The Reincarnated Vampire Wants An Afternoon Nap / The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap Chapter 159

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Arge Chapter 159: Too expensive


I was surprised and woke up because some thoughts came to my head.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that I received strange radio waves.
It comes from a skill which has my consent, the blood contract.
It’s like a telepathy which is coming through the connection of our souls.

… It’s from Negseou.

He is a companion of my journey and my sleepy mane while traveling. It’s Neuseou’s charm point.
I have a blood contract with him so we can communicate with each other even if we are far away.
That’s how the thought coming to my head.


While I am still a little puzzled by my waking up, I tell him about my recent situation.
Because I was absent-minded, I completely forgot that there are such means of communication.
According to the thought returned, Neguseou doesn’t seem to have much time.
Apparently, he has run across the sea with Kuzuhchan back from Demon Continent.
Because he needed to concentrate on it, he could only contact me after they reach the land.

『He seems to be upset…』(Arge)

Even it’s not impossible for Negseou whose status is strengthened by my blood contract and Kuzuhchan, the high magical power beastkin.
However, running across the sea is out of common sense.
Furthermore, from what was told, both of them have crossed the sea with little rest.
Especially Negseou who was running, he must have been insomnia.
Now that they have crossed over the ocean already, they said that they going to pursue after they rest a little.
They went through so much trouble, it would be better to apologize when we met.
Because I know why they have done so far.

As we could grasp each other’s circumstances, as long as we are connected by the blood contract, we don’t have to tell each other which direction we are in.
Although I want to move as well, I can’t move from here until I can make a connection with the Pleiades Kingdom as a goodwill ambassador.
I’m also worried about Felnote-san, but I somehow happy that Kuzuhchan and Neguseou-san are coming.

『Um… fua…』(Arge)

After done talking with my thoughts, I woke up.
There’s no window in the room, but it’s probably night-time depending on how cold the air is.
I remembered the King said to wake me up during the meal time, but maybe I felt so comfortable when sleeping, he decided to leave me alone.
Somehow my hand touched something as I tried to get up.

『… Funi~yu?』(Arge)

If I must use a word to express, it must be something like that.
Even I was still half-sleep, my mind was concentrated on my fingers which could feel the soft and warm feeling.
When I looked at that direction, there was the sleeping face I saw for the last few days.

『Eh …the King?』(Arge)

It’s the king of this country.
He is regularly breathing, and he seems to feel very comfortable.
He closes his eyes with a gentle face.
The king is asleep in the same bed as me.
That’s right. Originally this bed is his.
He doesn’t care about me who is only borrowing, I think it’s natural to sleep here when he felt sleepy.

『… It seems to be quite soft and nice…』(Arge)

The part I touch is his chest.
What I feel on my fingers is obviously soft and nice even it was supposed to be a male’s chest.



I forgot to take my hand off his chest as I was lost in thought…
And the other person opens his eyes…
By the time I retracted my hand in a hurry, the king rubbed his eyes and looked at me.


『Ah, yes …about that, I’m sorry』(Arge)

As he called my name with a dignified voice, I apologized while sitting on the bed.
It’s true that he has a neutral face and I suspected his gender from the touch of his body but anyway, it would have been rude to touch the sleeping partner.
At first, it’s a coincidence, but from then, I didn’t take my hand back.
There’s no use making excuse now, I should apologize obediently.

『I’m not angry, rather I got one question to ask of you』(Subaru)

『What is it…?』(Arge)

『Arge. Let’s get married』(Subaru)


Is it fundamental that people in the kingdom get married that easily?


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