meal?
In the meantime, I will think of a request or something』(Arge)

『Yes! Then I will show you to the table!』(Roro)


Roro-san urges me as she shakes her long ears like the dog’s tail.
It is easy to say that she doesn’t have to do anything, but I can’t say it.
Her smile had a lot of pressure.
She is really someone who won’t feel comfortable with her hands free.

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