The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 156

『Well, then, everyone, we will reorganize.
What we need to do basically don’t change.
Evacuate the inhabitants and crush the pirates.
There are no more artillery blows from the pirate.
Above all, here is the goddess of victory called the goddess of the sea breeze.
Locate all injured and bring them to her!』(Samaka)

『My Lord, what’s about division troop?』(Soldiers)

『We will reorganize and rearrange them, balance it from here to the edge of the town.
Do not miss any residents, do not let any pirate escape!
In the presence of the king, any blunder won’t be forgiven!』(Samaka)

『Samaka, what about me?』(Yuzuriha)

『Yuzuriha can move freely, that would be better.
I can handle it myself, escorting me is unnecessary』(Samaka)

『I understood, I will go.』(Yuzuriha)

『Samaksama, what shall I do?』(Eldera)

『Eldera as usual, stay by my side』(Samaka)


Samaksan speaks instructions one after another and organizes the soldiers.
Because there are no more artillery bombs from the ocean, people move as instructed without difficult.
The soldiers are ready to embark on a pirate sweep.
I have sunk down the ships which the pirates might use to escape, so, this is as good as a winning battle.
As Samaksan says, this is like a cleaning match.
If we completely destroy or capture the remaining pirate, this fuss will end.

『Yes, pain pain, go away』(Arge)

Meanwhile, my job is easy, just curing the injured.
The max level recovery magic obtained when I reincarnated.
A ridiculous healing effect that cures any kinds of injury, illness or curse.

『… This is the first time I see it with my own eyes. It’s amazing』(Samaka)

『Thank you for that … … Fuwaa』(Arge)

As Samaksan gave out an admired voice, I responded appropriately.
I’ve already calmed down now, the unpleasantness from before has completely disappeared.
I have done something that isn’t me at all.
The recapturing of the troops will end soon, sweeping will start with the center point at this place, where I play the recovery role.
Samaka, Eldera, and some soldiers as a minimal escort are also here.
Ordinary citizens without combat skills are instructed by the soldiers to a safe place.

『…… I think that it’s quite amazing that this fuss can be done quickly』(Arge)

『Well, because our soldiers are all excellent』(Samaka)

He seems to be happy to be praised. Samaksan has a doyface.
As usual, his strange clothes, above a mushroom-cut hairstyle make him funny no matter what he does.
But he seems to be happy, so let’s leave it alone.

『As ever, Samaksama’s doyface isn’t cool at all but rather cute instead』(Eldera)

『… Eldera, have not you forgotten that you are my wife?』(Samaka)

『Between public and private, right now it’s 【public】, so there is no joke…』(Eldera)

Oh, she is pretty good. Eldersan seems to be one of 30 or 40 wives.
Samaksan seems like giving up and keep speaking instructions without minding it.
Looking at the situation, Eldersan is smiling.

『Well, regardless of the texture of his face, I think that it’s cool and cheap to summarize though』(Eldera)

『 Wouldn’t it be better to say it in front of himself …?』(Arge)

『Iya~a~, but that is 【private】 between public and private of 【me】~♪』(Eldera)

She replied in a roundabout way, I just obediently nodded as I heard it.
When looking at the surroundings, most people are expressing relief.
After all, the existence of the lord called Samaka would be big.
I think he is a strange person, even his people might think the same, and in fact, he is a womanizer with dozens of wives.
But he must be a good and competent lord to be loved so much by his people, subordinates to be called so casually.
And because he is responsible for an important base of the port town, he is definitely qualified.


Right after I understood the competence of Samaksan, a shock took place.
It was a sound of an explosion, the sound of a raid.
There were five pirates, who blew off the soldiers of the few escorts left and appeared from behind the alley.

『Oh, they are still here, so close to us~』(Eldera)

Contrary to Eldersan’s casual word, the pirates stared at us and pulled out their weapons.
Samaksan calmly spoke a word to them.

『Hmmm… It got ruined, so you are in such a place?
How about you, guys?
If you silently surrender, I will give a generous treatment』(Samaka)

『Why the hell would we surrender?』(Pirates)

『…then it will be a little rough.
Everyone, stand back』(Samaka)

It’s a surprising instruction.
And according to the instructions, the soldiers fall back.
Even though it’s the order from the lord, the soldiers left the lord to deal with the pirates?

『Samaksan … …?』(Arge)

『Argento, can you cure my subordinates who have been injured just now…
Now, pirates, it’s unpleasant if I let you hurt my subordinates any longer, so, you are going down』(Samaka)

『 Isn’t it stupid that the lord to appear before?』(Pirate)

『Attack him, you can injure him but don’t kill him, we will take him a hostage!』(Pirate)

『Do it, you guys!
If we can catch him, we can get through here!』(Pirate)

The pirates are right.
For the pirates who lost the ships which are means to escape, capturing Samaka will guarantee their safety to escape.

Samaksan may do this knowing the aim of the opponent.
If he does it like this, his men will not get hurt.
It might be a foolish choice, but he seems to be confident.

『Eldersan, is Samaksan strong?』(Arge)

If it’s normal, I can understand the strength to some extent by the effect of Blood Reading.
From the odor of the blood, I can predict the approximate ability.
However, in the case of Samaksan, the smell of perfume that he uses is too strong, it’s hard to understand his strength.
Eldersan smiled with my words.

『Samaksan isn’t that strong, but we are strong so it’s okay~』(Eldera)


Samaka took out a small box slowly from his pocket as I was dumbfounded.
The box was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand.
He opens the box slowly.

『Well then, shall we start?』(Samaka)

What was taken out of the box is… a ring? And Samaksan wears it.
It fits comfortably on his left ring finger.
It has the white silver color and it looks the same as the wedding ring in my world.
The pirates came to Samaksan who finished wearing his ring with relaxed movement.

『You must die…!』(Pirate)

『If I die, I can’t be a hostage… Eldera』(Samaka)

Samaksan calls out the name of the pink hair twin tails woman.
But his word wasn’t direct to the girl next to me, it was just like a monologue.
And Samaksan’s movements changed clearly.

『Ku… !?』(Pirate)

It’s the pirates who were suffering.
Samaksan closed the distance to the pirates in instant, pulled out his sword and slashed them down.
His movement is at a speed at which can’t be performed normally.
Even though I had the dynamic vision, it was speed enough to be called fast.

『Dorisetta, please』(Samaka)

This is the name of someone I don’t know.
While calling our that name, Samaksan changed his battle movements.
He pulled knives from his bosom and throw it without hesitation.
The knives pierced the right thighs of the pirates.
Samaksan didn’t even look at the direction of the daggers he threw.
Heard the pirates’ moan, he swung his sword to the pirate who was still standing near his side.
Despite avoiding their vital points, he surely disabled the opponents.

『Three people in this … … troublesome
Jirufi, mislead』(Samaka)

Shake his left hand with the ring, Samaka speaks the words.
I can feel the flow of magical power.

… It’s the magic of the dark attribute.

I can understand the quality of the magic from the feeling on my skin.
The magic used by Samaka is a dark attribute.
And I could understand the effect as soon as I saw it.
The pirates start attacking each other with their weapons.
Judging from the word 【mislead】, Samaka must have used magic to show hallucinations.

『… I caught them now.
I’m sorry but can I ask you to treat those wounds?
I will do the captive here.
Do not waste your blood』(Samaka)

『Well, it doesn’t matter… Samaksan, Just now you use a Magic Artifact, isn’t it?』(Samaka)

Certainly, this 【Inseparable Circle Ring】 is a magical artifact.
Unfortunately, the original me is a mediocre man.
I must fight with my wives’ help』(Samaka)

『The 【Inseparable Circle Ring】 has the effect of allowing you to use the skills of the person who got the consent.
However, the said person will lose all skills』(Eldera)


『Yes, becoming a Samaka’s wife means to become a simple woman~』(Eldera)

Eldersan says the word with a light tone.
But, in fact, it’s not a light thing.
In this world, the skill level status, the rough skill is managed.
Every technique, from magic, swordsmanship, throwing, and appraisal, is within the framework of skills.
Samaksan’s Magic Artifact has the effect to inherit all of that skill of the consented partner.

Although it can not be done without consent, it’s a ridiculous effect in every sense.
If Samaksan wants, he can get infinite skills as well.
And his wives who hand over their skills will become a person with no capacity in this world.
Thoughts and ability (battle experience) aren’t influenced by skill, but it will still be quite scary effect.

『… Samaksan was the one who gathered us, so we are all together like this ~』(Eldera)

『……Is that so』(Arge)

Eldera is smiling as she answers so.
For her and other wives, Samaksan is trustworthy enough to pass all their abilities to him.
Well, he truly loves and cares for his wives, dozens of people, seriously.
And his feeling must be transmitted to his wives.
Otherwise, they will not give him their skills.

『… He is a fine person. Pain pain, go away』(Arge)

I gently nodded as I healed the captured pirates and the injured soldiers.
After all, Samaksan might be a womanizer pervert but he is a fine person.

『How is it, Argento? Are you falling in love with me now?』(Samaka)

『Ah, it never crossed my mind, so, NO』(Arge)

『… I see』(Samaka)

Too bad, I was actually fond of girls.


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