The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 145



『Arge-san, here I go (ikimasu~wa~yo)』(Bushiha)

『Yes, please, Bushihchan』(Arge)

After confirming with each other, we start working.
Bushihchan climbed a tree and collected fruits.
And then she drops it to me who is on the ground and I am storing all of it in the Blood-Box.


『Haa~, it is bothersome …
…i want to sleep…

『 We only need to this and we will finish today’s work (~desu~no)
Let’s do our best, Arge-san』(Kuzuha)

『 I see… Haa~ …』(Arge)

I got encouraged by Kuzuhchan who stays next to me, for now, I will do my job.
Today’s I went outside the territory with Kuzuhchan and was helping with collecting food ingredients.
They also planted fruits and crops in the dark elf territory, even so,
it’s still troublesome to collect fruits with human hands.
Of course, I also think it’s as troublesome, but it can’t be helped because I don’t want to make Felnote-san angrier.

… The job itself is easy.

Because Kuzuhchan can use Alter Ego, the work itself is easy.
Rather, mostly I only work as luggage holding.
I’m storing everything that Bushihchan has harvested in the Blood-Box.
Because Kuzuhchan, the main body also leaves work to Bushihchan, she also feels relaxed. So, today’s work seems to be rather relaxed.

Although I can see animals and monsters from time to time, however, most of them will just escape from us, and the ones that won’t escape will be hurt a little because Kuzuhchan can lightly drive them away with a little force. (T.N: go easy on them, not shooing them)

It’s an easy task if you look at how we work, but walking in this tropicalized forest is really troublesome.
Although the living condition of the territory is maintained considerably, once we go out of the territory, the high temperature and humidity will make our clothes stick.
It’s not a high heat that makes us thirsty and dry, but rather a unique uncomfortable feeling

that deprives our motivation.
It is troublesome to walk on the ground, and I want to return early.
And I want to sleep for 30 hours.


『It’s really hot, isn’t it (desu~wa~ne)…?』(Kuzuha)


Kuzuhchan seems not good in this heat.
Well, her ears and tails are sticking and hot (T.N: fur), Kuzuhchan may not fit for the climatic of this land.

It seems like she is trying to escape from humidity even a little by shaking her shrine maiden skirt.
Even I thought that her drooping ears are cute, but I wanted to cheer her up.


『Let’s go to the onsen and enjoy it slowly when this work is over』(Arge)

『That’s right. (Sou~desu~wa~ne)
Having a bath after finishing our work should surely feel comfortable(~desu~wa)!』(Kuzuha)


Did Kuzuhchan got motivated somehow?

And Kuzuhchan keeps giving instructions to Bushihchan.
As for Bushihchan’s thoughts, physical abilities, usable skills.
Because she is an altruistic cheat that is identical to the main body, she can easily clear the jobs given by Kuzuhchan.

The other day, in the Cyril Big Safe, the number of Bushihchan that can be divided has increased, so the work speed has improved considerably. I stored a large number of ingredients in the Blood-Box.


『It will be lunch noon (desu~wa~ne)
Shall we have a break』(Kuzuha)

『Well, we just got lots of it, so shall we have it for lunch?』(Arge)

Because she is a beastkin, Kuzuhchan’s biological clock is pretty accurate.
I really appreciated that we could have a break more than anything, so I obediently nodded with her proposal.

In order to escape from the heat even a little, we sit down on the shade of the trees nearby. We are sitting side by side with the root of the tree exposed from the ground as a bench.
We chat for a while eating the fresh fruits among the ingredients we collected.


『Kuzuhchan’s beast-division skill is convenient, isn’t it?』(Arge)

『 Well, most of beastkin of the fox family can use beast-division.
But my Alter Ego is learned from my esteemed mother.

mother. It’s rather special compared with other beastkins’ skill.
They mostly can’t make an alter ego with the same abilities as themselves』(Kuzuha)


It seems that it’s quite extraordinary to create an Alter Ego of that level.
And some Kuzuhchan who proudly put out her chests which are almost nothing.


『 Division skill. As expected. So, people can’t make it unless they are a beastkin, right?』(Arge)

『No, you can do it in a variety of ways (~koto wa ~deki ~masu ~wa)
Like Onmyou-jutsu that using paper as the medium…
As the substitute for my separated tail in my Alter Ego, to put magical power in.
But that technique was called as Shikigami rather than Alter Ego』(Kuzuha)

『… Can a vampire make the copy like Alter Ego?』(Arge)

『 Arge-san, you seem to use a lot of effort for this, right (shite ~masu ~wa ~ne)…?』(Kuzuha)


I couldn’t deny it because it was true.
Because this is a clone skill, it would be very useful if I could use it.
When I looked at Kuzuhchan’s Alter Ego before, I thought that we must be beastkin to use it, not a vampire.
Loli-gramps, please give me a little more explanation.


『I have never heard that vampires use alter ego …
… it was said that they could control anything with blood contracts, it seems to be the most common』(Kuzuha)

『Is that so……』(Arge)

『 You seem to have a disappointed face…!』(Kuzuha)

『No, I thought it would be nice if I could do it as well ……
Well, there are times when I really sleep so bad that I don’t want to move. Or maybe everyday』(Arge)



Kuzuhchan was thinking something after surprising for half a second.
Did I say something strange?


『 Ahem…, that’s not good (~ari ~masen ~no)
… But even if you can’t use clone skill,
whenever you need to do anything (~wa)
I can help you do it (~ari ~masu ~wa)』(Kuzuha)

『I’m appreciated that, but…』(Arge)


Yes, I feel sorry to have Kuzuhchan do a lot of works

of works every time, and then I also can’t relax when Kuzuhchan isn’t here.
On this journey, I have confirmed that Bushihchan, once created, will operate even if the main body is sleeping until the magical power given from the main body runs out.
To be honest it’s quite enviable.
I wonder if I can use a skill like that.


『Uhm… Arge-san, is it good (~desu ~no)?』(Kuzuha)

『Oh, yes, what is it?』(Arge)


I was called out to where I was in the middle of thinking.
Although Kuzuhchan’s atmosphere was a little hesitant for a moment.
She looked at me and continued.


『Arge-san, basically, you think Alter Ego is useful, you want to let Alter Ego do it instead of moving by yourself』(Kuzuha)

『Yes, that’s right, Kuzuhchan’s beast-division is pretty precise, they can move on their own. Isn’t that so?
Is there something wrong with it?』(Arge)

『 That’s true (~desu ~no)
The problem is, even if they can work by themselves,
but they don’t have more intelligence or thought different than the main body (~koto ~wa ~ari ~masen ~no ~yo)』(Kuzuha)

『Well, was that so?』(Arge)


The Alter Ego created with clone type skill is an Alter Ego or a copy of the user.
Just like things that appear in the mirror, it may look the same as the real thing, but it’s never more beautiful than the genuine.
That’s what Kuzuhchan is saying.


『 So what’s wrong with that?』(Arge)

『Well, that’s why …That one …』(Kuzuha)

『… …?』(Arge)

『Because Arge-san’s Alter Ego will have the same thought as Arge-san
Won’t they find things troublesome like Arge-san…(desu ~wa ~yo)?』(Kuzuha)


『 As expected, you didn’t think about that (~deshita ~no ~ne) ….』(Kuzuha)

『 Because my Alter Ego has the same thought as me, for sure it will find anything troublesome as much as me.
So it will become a pain in the eyes just by watching it』(Arge)

『I have not said that … …!』(Kuzuha)


I finally realized what Kuzuhchan wanted to tell me.
If an Alter
If an Alter Ego has the same thought as mine, more lazy vampires will be mass produced rather than just me.
Of course, it will not be useful.
Rather, every one of them will fall asleep on the spot and start taking a nap for 30 hours a day.


It seems better to give up trying to get an easy life by Alter Ego』(Arge)

『Yes, I think that’s fine (~masu ~wa)……』(Kuzuha)


I was thinking of using it in case I couldn’t find anyone to take care of me in the end, but there was no choice.
As I expected, I need someone to support me.

Haha, I wish that anyone can feed me.


『…Ah, it has been a while for us to take a break (~narimasu ~wa ~ne)
After gathering a little more ingredients, we will return to the territory』(Kuzuha)

『Well, I want to return by the evening…


When Kuzuhchan stood up and said that to me, I noticed an unpleasant smell.
It’s a smell that makes me frown my face.
It was a smell that shouldn’t be existed, or rather than impossible to appear here.
I know this smell. But it can’t be here. I think so.


『… Arge-san, do you notice a strange smell (~shimasen ~no)?』(Kuzuha)

『 I know. This is the smell of iron…』(Arge)

I can smell it.
But when I try to speak, there’s a big shock.
It was kind of like something hit the ground strongly, and it was continuous, not just once.

I can understand from the feeling on the sole of the foot. It’s obviously not something that occurred naturally. And I feel a bad feeling about this.
More than anything, the smell that drifted here after the impact was a problem.


『Kuzuhchan-chan, this is …』(Arge)

『… Yeah, I got it, this is a smell of fire』(Kuzuha)


A unique scent when plants got burned and ash scattered.
And there’s no need to urge either, we both are running as fast as possible back to the territory.

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